Why Choose Laravel as the Best PHP Framework for Developing Applications in 2023?

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Summary: The software development industry is booming with advanced frameworks & programming languages. But, choosing an ideal web development framework for efficient & high-performing applications is a task. Laravel being the most popular & best framework provides varied features & functionalities to develop a complex solution faster and more effectively. So, before concluding on the advancement, it is essential to know everything about the Laravel PHP framework and why to use it in 2023. This blog is curated specifically to cover Laravel’s features, latest trends, future growth opportunities, & more. So let’s dive into it!


PHP is like a pearl that suits every age group, in this case, web app development. Being the oldest development language, it has managed to gain the limelight because of its most popular framework- Laravel.

When planning for a web application, you might be facing difficulties in deciding on the right framework. There are many general criteria when it comes to choosing a framework, like, cost of development, experience, popularity, third-party integrations, deployment, testing, etc.  

PHP language consists of many frameworks like- Laravel, Symfony, Codelgniter, Slim, Zend, etc. Yet, Laravel is recognized throughout the globe among the developer community. It has retained the position of top PHP MVC framework & is the most trending repository on GitHub, with 45000+ stars (and counting).

So what is the reason for such immense popularity? What are the intricate offerings of the popular framework when it comes to web apps?

 Let’s dive into the blog and know all about it in just a glance.

Why Use Laravel PHP Framework for Your Web Development?

Companies around the globe are actively engaging in digital platforms to improve their audience outreach. There is an inherent need of designing a systematic workflow for a business to embark on a successful buyer’s journey with visitors jointly. 

There is an urge to develop web applications using frameworks that consume less time and effort while using plain PHP. Laravel is the framework that became the default choice for developing complex applications among developers. 

Laravel offers varied security features like:

  • Easily integrates with a valid token form or AJAX call
  • Personalized web apps with flawless syntax
  • Best coding practices around the globe
  • The caching system stores numerous cached items & maintains clarity, functionality, and simplicity

In the below-mentioned graph, there is significant growth seen in Laravel. It has availed 67, 902 stars from users as compared to all the other web app development frameworks in 2022. Thus, this proves its reliability as an apt development solution across the platforms.

Now, let’s have quick look at the top reasons why to use the Laravel framework for your app development.

Top 8 Reasons Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework in 2023

#1 MVC support 

Model-View-Controller (MVC) is the architectural pattern that helps Laravel developers in managing complex coding structures. It also helps in looking up files in logical directories. A web app is effortlessly controlled with its every functionality after it is deployed in a structured manner. The laravel app development has an expressive beautiful syntax that makes it object-oriented. 

#2 Security & Authentication

This is what, everyone’s looking for, 100% security! Laravel ensures strong credentials. It consists of an in-built CSRF token that handles all kinds of online threats & protects web applications against cybersecurity risks. The developers also avail strong community support and tutorials to create a sustainable Laravel solution. 

On the other hand, it also allows out-of-the-box configuration for authenticity & authorization of the system. Every minute configuration is a few artisan commands away.

#3 Artisan Commands

Laravel, the pioneer PHP framework, includes a very efficient command-line interface called Artisan. Every complex and repetitive programming task of app developers is easily automated. They can also utilize the tool to obtain MVC files and manage data configurations with a single command. It also helps in seamless data migration & management.

#4 Database Migration

Why is Laravel a popular PHP framework? The answer is simple, it ensures relatively easy database migration. It solves every minute compatibility issues between databases such as SQL Server or MySQL. Using the Artisan Console, one is also able to manage package assets & seeding. It also protects users from code skeletons. Thus, one can migrate code with ease and comfort.

#5 Blade Template Engine

This inbuilt-template engine helps its users in combining one or more templates with a data model to produce productive views, by transpiring templates into cached PHP code to cater to better app performance. Blade also provides controlled structures like conditional states, which are mapped to their PHP counterparts.

#6 Broadcasting Events

Broadcasting helps in implementing real-time data in modern web applications. It allows a developer to share event names between the server-side & client side. In other words, Laravel has a simple observer pattern, that allows you to subscribe & listen to various events occurring in the application. Such events are stored in the event directory and their respective listeners are stored in the app/listeners.

#7 Unit Testing of Application

Laravel development solutions do have the advantage of testing every code to maintain quality parameters. Unit testing is a custom test method as per specific application needs. It helps in customizing a solution that functions less or builds more effective unit tests. This feature makes a PHP app bug-free & high performing with qualitative configurations. The test also efficiently detects and prevents regressions in the framework. These tests also run through provided artisan command-line utility.

#8 Open Source Language

Laravel is the best PHP framework as it provides the following advantages:-

  • It consists of a dedicated developer community
  • Frequent launching of new plugins & modules
  • Ample space for customization & modification
  • Online resources & tutorials

Developers tend to prioritize Laravel over PHP because of its strong architecture, seamless configurations, & authentic security. Laravel also consistently upgrades itself with the changing digital trends to provide better web applications to its clientele.  

Before ending the blog, let’s have a look at the key benefits of a Laravel solution.

Key Benefits of Laravel App Development

1. Qualitative Performance

One never has to worry about a web app’s page loading speed. Laravel has varied features & functionalities to help take the business to the next level. Tools like Redis & Memcached enhance the productivity and usability of the applications. To grab the digital limelight, one has to manage its website loading response. And when it comes to achieving qualitative performance, no other name in frameworks comes to our mind than Laravel.

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2. Popular Framework

No matter how efficiently you have designed, developed, & deployed a website. It is bound to experience technical issues. For instance, if you are stuck somewhere in the application development process, you will not vouch for restructuring the entire website, just to get a solution. Laravel has a huge community of developers that holds tremendous expertise in the framework.

3. Multilingual Support

Developers can create applications in multiple languages. The popular PHP framework reaches out to a wider audience & lets the business mark the untouched territories. Thus, it improves an application’s chances of boosting sales & increases online revenues, resulting in digital goodwill.

4. Affordable Advancement

Laravel, as technological advancement, is an open-source framework that is inexpensive and plays a significant role in developing & maintaining a user-friendly application. Moreover, one also gets an inbuilt app development project environment that streamlines processes for the developers. 

5. Reduced Time to Market

When it comes to going online with your business, it’s not just about how well the website is designed; it’s also about how quickly the website is published.

During the development process, Laravel provides built-in tools and functions that were easily integrated into the website. Thus, it cuts down on the overall time it takes to develop the website. Laravel uses an MVC architecture, which is the best and most organized approach to building a website. The faster website is integrated, the less time it takes to deploy. Which in turn gets a brand ample time to market digitally.

These were some of the esteemed benefits of laravel applications. So, if you are looking forward to developing an application by choosing Laravel then you are definitely on the right track.

On a concluding note

Laravel makes your digital presence easy to sustain, the only thing after deciding on the framework is to get a technically efficient team. And, if you are wondering how to get started with the process, reach out to the best Laravel Development company.

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