Generative AI in Action: Diverse Examples And Practical Use Cases

Pramesh Jain
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Generative AI in Action: Diverse Examples & Practical Use Cases

Summary: Being in the web and mobile app development sector, how can we not witness the AI trend? The world is now revolting around AI advances. From data fetch to data creation, every single thing is driven by AI. It has become one of the best techs for experts globally. And there are debates about whether it is a boon or a bane for the tech world. If used correctly, it can give any business a great breakthrough. Now, let’s look into the trend and Generative AI use cases, which have recently given us a great content facility in the form of ChatGPT. 

There is no stop to the tech world and its evolution. And this has been proven well by Generative AI.

The whole world was head over heels when they discovered such an AI algorithm for content. The online venture has become a one-stop for all kinds of age groups looking for content needs. Right from audio to code to images, texts, videos, etc., it helps a user with any content. 

What was merely a possibility has been made possible with the advent of ChatGPT, the best example of generative AI. The OpenAI version was launched in November 2022, and since then, it has been at the top of all the popularity charts on a global level.

What more can a generative AI do? The tool has immense practical uses like product design, generating virtual worlds, optimizing business processes, etc. We have just made a hole in the mountain; we still have to dig deep to find new gems.

What is Generative AI?

This blog is all about generative AI. You will get to know every minute detail by looking into AI use cases and examples. Let’s dive into it!

The AI market is all set to surpass $22 billion by 2025. With a growth of 27.02% of CAGR, AI has a long way and creative vision to stand to.

Another survey also states who will adapt to AI trends quickly in the future. It indicates that 29% of Gen Z, 28% of Gen X, and 27% of Millennials are likely to adopt such AI tools daily. 

Define Generative AI

What is a gene? How does it function? What makes the content original? What good does it do to a firm? The concept of GenAI is very deep, and we as explorers are still sitting at its coast. Let’s start with content because that is where the evolution began!

Are you struggling with content? Do you want to lure your audience, investors, etc., with a perfect speech? GenAI will do it for you.

It is very easy to create specific content or ideas for stories, images, videos, etc., with such an AI app. The large model supports pre-trained large data. 

GenAI uses an algorithm to evaluate and analyze data. It thus derives new & unique insights to improve decisions. And organize operations in real-time. It thus helps firms to custom-make products & services. 

Some of the best Generative AI examples:-

  • Quality control
  • Inventory control
  • Customer relations
  • Predictive maintenance

How Does Generative AI Work?

The AI understands the underlying patterns in data and creates novel outputs for original data. It is taken out with the help of neural networks to help in a wide range of content. 

The neural networks ensure the identification of patterns and structures of the extant data. Thus, creates new and original content. It is well known to leverage new learning patterns, including unsupervised or semi-supervised learning. Thus, businesses can leverage effective data to create baseline models quickly. These base models are used to perform multiple tasks in the AI systems.

Indeed, it is a very vast and tough spectrum. The tech is complex and does require a substantial resource to train data. But, with time, it does have a great result to deliver.

If we look into it closely, tech misuse has been seen all over the internet in such a short time. There are several deepfakes as well as misuse of data across the globe.

Fact: The one who will invest in AI tech today will surely get robust profits in the future. 67% of enterprises claim to blend in with genie, and 85% of them will expand their firms with AI open-source models. 

Which Apps are Driven by the AI Generative Model?

Which Apps are Driven by the AI Generative Model?

#1 Augment data

Augment data

Have you ever wondered how much fuel is needed to power a rocket? How much fuel will a rocket require to complete a mission? This question is an analog to knowing the data augments the process. At the crux of a GenAI app, there is always one motto: improve data quality. 

The process is all about enriching datasets with proper details and training them well for DL algorithms. A large amount of data is improved and trained well to match the actual data. Thus, it is one of the best generative AI use cases and examples.

#2 Automate the build of custom software

In this fast pace of digital inventions, an expert has to be more productive to build SDLC fast. To get along with online growth, one has to get hands-on such as AI models.  

GenAI can help create a custom app quickly. For instance, GPT-3 can help you with codes. It improves the efficacy and accuracy of a code built. GitHub also uses AI to help its experts write the codes. Thus, it is very easy to make an app with such tech in the spectrum. 

#3 Generate human-like text

Generate human-like text

The one with which the AI genre expanded. GPT-3 & GPT-4 is all about writing tasks. It is easy to draft emails, articles, etc., with the help of these AI tools. A user can easily research and write a brief about any topic or effectively resolve queries in real-time with such GenAI apps. Such a content helps in the following:-

  • You can attract your audience in time.
  • You can replace your write-up quickly with the help of AI.
  • One can find flaws in the current write-up and resolve them with the help of AI tech.
  • Get through your doubts in one go.
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#4 Create & design products

The AI generative models are used to design and build a product efficiently. It presents the design idea and also learns about the current design to modify it for the future. Thus, helps to design a product fast.

It helps improve quality and diversify the product. For instance, researchers can work with GenAI to make the product look good and meet the functional needs. Firms like Autodesk use AI for their designs. And also, an expert designer gets great help for their design projects.

#5 Design neural networks

Applications using generative AI can assist in identifying the optimal connections by analyzing various combinations. This is analogous to offering a set of jigsaw pieces to AI and asking it to figure out how to assemble them to create the best image.

#6 Create personal user-based apps

Users want personal attention and to achieve that a firm has to provide them with a good online experience. Apps like Netflix are the best examples of how did create personal feeds. Apart from that, even Spotify allows users to create their dashboards with more filters and color combos. Both the apps are driven by AI as they advise users to watch or listen to some other favorites that match their interests based on their history.

Expert advice: Such apps will never go out of trend because we have just started to explore more of them. Any proficient AI development service will provide you with real-time personalized features and functionality to be a success in the online world. Reach out to an expert team to get your hands on such a great AI stack.

#7 Gaming software

Gaming software

The world of games is going to be more trending with new elements. These AI-driven models can easily add variety and novelty to your game app. A visually attractive and balanced venture is what will be the result of your app. Commit Assistant uses AI to eliminate bugs in the game code.

#8 Build instance images

AI is known to create real photos of people. If a user gives an image i.e. a face as input data then the model trains itself and creates a similar facial image. It is a great way to create vectors, characters, etc. This helps to personify a user’s online time.

#9 Text-to-speech generator

Text-to-speech generator

These are a boon to almost all the industry genres. Right from advertising to education, text-to-speech audio files have begun to make more sense and are trending. It is also one of the best ways to help blind and visually challenged people. The AI generative model creates speech in several languages and voices. It also helps save actors’ voices for marketing purposes.

#10 Healthcare software

Medical data is very crucial to handle. With AI one can keep track and create drug molecules, predict diseases, and more. The AI model can easily learn from current data and create new insights to speed up the research process. Also, it improves the accuracy and relevancy of research. 

Now, before ending the blog, let’s quickly dive into the top AI models of 2023.

Generative AI Applications of 2023

Generative AI Applications of 2023


One of the best examples of AI use cases is ChatGPT. OpenAI creates the star AI tool and leverages the power of large language NLP tasks efficiently. With the help of GPT-4, it is possible to build content for emails, codes, video game characters, etc. It makes a human-like text effectively. 

Key Features:-

  • Answers in natural language.
  • Converses easily.
  • Its creates codes and debugs any code.
  • It does create long and short content.
  • It gives audio, text, or image models.

Azure ML Studio

It helps ML engineers and data experts train and build models & manage the MLOps lifecycle. A user can build an open-source platform like PyTorch, TensorFlow, etc. And help build custom models and algorithms. It helps simplify data science and ML features. 

Key Features:-

  • Automate ML
  • Drag & drop designer
  • Free libraries and frameworks
  • Hybrid model training and deployment
  • Great with monitoring and analysis


AWS is the hub of AI services that allow experts to blend ML abilities in their apps. It offers great computer vision and helps automate data extraction. Along with business analytics services like Amazon Forecast, Fraud Detector, and Amazon Lookout for analytics. It also gives AI services like Amazon Kendra.

AWS AI service code tools, such as Amazon DevOps Guru, Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer, ETC., are available for use by DevOps teams. 

Key Features:-

  • Blends well with other AWS services
  • Expert friendly APIs
  • Pre-trained models
  • DL ability

As a software development company, we have also made efficient use of AWS with IoT in one of our projects. And built a home automation app, which is MVP for home safety and control. 

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What’s next for Generative AI Applications?

We have just started to know the advances of AI! The tech world is all set to dig deep into the Generative AI tech and reshape the market dynamics. 

In the form of ChatGPT, it has proven to be a gem to the tech world. Now is the time to test it through other means to know more about the potential. The market is trying to build new AI native apps and infrastructures.

But the question remains: how hit will these AI models be? A lot of money is poured into one model. One does not know how AI will evolve with time. Thus, it makes it a risky business to be in. 

Despite the many risks & pitfalls, it is expected that vendors will see a rise in their trades if they blend well with the AI stack. One can improve consumer retention, make changes in the product, and reach their gross margins in time. 

In conclusion, AI promises to give you potential software and explore many more possible solutions for a firm. Thus, the journey is one of many that will impact firms sooner or later. Also, the truth is that generative AI use cases, and examples are just a start to profound market exposure.


1. What is Generative AI in simple terms?

The tech allows users to create new content based on a variety of inputs. The trained model provides text, images, sounds, 3D models, or other data types. 

2. What are the types of Generative AI?

There are two types:-

  • Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
  • Variational Autoencoders (VAEs)
  • Transformer Architecture

All these types play a crucial role in making a good AI model with trained and efficient data.

3. Which problems can Generative AI solve?

It can help firms identify patterns, resolve data issues, minimize risks, help in decision-making, and address challenges beforehand. A Generative AI app helps detect fraud, threats, etc.

4. Which firms use Generative AI?

Adobe Photoshop, Notion, BMW, Snapchat, and many more big names use AI at its core to gather, channelize, and distribute data efficiently.

5. How to hire a good team of GenAI developers?

A good expert team has hands-on expertise in AI and has have apt portfolio in the genre. One who has knowledge and knows how to eliminate bugs in real-time with a tech stack can help you out with the AI world very easily.

6. Can GenAI replace human creativity?

GenAI has surely come a long way. However, it has certain limitations that restrict it from becoming human. One major issue it works on content already made across the digital spectrum, thus, it is very hard to bring in the human touch & creativity for a machine.

7. Which firms use GenAI?

Microsoft, Google, and CISCO are the ones who have used GenAI to make a better outcome from their current products.

8. How do big firms blend with GenAI?

Many firms have opted for GenAI to add some value to their ventures. It helps to do work fast, easily, and on time. So, it is a gem for the ones who are using it in the right way. 

9. What limits GenAI?

You might come across very old content as it fetches the told topic from other available resources. It cannot provide you with proper results on debates as in who won and who lost. It is not opinionated. The overall concept of AI is still very superficial and thus has a long way to go and mend things along the side.

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