What is AWS DevOps? Everything You Need to Know About AWS Development Services

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Summary: Continuous integration has become an integral part of every app development. DevOps has brought us a refined version of handling the application development cycle with ease. The easy-to-operate and scalable DevOps tools have managed to store, compute, and network in the most accurate and cost-effective methods for smooth software delivery. In this blog, you will get an insight into AWS and DevOps development services & their benefits. Have a good read if you are considering integrating cloud computing into your online venture.

A combination of ‘development’ and ‘operations’- DevOps is an evolution of agile software development methodologies. Among the many tools, one of the most proficient and secure tools and services is AWS- Amazon Web Services.

What is AWS DevOps?

The AWS service is a boon for the digital world. The cloud computing platform seamlessly allows a user to compute power, store, network, deliver content services, and more. From government institutions to the educational and private or non-private sectors, everyone is gearing up to cloud services. 

Let’s understand it with an example. Tom has an online shopping portal with a modest audience. During the Black Friday sale, the portal got much more traffic. The servers were unable to handle it and crashed, so he wondered.

  • How will he improve his performance without investing in a new server? 
  • Is there a way to upscale the number of users visiting the website at any given point?

AWS is at his rescue.

It provides a wide range of services across various domains. AWS compute services provide app development functionality from start to end. For restoring website data, Tom can easily use the storage services that will enable him to store, retrieve and retain the information. He can also store user data in the AWS database and optimize it when needed. With the networking services, he can separate his cloud infrastructure and scale up his business. Other popular domains that AWS allows for integration are blockchain, machine learning, analytics, container, IoT, and more.

This is AWS in a nutshell for you.

Why is AWS so popular among sectors and industries?

It is no longer a platform that provides tools and services to developers to incorporate features of AWS into their websites. The AWS services are now used by over 45% of global market businesses. 

AWS has considerably surpassed its competitors in terms of size and presence in the computing world. According to one independent analysis, AWS holds over a third of the market (32.4 percent), followed by Azure (20 percent), and Google Cloud (9 percent) in the first quarter of 2021

There are three categories of cloud computing:-

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

AWS falls under the IaaS category. It is a scalable instant-computing infrastructure that the user can completely control, including virtual servers and operating systems (OSes).

Let’s dive into the benefits of AWS DevOps and know why it is used worldwide, increasing its popularity.

Benefits of AWS DevOps Development Services

#1 Cost-Effective

AWS is moving companies from physical computing technology to online cloud. Traditionally, companies used to build physical computing servers to stack all their applications and databases and maintain them. With AWS companies can store data in the system without any upfront cost, they can straight away use what they need and pay only for the services they use. 

A company that experiences surge traffic would traditionally end up buying loads of servers and still may not sustain the competition. With AWS, such costs easily altering and the firm can manage every last-minute technical integration within its budget.  

#2 Scalable and Adaptable

SMEs and entrepreneurs both have the benefits of using AWS for their computing needs. The service is ideal for starting a business from the ground up because it gives all of the tools needed to get started with the cloud. AWS DevOps offers low-cost migration services for entrepreneurs, allowing existing infrastructure to be smoothly transferred to AWS.

AWS provides tools to help a firm expand as it grows. Customers will never have to worry about whether or not they need to rethink their computing usage because the business model allows for flexibility. 

#3 Security and Reliability

Amazon Web Services is far more reliable in terms of securing data. The popular DevOps tool has many data centers across the globe that are continuously monitoring the services. Imagine Netflix storing all its files and backup at a centralized location which due to the hurricane caused chaos in the networking. 

AWS has tried to keep the data centers hidden and allowed access only on an essential basis. In this way, one can easily track potential attacks, and outages, and eliminate them within 24 hours. The same can’t be done for a company that has a single IT personnel handling all the large files of the office in a single computing environment.

Being in the AWS development service for over a decade, WebMobTech developers consult & opt for scalable solutions as per a firm’s requirements. With AWS cloud computing, we ensure data security along with seamless networking.

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And yes, we do have applications to prove you with our work. Before ending the blog do have a look at some of our applications with AWS. 

Our Portfolio

We have successfully built a real estate web and mobile application like Zillow. The intuitive application consists of features like property search, comparison with other properties, virtual tours, and more. It is a progressive web app (PWA) with AWS CloudFront and pay-only web services.

Real Estate Mobile App

Our proficient team of developers has built an app like Netflix with the best video quality consisting of videos & movies. The entertainment app has a great user interface with simple categories and a navigation tab bar. A user can easily browse for movies, read its description, create a playback list, and more. With AWS the video-sharing website Vimeo is integrated efficiently along with many other cloud computing features.

on-demand video streaming app

On a Concluding Note

There are a plethora of services that AWS has to offer us. With its extensive cloud computing services, a business can flourish in the digital space with full potential, at an economic cost. When you opt for DevOps tools, your enterprise is bound to get continuous development and deployment for seamless online software operations. 

Being in the IT service segment for over a decade, the team at WebMobTech is well-versed in all technological advancements. Our developers are proficient enough to make necessary changes according to the tech innovations in software. Explore the digital space with our tech brains. We can be your reliable and affordable tech partner. 

If you have an online project idea to share, we are always available over a call at +1-408-520-9597 or email [email protected] Expand your horizons digitally with us.

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