What’s New in Node.js 21? Explore New Features of Node.js!

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What’s New in Node.js 21? Explore New Features of Node.js!

Summary: Node.js 21 is here! Node is known to bring the best in business for JS lovers. There is a constant urge to evolve and replace the current techs and trends in the digital world. And what better tech to bring such a revolution then Nodejs? Since 2009, the strong community support of Node has brought a lot to the table. Every expert across the globe awaits to know more about this open source runtime. An excellent blend of features is yet again at our disposal. Let’s dive into the new offerings of Nodejs v21 features and functions.

If you are someone about to consider Nodejs as your SDLC core or learning Nodejs, this is important info for you. Our tech expert curates the blog who has over 10+ years of web and mobile app development expertise, so you can rely on us! 

6 MONTHS is the timeline for every new Node.js release! After Nodejs v20 going into LTS, the community has brought in Nodejs v21. Yes, it is for a short time, but it is an adequate release for the tech world.

A Nodejs developer who is currently working on Nodejs 20, can resume their work with Nodejs 21. It will give them an idea to work with the new LTS Nodejs 20.

node.js 21 is now live.

What’s new in Node.js v21? It has 7 major features that will upscale an expert’s Node SDLC. The latest version has got Webstreams API, built in Websocket for clients, better ES module support, and more related to the V8 engine. 

Nodejs version timeline.

Some of the Great NodejsTech Statistics:-

  • The 2009 invention is the core tech of over 30 million websites. 
  • Who were the first ones to use Nodejs? Amazon, LinkedIn, Tumblr. Netflix & PayPal are also the ones to embrace the tech.
  • Walmart engaged 80 million users by leveraging Nodejs microservice architecture. 
  • As per Feb 2024, Nodejs is used by almost 3.1% of sites.
historical trend & market position
  • As per Medium, there are 1.4-1.5 billion downloads of Nodejs in 2024.
Maximize your SDLC with Nodejs 21

Now, let’s get into the notable changes of Node V21 to help you implement your app idea.

Nodejs v21: Latest Version Offerings

What’s New in Nodejs 21

#1 Stable Fetch API

Indeed, Fetch API has been evolved to a more stable version. It helps to streamline JS SDLCs, which run great on the front end and back end. And thus, enables Web APIs in Node.js.

#2 Experimental support for WebSocket API

WebSocket API is a new experiment which the experts are doing with Node 21. It ensures that the server gets connected with Nodejs app without any third party packages.

Once you run the node –expertimental-websocket command, you can use the WebSocket feature. This solution adheres to the specs and makes use of the undici websocket. 

It is one of the best WebSocket functionality natively into Node.js. It enables real time, two-way interaction between the client and server. This makes it easier for you to develop NodeJS apps that operate in real time. It is great to build chat apps, game apps, and live updates for sites. 

#3 New V8 JS engine version V8 11.8

One of the major needs of an expert is to act as per a specific platform. With the V8 11.8 engine, it will ace the cross-platform compatibility. In other benefits, one does not have to worry about:-

  • hardware architecture (x64, Arm, or Power PC) 
  •  operating system (Linux, Windows, macOS), etc., needs.

Red Hat’s Node.js team members maintain V8 on s390 and Power PC. They commit changes once a week to keep V8 updated and on time.

#4 Better default for ESM

One can implement ESM in better ways with the new –experimental-default-type options. Such a facility also enhances an expert’s expertise with ESM. It is also compatible with JS, which makes the process smooth & easy.

#5 Add Flush to fs.writeFile() Functions

Ohh yes! Now, Nodejs has Flush. When you use Flush as a user, you will have great write transactions. The data is compelled and stored, eliminating stale data during the read process.

#6 NPM v10.2.0

Node.js v21 consists npm v10.2.0. It facilitates an expert with a new sbom. With it, the NPM allows to create Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for an app. If you want to know more about its changes, then read about it on GitHub- NPM releases

#7 Other updates

Node.js 21 has brought in some other updates too:-

  • It allows to partially implement a global navigator object. It now grants access to hardware concurrency info via navigator.hardwareConcurrency.
  • Node 21 has extra leniency flags which makes it easy for llhttp. 

Nodejs 20: The LTS Promotion

LTS version of Node 20 will give you many out of the box features and functions. Here are some of them to consider:-

  • Stable Test Runner
  • WASI will work independently. (No need of command line flag)
  • Permission Model (Experimental)
  • Single Executable Applications (Experimental)
  • Tracing Channel (Experimental)
Amplify your Nodejs app performance

Let’s Get Started With Node.js 21!

Node.js 21 will surely up the game of Nodejs development services. It is a one of a kind advances that is all set to bring a storm in the SDLCs. Also, as an expert, one will get an extra boost with Node 20 LTS. Enter the online space with the new & updated techs like Nodejs.

If you have any query about how to integrate Node 21? Why should you go for Nodejs? Do you want to hire Nodejs developers? Discuss your app idea with our experts. Get a free quote from us!


What are the key features of Nodejs 21?

It consists of improved performance, new APIs, a V8 11.8 engine update, and more. 

Is Nodejs 21 different from Nodejs20?

While Node. js 20 has been raised to LTS, which is expected to provide long-term stability and support. Node. js 21 offers experts improved and enhanced Node services. The Node is ideal for those who want a more stable environment with new features.

Is Nodejs 21 stable?

A stable release of Node. js v21, the most recent Node update, is now ready. The ‘Current’ release line, which was moved to the LTS channel on October 24, replaces v20 effectively.

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