Top 9 Business Benefits Of Choosing Node.JS In 2023 & Beyond

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Why choose Node.js? Top 9 benefits to Opt for Node.js


Javascript has been around for decades. Since 1995, the programming language has evolved the whole online space. React, Nodejs, Vue, and jQuery are notable contributions to the tech world. Out of all these, there has been a great upscale in Node.js services. 

Nodejs, the popular name in web app development, has made up a mark in no time among the experts. Now, how will it help startups in their web apps? What is Node.js used for? What are the benefits of Node.js? Let’s look into some of the facts and benefits of Node.js.


2009 was the year when things changed for the web app world. Nodejs came into its very existence. And after that, there was no return. Today, as per a 2022 survey, the most used web framework among experts is Nodejs with 47.12% of responses. 

Node.js development services do fit every kind of project. And with a yearly practice of bringing in new innovation, it has brought a great room of opportunities for app ideators and creators.

Recently, with the launch of Node.js 20, it has again made some great advances for web apps. The JS ecosystem has flourished into a much brighter space with the advent of Node.js

With the ever-increase in the spectrum of Node.js, there has been a parallel rise in its benefits. The benefits of node.js range for both the client and server side of a tech script. The V8 JS engine, permission model, test runner, cross-platform compatibility, single-thread event loop, and more are some of its profound features.

The asynchronous model is efficient to handle a large number of tasks at a time. It is very similar to JS used in browsers. Thus, one can quickly build frontend and backend apps with just one tech-Node.js.

The Evolution of Node.js

Evolution of Node.js

30 million websites are the legacy of Nodejs. It is insane! 

How did it all start? 

What brought the impact of Node among the experts? 

Let’s know about it.

The limited cases of Apache HTTPServer gave rise to Nodejs. It could not handle multiple connections at a time. One blocked code or multiple execution stacks lead to issues that created a need to have a language supporting such functionality. Thus, the rest is history!

The primary factor of Node.js popularity are:-

  • It has large libraries to suit every app idea
  • The libraries are hosted on npm websites
  • It has a strong community of active experts to support the tech
  • Allows JS execution beyond web browsers
  • It provides high-performance web apps

Node.js further expanded its branch with many great web frameworks. Express.js, Feathers.js, socket.io, Derby, Hapi.js, Meteor, and more.

Why Do Global Businesses and Enterprises Opt For Node.JS?

It is hard to catch up with every invention in this competitive space. And so, it also becomes hard for new apps to keep up with time. Thus, every firm needs good tech that always expands and upgrades itself. 

What better option than Node? Right?! 

Fortune 500 firms like Trello, Uber, PayPal, Medium, eBay, Groupon, Netflix, LinkedIn, and Walmart have included Node as the core tech.

The chrome V8 JS engine helps in fast and scalable software development. And with its other great features, it does make an interactive web app. 

The demand for Node and its growth in recent years is admirable. Every app is made with ease and consistent with other platforms. It supports MacOS, Linux, and Windows. 

It is best suitable for app ideas as below:-

Real-time web appStreaming app
Messaging appChatbots
Social media appVirtual emulators
Gaming appReal-time collaboration tool
Online payment systemIoT app
REST API serversSingle page apps

After the gist, you need to know the top benefits of Node.js and how Nodejs function with it. Let’s dive into it.

9 Best Benefits of Node.js Development for Your Web App

Benefits of Node.js Development

With so many advances every year, it is tricky to know the tech, but it is easy to implement once you know the pros of Nodejs. Let’s dive into the facts of why you should use Nodejs.

#1. Single Code-Base

No one wants to sit and gaze at their developing screen when an incomplete task is about to get completed. Nodejs is an asynchronous and single-threaded tech stack that helps in fast app deployment. 

Node is known to track the bugs in a code, fix them early, and control SDLC functionalities. 

It leverages the expert’s productivity and enables code sharing and reusability in various projects as per the needs of web apps.

Node.js offers JS experts to synchronize the front end and back end into one. And enables the management of complex features and functionalities to cater to the delivery of the best quality, performative web app. 

Main benefit: The Nodejs developers can execute current requests to complete and move to the next request/call without waiting for the other to complete. Thus, it does help in the fast deployment of apps.

#2. Focuses on Fast Delivery

For a startup app idea or someone fond of an MVP model, Nodejs is the best. It helps to test your concepts quickly and helps in good development methods. 

Now, how Nodejs achieves it? Firstly, it allows sharing of code on the client and server ends. Thus, it makes the tech more convenient. Secondly, it allows real-time experience or streaming. It contains features like chat, ads, online transactions, and more. Such a setup allows an easy event-driven environment. 

With Node, there is no confusion with the backend and front end as it uses JSON. It helps an easy differentiation of both ends. 

#3. Scalable and Universal

It is one of the best qualities of Nodejs. It is scalable, lightweight, and reusable. And so, it is way ahead then Ruby, PHP, or Python. The tech is known for its real-time responses.

It is scalable as it has a load balance capacity. It can handle 1000s of requests at a time without affecting the app’s performance. Nodejs is known for microservice architecture scaling. The use of it in apps enables to build of small modules. These modules help to empower web apps with custom features and third-party tools. 

#4. Great for MVPs

Test! Test! to be perfect. To do that, one needs quick tech support that easily adapts and upgrades to changes.

As we also said earlier, Nodejs is the one for MVPs. Nodejs turns a concept into a prototype and helps experts to work on it to succeed. The MVP app development improves the overall SDLC of an app and helps deliver an apt solution to the users online. Thus, it saves both parties a lot of time, effort, and money.

#5. Active Community Support

We always like quick advice when stuck with an issue, right?! The same is the case of a developer’s world. With extensive coding and tech upgrades, one needs a constant mentor. 

And, Nodejs has one. No one gets stuck with the tech stack. It has a powerful package manager, npm, that looks into many libraries. Such a treasure box also ensures experts integrate desired tools rather than build the whole thing.

#6. Json for Bi-directional Data

Node JS uses JS to communicate on the server side. And all the bidirectional data is stored in JSON format within browsers. Above all, there is no need to convert the data into binary code. Thus, it gives Node.JS a clear edge over other tech stacks when it comes to data security. 

In other databases like Mongo DB & Couch DB, the server-side data needs more translation than the client-side. And so it is a bit tough for experts to deal with in time. 

#7. Cost-Efficient Tech Stack

We all love to save money. And we are excellent at picking things that do two jobs at the same time. The popularity of JS has increased because it works both ways, i.e., as a backend and frontend tech stack. 

It provides an app ideator with much to think ahead of and an expert to easily build an app with just one tech stack. Thus, it feels light on one’s wallet. Thus, it helps to ace the online game in no time.

#8. Eloquent data buffering

The buffer module handles streams of binary data. It is a global object that defines a fix-length sequence of bytes. It has full support from many Node.js APIs. The Uint8Array class in JS is a subclass of the Buffer class, which adds new methods to address additional use cases. Thus, it helps in event-driven yet non-parallel I/O requests to buffer or stream any data. 

#9. Cross-platform Compatible

It is easy to access apps and update or change things at once. Node is flexible and allows one code to share on all platforms. It supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. Thus, ensures a mass-reach audience in a short period. 

Thus, Nodejs prefers to give you a simple, diverse, and intuitive app. Use it for your project and look into its perks. As a reminder, our team has also made a list of the benefits of Node.js below. Do have a close look at it, and we bet you will not regret it. 

  • Simple to build an app
  • Performance efficacy
  • It can manage several requests at a time
  • It is scalable
  • Reusable code
  • Event-driven asynchronous programming
  • Best prototyping
  • Active community
  • Host from anywhere
  • Microservice architecture

Before ending the blog, let’s look at the best Nodejs frameworks.

Best Node.js Frameworks

Best Node.js Frameworks

Over the years, Nodejs has brought great advances. Here are some of the best ones that web app experts across the globe cherish.

#1 Express.js

18 million downloads per week and a trust of 1733 firms globally. 

And we are still counting!! 

Expressjs makes great web apps that can be single, multi-page, and hybrid. Paypal, Uber, IBM, Twitter, and Stack are some of the best Express.js work. 

The framework gives great features like routing, configuration, debugging, etc. Thus, it is well suited for enterprise-level apps. 


  • Quick server-side development
  • Great Performance
  • Multiple tool options
  • High test coverage 
  • Optimal Routing
  • Precise replies to HTTP with the help of middleware

#2 Next.js

1.8 million app downloads per week and a trust of 800 firms globally.

Again a great number. Next.js is used to build interactive apps with SEO-friendly features. It does create react-based web apps. And has competencies such as server-side rendering and static pages. Nextjs also builds hybrid apps with a great UI/UX that helps firms achieve the best online.


  • Advanced image
  • Rapid development
  • Detailed documentation 
  • Great page-based API 
  • Automatic code split 

#3 Meteor.js

The isomorphic JS tech was launched in 2012. It is a one-language-specific advancement. This can build multiple operating systems like Android, iOS, etc. It has great libraries and test tools to bring on smooth client-server links. 

Meteor.js is the best choice for those who want the same code on their web apps and mobile apps. It can build real-time frameworks and can install updates in live apps.


  • Full-stack solution
  • Active community
  • Quick results
  • Isomorphic framework

How and Where to Hire Node.js Developers?

Nodejs experts help in maintaining apps and look into high-quality performance online. To hire Node.js developer, you need to have a clear answer to questions like:-

  • What should be his expertise?
  • Will the expert come in your budget?
  • From where which place will you hire a developer?
  • What should be his years of experience?

After you have these answers, start your research. There are online freelance portals like Clutch, SimpleFirms, and others that have a list of such software experts. You can also rope in with the SERP search and get along with the best software development companies. 

Also, the other most favorable option is outsourcing. You can build the app with the best talent across the globe. It is a cost-effective method where you get full support from the expert and a timely app release.

For Node experts, you can also get their one-on-one interview. Check their proficiency with Node and also gain your trust in the firm. Thus, it will help you communicate and excel with the tech firm in the online space. 

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Nodejs has a vast spectrum to grow. And with every new tech, it opens up a new era of inventions for the digital world. You need to have a good framework to make the world full of new ideas. And JS will never let you down with it.

So, are you looking for a Node.js development company? Are you finding eCommerce website costs? Are you confused between MVP VS Prototype? Discuss your query, and we will consult you with the best solution. Get a free quote from our experts!


Why is Node.js an excellent choice for businesses? 

The JS tech allows experts to test and debug their code in a virtual space. It is lightweight, fast, and allows you to create apps with only one code on several platforms. 

Why should startups prefer Node.js?

It is a cost-effective tech that provides us with one code on every platform, high-performing apps, great feasibility with cross-platform, strong infrastructure, and more. All this is what makes a startup succeed in a short time. 

What is the industry scope of Nodejs?

With the recent invention of Node.js 20, there is no stop to the growth of Node.js. It easily passes every trend with the best set of tech, libraries, and tools. Node has a wider scope in the future than any other JS framework. 

Can I move to Nodejs if my app is based on Java?

Yes! It is indeed the simplest thing to be done. Your app will get full support to deploy the best full-stack solution with great libraries and tools within the NPM. You will get a systematic Nodejs app with the best infrastructure. 

Benefits Of Node.JS

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