Top 13 React Chart Libraries With Their Features & Use Case

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Top 13 React Chart Libraries With Their Features And Usecase

Summary: Innovating at its best is the key to success in the online world. It is hard to hook the audience to your online venture. And in this world of constant online change, you need to grip on the inventions real fast.

One such invention of the tech world is libraries. With the advent of these open-source frontiers, it has become easy to build and deploy software solutions in time. So, out of numerous creative libraries, herein, we will talk about the React chart library. It is one of the best and most known JS advances in the tech world. So, let’s get into the top React chart library for your project.


Data is what we all rely upon. A user trusts a firm looking at the data & a firm gets confidence by representing such facts & figures.

It is known from ages that numbers speak louder than words. And to show it in the most efficient ways is where the whole game revolves around.

Now, let’s discuss the importance of React libraries.

Rise of Reactjs Chart Library

When it comes to visual appeal, the JS tech stack has made some great exceptions to the app & software world.

Every startup app idea needs the best component displays. It became more popular because it consists of great visual tools to enhance creative & interactive charts.

As per the stats obtained as of June 2023, professional experts, as well as the ones who are new coders, love to work with Reactjs. 42.87% of experts work with React for their projects. The new coders have also been using the tech by 36.66%.

Rise of Reactjs Chart Library

What Are React Chart Libraries?

What are React Chart Libraries

React chart libraries are a great mixture to maintain, design, and assist experts with visual components. These tech advances provide robust and scalable apps with a good time online.

The experts get great help to design and present efficient databases with these pre-built Reactjs advances. The digital charts are known for their simplicity and format. One can use charts like pie, bar, Gant, line, and bubble. 

They are reusable and provide many elements to suit an app idea. React is the hub for UI components, so it is hard to get any design or chart wrong for an SDLC. 

To understand it correctly, let us take you to an example:-

You want to add a sidebar.

There are two options: write a code or get the pre-built component.

What will you choose? Of course, the pre-built option.

Who will waste 20 or 40 hours to design small elements that are much needed for an app? No one.

Thus, the react charting library gives the best blend of elements as per one’s desire for their project.


Now, without further due, let’s get into the best Reactjs libraries for your project.

13 Best React Chart Library to Keep In Mind for Your App Development

13 Best React Chart Libraries

Simple, lightweight, and reliable charts make the React graphing library popular. The world of Reactjs has given the tech space a lot of great advances to rule the UI/UX space. Here are some of the best chart libraries for React that will help you ace your data design.

#1 React-Chartjs-2


Scatter plots & line charts are the talks of the town when it comes to React chartjs 2. It is a free JS library that helps to build HTML-based charts. This one is a wrapper for the Chart.js library. The one who knows how to function with the latter will easily be able to work with it. 

Hence, it has no such learning curve as the features are also the same as the Chartjs library. 

With an MIT license in its pocket, the library has 6.2k stars and Canvas support. It is also backed by an open source community that ensures that every expert meets their project needs. 

The React library does not have a detailed document. Its website has all the details for one to understand and use with ease. Also, it does perform extremely well across the browsers and is very easy to install via npm or yarn. 

The highlights:-

  • Canvas supports
  • Large open-source community
  • Over 338,760 weekly downloads
  • It supports Chart.js v4 & Chart.js v3
  • Easy learning curve

#2 Victory


As per its official site, ‘Victory is an opinionated, but fully overridable, ecosystem. It does have composable React segments.’ It helps to build engaging & interactive data visuals. 

The react graph library has been used by AirBnB, VIACOM, Zillow, and others. It has been a great backbone in the success of all these apps. 

A user gets a whole new range of charts like columns, alternative events, brush & Zoom, etc. The JS tech is built with React and D3. 

Victory helps newcomers with its extensive documents that consist of every detail. It has SVG drawing capability and high-quality, modifiable animations. Victory provides adaptable charts that come in varied sizes.

The library has 10.6k stars on GitHub. Why is Victory so much famous? Because it allows us to build iOS and Android apps with ease. The best chart library also has exact APIs that enable a good web version. It gets such knacks as it has a version of React Native. 

The highlights:-

  • It has Formidable Labs support
  • It is based on D3
  • SVG support
  • React component syntax
  • The weekly npm downloads are 126,898
  • It is easy to learn and use
  • It has simple cross-platform charts

#3 Nivo


Nivo imparts a great blend of React components for a modern React app. It consists of creative templates that help to define data in the most engaging way. The library is set apart from others as it does contain SVG, HTML, & Canvas charts. 

If your project needs to present data in a specific way, Nivo is the best. The graph library is built on the top of D3.js. And does come with great and intuitive features. It does provide a versatile solution with server-side render along with React Motion for a better result. 

Nivo has 12k GitHub stars. It has the active support of experts with a proper detailed site that helps one to learn the library fast. It is also easy to install via npm & yarn.

The highlights:-

  • D3 is at its base
  • Open source community
  • SVG, HTML, & Canvas charts
  • React Motion for animated charts
  • React component syntax

#4 React Vis

React vis

Uber open source created React vis. One can understand the library very easily. Line charts, pie charts, donut charts, area charts, etc., are some of the best data visual charts. It has a similar working to React segments. 

The library allows its users to custom-build charts. It also has a React Motion gift. Apart from that, Canvas & SVG both have their backs when it comes to drawing a graph. One does not need to learn much about React Vis; it is easy to start and use it. And thus, has 8.6k stars on GitHub.

The highlights:-

  • It has D3 at its base
  • Supports SVG & Canvas 
  • Created by Uber 
  • Consists of React component syntax

#5 ECharts


Is your data representative for the commercial world? Look no further. Integrate ECharts by Apache for your data and get the best results out of it. It uses JS to write to React and has ZRender as a rendering engine. 

The react graph visualization has great support of Canvas and SVG. And also, it has become very easy for experts to use with EChart 5. It has a wide range of themes and animations, which the library supports by default. ECharts also consists of unique charts like graphs, heatmaps, Sankey diagrams, etc. Thus, it helps to create detailed data charts at ease. 

The highlights:-

  • Vanilla JS syntax
  • It has an Apache 2.0 license
  • It has 56.9k stars on GitHub
  • ECharts is backed by Apache
  • It supports SVG & Canvas

#6 BizCharts

BizCharts: Top 13 React Chart Libraries

BizChart is built by Alibaba. The base of the best React chart library is made of G2, which AntV again powers. This library also supports SVG & Canvas. It does have many custom chart options with themes & extensions. It is easy to use and thrive along with other users.

The highlights:-

  • It contains React component syntax
  • It is built on top of G2
  • Created by Alibaba
  • It is easy to learn from the documents placed on the site

#7 Visx

Visx: Top 13 React Chart Libraries

Visx, the react charting library, is built by Airbnb. SVG and Canvas are great support for the tech. And there are also other chart styles for the user to choose from. It is built on top of D3.

Visx is visually appealing due to its simple design. Because API is so configurable, you can create your charting library on top of it.

Visx also places a high priority on performance. It does hold a compact bundle size. It is compatible with CSS in JS modules such as emotion and styled-components.

The highlights:-

  • It contains 17.6k stars on GitHub
  • It is based on D3
  • Airbnb is the one who invented it
  • It does have React component syntax

#8 Recharts

Recharts: Top 13 React Chart Libraries

It is one of the star libraries of React. With over 19k stars on GitHub, the library surely knows what kind of charts are suitable. It customizes and reuses existing components. Recharts also have SVG to support the draw function. With the help of a wrapper, one can make their charts responsive. And it is also easy to install CDN, npm, or yarn.

Who is using Recharts? Semisto, Rebla, ahrefs, etc., are among the ones using it efficiently. 

The highlights:-

  • SVG supports Recharts
  • It helps to custom-make beautiful charts
  • It has a large community of active experts
  • Recharts is based on D3

#9 React-Chart Kick

Chartkick: Top 13 React Chart Libraries

Do you want a simple & minimalistic API? React chartkick is the answer to your problem. It has a place among the top React libraries because it supports Chart.js, Google Charts, and Highcharts. 

The library does have an MIT license along with a whooping 9k+ downloads weekly on npm. With quick and easy API, it has a favorite place among experts. Also, it has to rely on chart engines to render, which might result in complexity.

The highlights:-

  • It has over 800 stars on GitHub
  • It has 9k+ downloads a week on npm
  • Gives simple & easy APIs
  • It is very much compatible with Chart.js, Google Charts, and Highcharts

#10 Fusion Chart

Fusion chart: Top 13 React Chart Libraries

The library allows you to add JS charts to your React apps. It is a lightweight stack that also provides easy-to-use React components. Fusion does have a great variety of interactive charts, maps, etc., to get the best JS venture online. 

The main benefit of this library is it displays charts on low-serving devices. It also has vast documents that help to know about the library. 

The highlights:-

  • It has an MIT license
  • It has over 8k stars on GitHub
  • Interactive charts, maps, and dashboards for your React apps

#11 Rumble Charts

Rumble charts: Top 13 React Chart Libraries

Rumble Charts is an anonymous library. It is a pool of elements that you may use to create flexible, reusable charts that show data visually. It’s a simple app with a modern design. 

The highlights:-

  • MIT licensed
  • It is based on D3
  • Reusable & flexible charts

#12 React- Stockcharts

Stockcharts: Top 13 React Chart Libraries

Are you into stock data? Want to present the data in the best way? Stock charts will help you represent them most intuitively. It is a one-stop for those who want to display their finance data in the best way. The library has 3.7k stars on GitHub. And over 9k downloads on npm per week.

The highlights:-

  • 60+ indicators
  • It does allow to integration of multiple chart types 
  • Supports SVG & Canvas
  • It is built with Reactjs and D3

#13 AntV React

AntV react: Top 13 React Chart Libraries

AntV, the popular react chart library, consists of high-quality default charts. It lays a strong focus on user experience. And gives a wide range of chart types. The library does provide responsive and immersive charts for a better display.

The highlights:-

  • MIT licensed
  • 1.7k stars on GitHub
  • Crafts flexible charts

These are the best reactjs chart libraries that you should consider for your project. Before ending the blog, let’s look into quick advice from our senior React developers.

Quick Expert Advice

One can test with these libraries by vouching on to an MVP app or Prototype app. It is a minimalistic effort to go ahead with your app idea in its most likely way. Get approval from your target audience just by giving them a mere chance to function in your solution with apt features. This will help you to find loopholes and mend them in time before a full version launch. 

What Are the Core Benefits of Your React Chart Library?

  • Supports multiple data types
  • Great display of data in visually appealing charts
  • Great productivity and accelerated SDLC
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Smooth integration with existing system


Put your best foot forward with the apt React chart library.

One needs to do the needful to deploy the app at the right time. And React never fails the experts! There are many perks to using this popular library stack.

  • Simple-to-learn libraries
  • Varied charts
  • Cross-platform support
  • SVG & Canvas support
  • Large community
  • Ever-evolving React culture

All these and many more benefits of React chart libraries make them more unique than other advances. JS is here to stay and alter the app world. And in the process, these libraries play a significant role in evolving & thriving in the online space. 

So, this blog will help you new app ideators to blend in the best UI/UX to your solution. With that said, we are always open to having a word with you; our experienced Reactjs developers will give you apt advice for your app. 

We also provide a range of Reactjs development services to get your venture at its best spot online. Consult us & get a quote for free with market insights and other post-deployment services. Invade the online world with the best team of experts & tech tactics!


1. How will you choose the best chart library for React?

Every app idea has various needs. There is only one library made for some firms. You need to study each React library with your core online needs. Match your actual data display needs and pick up the best for your project.

2. Which are the best chart libraries for React, as per developers?

React chartjs, Victory, Nivo, & Recharts are the best libraries used by experts across the globe for their Reactjs advances. 

3. Why should you use the React chart library in your SDLC?

React plays a huge role in providing the best chart libraries of JavaScript. Here are some of the benefits of chart libraries:-

  • Get attractive charts
  • Flexibility mold as per your needs
  • Easy to learn
  • It saves a lot of SDLC time
  • Helps to deploy an app in time
  • It is easy to resolve bugs
  • Great support from the open-source community
  • Backed by the best JS ecosystem

4. Are real-time data changes supported by React chart libraries?

Several React chart libraries support dynamic data updates—especially D3.js. It enables fluid transitions and animations when data changes. For the best real-time data rendering in your React app, ensure you handle state effectively.

React Chart Libraries

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