Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks for App Developers

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Top 10 Popular Mobile App Development Frameworks


What?! Is this a trending mobile app development topic for real? Yes! Indeed. With so much innovative tech growth every year, there has to be clarity of thought on which mobile app frameworks to look for.

We all are dependent on apps. From social media to fitness, every hour of the day, there has been some or the other use of the apps by us. Now, with a projected reach of USD 228.98 billion in 2023, all eyes are on the app world. 

Along with the expert tech heads, businesses are also after knowing the tech after a successful online venture. Now, what are these mobile app frameworks? Which mobile app frameworks to choose? Both of the questions are the ones frequently searched and looked upon.

Whether you are an experienced developer or a business about to start an online app, you will need an accurate choice to make and proceed with the frameworks. In this blog, our experts have given a good list of mobile app development frameworks to use in your project. Have a good read for a great SDLC online. 


Today, mobile apps are the way to go. We can only imagine our lives with online leisure services. 

To ensure a smooth online experience, firms are developing MVP apps or prototypes. Learning about tech stacks, frameworks, and other technical whereabouts has become very important before taking a step with an app built to survive in the cluttered space. 

Now, before the list, let’s quickly walk into what is mobile app frameworks is.

What Is a Mobile App Framework?

Native apps, web apps, & hybrid apps are the core of the mobile app frameworks world. 

These are made to ensure great UI UX and the over all function of an online venture on iOS and Android. They are templates or structures that organize an app built for an optimistic business. 

What is the role of a mobile app frameworks? A framework’s major function is to control an expert’s time to create a great SDLC of an app. All the undue errors and time consuming tasks are taken care of well in advance. Also, it helps to work faster and with more efficacy.

In today’s clutter space of online apps, one needs a strong and fast core. These listed mobile app development frameworks are the best in business across the globe. 

Types of Mobile App Frameworks

Sizes, scales, and shapes matter a lot when it comes to apps.

Every platform has varied needs. Android, iOS, Windows, and others all have different experiences to provide a user.

As per a business need, you opt for a platform and the related framework. So, below, we have talked about some of the most desired types.

Native App vs. Hybrid App vs. Web App

  • Native apps: Native apps are built only for mobile devices. It allows users to interact with internal device hardware and OS. One can get features like a camera, RAM, GPS, and other security features. It has all the great interactive tools and libraries.
  • Web apps: These apps are built and distributed via Web browsers. Emails, online auctions, weblogs, instant SMS apps, and other web programs are used for the best UI UX.
  • Hybrid apps: The name says it all; it is a mix of Native and hybrid app. Native apps are often high quality and the best to use. And so, they are costly as well. The one who has to build an app on a budget can opt for a hybrid app to get a good cross-platform performance. 

Your choice of an app also varies a lot from time to market, app complexity, user needs, and app marketing plan. 

Key PointersNative AppsWeb AppsHybrid Apps
UseInstall app on the device of their choiceDirect browser accessInstall app on the device of their choice
Native device featuresAccessibleNot accessibleAccessible
User experienceConsistentInconsistentConsistent
AccessOne-step access with offline facilityLimited browser accessOne-step access with offline facility
PerformanceIt is optimized as per your deviceSlow performanceFast but might consume more power
SDLCCostly and takes more time to marketCost-efficient and more time to marketCost-efficient and faster time to market

Now, let’s move further.

Which are the best mobile app development frameworks? React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, jQuery, Swift, etc., are some of the great advances of the time.

Let’s look at the list of best mobile app development platforms and frameworks.

10 Best Mobile App Development Frameworks for Your Online Venture

Best Mobile App Development Frameworks for Your Online Venture

#1 React Native

The universe of React is headed strongly with all kinds of advances. 42% of experts use React Native for their projects. The JS library is rich with features for UI. The Facebook-backed tech has been at the crux of many big names like Tesla, Airbnb, Skype, etc. 

It is downloaded over 1 million times every week by experts across the globe. And has a community of thousands of React Native developers who constantly help the advancement to grow.

React Native is the best choice for experts because it enables a single codebase across platforms. It has a similar syntax to CSS; a creator is bound to write native code. 

Language & Platforms of React Native:-

  • C++, WinRT, or C# for Windows 10, 
  • Objective-C or Swift for iOS, 
  • Java or Kotlin for Android, and 
  • Objective-C or Swift for Swift.
  • React Native for Windows &
  • React Native for macOS is taken care of by Microsoft

What Are the Major Benefits of React Native?

The React Native development services are known the best for these core benefits.

  • Quick development 
  • Reusable elements
  • Easy third-party extension
  • Component-based GUI for frontend apps
  • Great performance


  • Low-code
  • Easy third-party plugins
  • Supports iOS and Android
  • Predictive UI with the help of Declarative API

#2 Flutter

Flutter Statistics

The Google-powered stack is among the best mobile app development frameworks. It is a modern and young SDK for cross-platform apps. It creates a smart mobile UI with a native-like experience for the users. 

Flutter facilitates experts with widgets, rendering engines, debug of errors, APIs integration, and many other resources. Abbey Road Studios, BMW, Dream 11, Alibaba, etc., are well-known names that have used Flutter at their best. 

What Are the Major Benefits of Flutter?

  • It is built on Dart with a rich set of libraries 
  • The engine is in C/C++ that contains APIs such as graphics, text layout, plugins, and more.
  • Flutter has the same UI and business logic on all platforms
  • Hot reload feature for fast SDLC
  • Great UI designs & widgets
  • Access to all native features

Flutter is chosen by 39% of experts around the globe. And recently, with its immense growth, the tech stack has invented Flutter 3.13. Thus, it promises to deliver the best Flutter app development services with each passing year. 

Fact: As per Feb 2023, React Native’s UI library has 355,832 results. While Flutter has 487,428. Clearly, the win here is of the very young tech stack Flutter. 

#3 Xamarin

Xamarin is one of the best mobile app development frameworks for cross-platform. Under C#, it allows experts to need fewer lines of code for quick coding. And so it also allows a rapid transfer of scripts across varied systems. 

Microsoft backs the advances. It thus has great native functions, quality, and efficacy in its app. 

What Are Some of the Features of Xamarin?

  • Low code
  • Third-party plugins
  • Supports iOS and Android
  • Consistent with other devices
  • Native-like app experience
  • Mobile cross-platform support  

As per a report, there are over 11 thousand apps and over 2 million downloads. Of course, it is a bit behind compared to the other two, but it is still in the race to offer the top mobile app in business.

Best Apps Made With Xamarin

  • Picturex
  • Storyo
  • APX
  • MRW

#4 Ionic

It is the best mobile app platform for PWAs, hybrid, and cross-platform apps. Ionic uses Apache Cordova plus Angular to create Android and iOS-based devices. The open-source tech allows us to build apps and deploy them in varied locations. It has given a more lightning version of ‘Ionic Studio.’ The version is to get a visual development environment locally. 

There are over 50,701 companies that use the Ionic framework. Among the renowned ones are Tumblr, Finn Partners, Berkeley Lab, etc. 

What Are the Features of Ionic?

  • CLI to build and test an app
  • Great performance & flexibility
  • App development for almost all platforms
  • Consistent UI
  • Easy to integrate with Vue, Angular, & React
  • Native bridge for cross-platform

The popular Android framework has an ever-green community of 5 million tech brains to back it up in every challenge. 

#5 NativeScript

Are you looking to develop an app with Angular, TypeScript, JS, or CSS? What better than Native Script? It is the best mobile app development framework invented by Progress. 

With the help of NativeScript SideKick, the tech allows you to create, configure, and gather tasks. The UIs are defined with the use of XML files. 

Let’s Have a Look at Some of Its Benefits:-

  • The tech works inferences in XML and calls native UI parts.
  • App logic created in Angular & TypeScript is freed as per the targeted platform.
  • It helps build a native mobile app with the use of Nodejs runtime and tools.

Key Features of NativeScript:-

  • WebViews are not used in the native UI
  • Full access to the APIs for iOS and Android
  • Reusable components
  • Backend assistance
  • Cross platform software

#6 JQuery Mobile

The HTML-5 UI framework builds responsive sites and apps. It is made from JQuery and gives Ajax navigation with page transitions, touch events, and widgets. The tech has lightweight code with easy theme designs. 

What Are the Benefits of Jquery Mobile?

  • Theme Roller provides great custom-configured themes.
  • It comes in two versions: customized & stable.
  • It is built on the JQuery core.
  • Simple API & lightweight coding.

Key Features of JQuery Mobile:-

  • It works great with PhoneGap & other frameworks.
  • It has a FastClick library.
  • Rich templates, icons, and plugins.
  • Supports Vue, React, Svelte
  • Great UI 
  • It is limited in size.

As of 7th Oct 2021, the JQuery Mobile version is deprecated. 

  • Zepto 
  • Bootstrap
  • AngularJS
  • jQuery UI
  • Framework7 

All these have outshined the JQuery. We can also say that these are the best replaces of JQuery. 

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#7 Swiftic

Want to build an iOS app? What better framework than Swiftic? It is one of the popular iOS developer’s choices. The tech proficiently delivers great iOS development services to be among the great names online. 

Swiftic has an intuitive UI and a 30-day money-back plan to use the framework. It also guarantees its services, and if one does not get results in 6 months, they are ready to pay for damages.

Right from social networks to app ads, Swiftic gives good build release, design, and launch. Thus, it expands the app on a unified control panel. And it also strongly integrates with other parties. 

Key features of Swiftic:-

  • It helps build your mobile store
  • App promotions
  • Great analytics
  • Third party integrates
  • Menu & Orders
  • In-app coupons
  • Loyalty card 
  • Great app guide
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#8 Onsen UI

Do you want to build a complex app? OnsenUI is the answer. It is one of the best mobile app development frameworks. The tech is known to build apps with JS, HTML, and CSS. 

Onsen UI is also great for working with Angular JS1, Angular 2+, Reacts, and Vue. The UI elements of the tech have tabs, stack navigation, lists, forms, etc. 

With Onsen UI version 2, experts may now create mobile apps with or without any JS framework. It is because the tech has developed to be JS framework-agnostic.

It is very simple to make hybrid and PWAs that seem native. With just one source file, it is feasible to support both iOS and Android thanks to the methods’ optional platform-based auto-styling.

Features of Onsen UI:-

  • Zero preparation time
  • Simple to use 
  • Efficient in terms of both time and money for SDLC
  • Platform, rotation, and gesture detection with explicit grid layout

#9 Corona

Solar2D, aka Corona, is well known to create games and apps for mobile devices and desktops. The 2D game engine is the best for iPhones, iPads, tablets, Mac desktops, etc. It also allows you to make great apps for Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV. 

Features of Corona:-

  • It is a lightweight scripting language
  • Multiple plugins
  • Great API support
  • Fast SDLC
  • There are over 5,00,000 Corona experts
  • No SDK IDE
  • There are some free and paid functions

Zip Zap, Gunman Taco Truck, The Lost City, etc. are some of the great apps made by Corona SDK. 

#10 Framework 7

Framework 7 helps build specific mobile apps with HTML. It is very easy to learn and use. The tech stack allows users to get a native look and feel. It is also popular to create a prototype app to know the overall work of the online venture.  

The tech is well known for the best UI elements. It provides widgets like popups, list views, tabs, layout grids, etc. It is used for small startups and is popular among the experts.

Features of Framework7:-

  • It is great with jQuery syntax
  • Fast Click library
  • Easy to use with React, Angular, and others
  • Intuitive UI elements
  • Supportive to Vuejs, React, and Svelte

Key Takeaways

Did you just come down to the whole blog?

Not to worry.

These are the peculiar points of our blog. 

  • To build a great app, you need a good foundation. Frameworks are those optimized and organized structures. 
  • It helps cut down the SDLC time by pre-built patterns and scripts.
  • Flutter and React Native are the best kinds of frameworks that give great iOS and Android experience, respectively. And these are the most loved techs by the experts across the globe.
  • Xamarin, Ionic, and NativeScript are among the other tech stacks used by tech brains.

All the tech stacks deliver the best to a project if the choice is made apt. So, you need a good team at work who have the expertise to deal with your said stack in your time frame.

Before we end the blog, let’s head to some of the mobile app stats of 2023.

  • The mobile app world is about to reach over $935 billion in revenue in 2023.
  • The Apple app store has 1.96 million apps, and Google Play Store has 2.87 million app downloads.
  • 21% of millennials open an app 50+ times a day.
  • The smartphone user growth has risen to 10.4% user base growth as compared to 2022.

What? Interesting hype, right? You have n number of ways to get the digital realm. With the growth of tech across the globe, there is no such thing to look back on for firms. One needs to get the right tech with the right app idea to get to the online space. Be the next Uber or Amazon with a team of experts like us. Get a free quote for your project & know us well in advance.

On a concluding note!

Mobile app development frameworks lay a strong foundation for building great online ventures. A proper blend of tech brains with tech stacks gives timely online goodwill and traction. According to us, you should rely on Flutter and React Native to build a great app online.

All these above-mentioned frameworks are curated peculiarly by our mobile app developers.

Our team comprises 120+ experts, each with an average expertise of 4+ years. We have built a total of 500+ projects in 25+ countries. Now, why should you choose us?

  • Our experts know exactly what you want in the app
  • We give the post-deploy services
  • The experts talk to you in your time zone
  • We offer minutes of your SDLC from time to time
  • Get your app built in time with the best tech stack

If you do plan to build an app with AI, Blockchain, ML, IoT, and others, then consider these frameworks. It is not every brain’s work to get you the best for your project. You need a partner like us! 

Do you have any queries like which mobile app framework to use for my project? Which Android tech stack to use? How to deploy a successful app online? Discuss your ideas with us. Get a free quote from our experts & decide the best for yourself. 


1. What is the best mobile app development framework?

  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Swiftic
  • Ionic
  • Onsen UI
  • JQuery Mobile
  • Xamarin
  • Native Script

2. Which is better Flutter or Xamarin?

Xamarin is way more expensive than Flutter because of its license cost of Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. Flutter is able to create projects at low cost with modern tech stacks. So Flutter is the better option than Xamarin.

3. How many mobile app downloads are there on a global level?

There is an increase of 25 billion in a year, making it a 255 billion app download business for 2023. It is an ever-growing number. And thus, we will all need apt guidance to deploy apps with the right framework to succeed in such a competitive space.

4. How to choose a tech stack for your mobile app?

  • Platform (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS)
  • Time to market
  • App intricacy
  • User needs
  • Target market

5. What tech stack is used to make the best cross-platform app?

As of April 2023, Dart, C#, Java, and Python are on the top with their advances and online experience. 

6. What language and framework is the best for mobile apps?

React Native & Flutter are the best tech stacks to get the best out of the mobile app SDLCs. So, give it a chance and see the impact on your business of the same.

7. What is the cost of developing a mobile app?

The cost to develop mobile app is $30,000-$2,50,000. It varies as per your app idea’s complexity, tech stacks, features, time of SDLC, etc.

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