Nodejs App Development: Architecture and Best Practices for Nodejs SDLC

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Nodejs App Development: Architecture and Best Practices for Nodejs SDLC

Summary: Fortune 500 companies online have inherited Nodejs and its advances. The JS popular has been around for a while now! It has always satisfied all of the experts on a global level. As per a survey, the tech is used by 42.73% of experts as of 2023. It is the best because the stack updates itself from time to time. Now, let’s have a look at Nodejs architecture and some best practices to create a Nodejs app development.

A good start is half the battle. This quote sets the best for the online world. The best way to ace the online battle field is with best architecture, frameworks, features, and functionality. You need to create an intact venture with the best and upgraded tech stacks. Here in we have given you the gist of Nodejs which you can also say it as king of the hearts. It has been around for a while and does provide a lot of advances.

The cycle of 6 month update has brought a great fortune to Nodejs development!

Netflix, PayPal, Uber, LinkedIn, etc., how many other names do you want? All these are the best outcomes of Nodejs in the online world. It serves the front end and back end in the best ways possible. 

If you want to become one with these wonders, then you have to know what is the best SDLC tactic of Nodejs. Our experts at WebMob Technologies have made a perfect gist of the best ways to deploy a Nodejs app.

Let’s start with Nodejs architecture!

Nodejs App Development: The Architecture

Nodejs App Development: The Architecture

The JS best framework is an open source & cross platform runtime environment. Node is known to run a JS code outside a web browser. Thus, an expert can get to create a robust server side apps and tools. Also it consists of single thread event loop architecture that helps impart the best Nodejs development services. Node is also known for its V8 Google engine that is light in weight and is great at designing fast.

The main aim to create a structure in SDLC is as follows:-.,

  • It helps write clean and precise code.
  • It creates reusable components and modules in the overall app.
  • Avoids repetitive tasks.
  • Create new features in the current code.

Let’s Know About Nodejs Architecture in Detail!

  • LIBUV in Node

A C library that abstracts for non-block I/O operations. It leverages platforms like Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, etc. It manages pipes, polls, DNS, UDP sockets, and thread pool for tasks that can be easily executed allochronic at the OS level. 

  • Nodejs Binding

From the V8 engine to the LIBUV library, every single thing is coded in C++. To bind in Nodejs, one needs to have a library that is in C/C++. With it, an expert can bridge the gap between JS and C/C++ code. There is no extensive code rewrite because of another language like C/C++. 

  • Event Loop

It works on a single thread. With the help of the event loop, Nodejs executes non-block I/O tasks. When the event loop can, it transfers the work load to the system kernels. These are usually multi thread in modern devices. Thus, the stack performs non blocking activities via an event loop even as a single thread advances.   

Expert advice: You should hire Node.js developers who know every benefit of the tech stack. It is one of the best advances that helps build the front end and back end on a robust scale. Try to get your hands on the tech with an experienced team like ours & get apt results online.

Why is there a sudden incline towards Node architecture? It is because of its ever evolving version. Since 2009, there have been significant changes. The current one, Nodejs 21, has brought a lot of changes. 

What’s new in Node.js 21? It has an upgrade to the V8 11.8 engine, a stable fetch API, a new WebSocket API, NPM v10.2.0, and more. Every time, it brings on the best of the best to suit the online world.

Consult us and we will create your online venture with trending Nodjes version

Here are some more details about the single thread architecture.

Node App Development Architecture: Explained

With a single thread event loop, Nodejs handles many requests at a time. In a multiple thread system, one has to switch between threads that affects the SDLC performance. Nodejs eliminates it with single thread functionality. 

Why Should You Consider Nodejs for Your Online Venture?

  • It is great if you want to build a real time app like Netflix or WhatsApp.
  • If you want to create a RESTful API, microservices, etc., architecture,.
  • If you want to create SPAs with React, Angular, Vuejs.
  • To create a robust server side app.

These are the top reasons to go for a nodejs application. Now, let’s dive into Nodejs best practices to manage the structure.

Best Practices for Nodejs Development

#1 Separate roles and concerns with Folders

A folder helps one to start things in a perfect way. It enforces an SDLC with separate concerns. And thus helps one to organize code and elements in a distinct and responsible way. It becomes very clear for the team to look precisely into a Nodejs app.

With the help of folders you can group related files and components with each other. Also, such folders help to keep different parts of the app separate and independent to promote a clear view.

#2 Break code in small modules

To ensure a proper SDLC, you need to break your code in small modules. As per the rule of SOLID, software development to design, an expert can maintain, test, and manage things accurately. 

Whenever possible, break up a class, function, or file’s code into smaller modules and group them all into linked folders if the code gets too big. Enhancing code modularity and organization requires this method, which also aids in grouping relevant files together. 

#3 Maintain Code Readability

A complex code is hard to read. You need to use vivid names for the variables, functions, and classes. Such a code update helps other experts manage code in an SDLC fast. Thus, it helps a project to be completed on time without any delays. It can also manage other experts who do work in the future in the app for updates.

#4 Use the MVC Pattern

The model, view, and controller pattern (MVC) is the best way to look at an SDLC. The model helps validate data, operate it, and maintain its integrity. The view manages the user outcome of the data, i.e., the UI. 

It receives data from the model and renders it with the help of a controller at ease for the users. Thus, the controller acts as a bridge between model base user input and view display for the users. 

#5 Use Service and Data Access Layer

The service layer is an add on into the MVC. It consists of classes, methods, and functions. It helps manage the SDLC workflow. 

The controller gives complex tasks to the service layers. And in turn interacts with the model to perform data related operations. Both of these advances improve the code. And as a result helps maintain and scale up a complex app.

#6 Separate Development Script from the Main Code

A separate development script enables an expert to maintain code readability, reusability, and easy integration. It streamlines all the complex code tasks in an SDLC.

#7 Go for Unit Test

Out of all the Nodejs best practices, tests are one of the best ways to identify loose ends in SDLC. A unit test is a very basic way to isolate and verify code. It is also known as TDD, where an expert ensures that every piece of code is error free.

#8 Enhanced Code Quality

With the help of unit tests, you will be able to look at small errors in the code easily. And so, every stage of SDLC is checked properly and secured with the best code quality.

#9 Cost effective

To have less flaws and easy bug detection helps save a lot of time and money. And the time saved in this way is then driven to integrate new features. Thus, helps to get along with trends of online world on time.

#10 Optimize Nodejs App with Caching

Improve speed, make the app responsive, and enhance the overall performance with Node.js. Redis or Memcached are the best libraries that help store data memory. 

Also, cache data query helps avoid slow retrievals in complex apps. With CDNs one can cache static assets, reduce latency, and improve download speed. Caching is never one size fits all solution. You need to set a proper expiration policy and test your cache strategy to verify improvements. 

#11 Apply gzip Compression

The server can efficiently reduce the size of the files before sending them to a web browser by using gzip compression, a popular method for file compression. The server can speed up network transmission by reducing the size of the files by a large margin through the use of gzip compression.

#12 Go with Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture gives great services like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud, etc. It is best for event driven, microservices, async, scalable, and other cost effective apps. 

Despite of the benefits, serverless may not fit in for all scenarios. It does have issues like it is not able to enhance complex apps, it does take a lot of time, it has dependencies, etc. Thus, one cannot make it through such an architecture for a project that needs to be completed on time.

 Let’s build you best Nodejs venture with intricate practices!

Deploy Your Nodejs App Development Today!

Who will not like to have a tech stack like Nodejs? It is robust, scalable, and all in all a practical JS popular.

Recent trends show that there has been a lot of demand for Nodejs. With the change in the online landscape, experts and businesses want to continue with such an extravagant tech stack.

Deploy Your Nodejs App Development Today!

To create a Nodejs app can be a challenge, but you need a proficeint team like us who follows all these practices. We have been around for over a decade now, and have an expert Nodejs team. The Nodejs architecture becomes complex if not studied well with time. It requires a lot of expertise to gear up with an evolving tech stack. 

Thus, to help you out we have jotted down some Nodejs development practices. These does help to speed up the SDLC and get the project on track in time. Invade the digital spectrum with the best tech stack tactic and software development firm!


What are the best features of Nodejs?

  • Event driven
  • Single thread event loop
  • Modular design
  • Lightweight
  • Cross platform
  • Allochronic

Why should you consider Nodejs app development?

  • It works well with scalability when there is a lot of site traffic.
  • The main thread stays available to handle other requests without waiting for I/O operations to complete.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It favours microservice architecture
  • Nodejs is flexible as it keeps changing with time and trends.

What are the best Nodejs practices?

  • MVC pattern
  • Great code readability
  • Small modules for code
  • Clear structure
  • Unit tests
  • Great caching facility

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