Top 10 Best IDE For Nodejs Application Development

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Top 10 Best IDE For Node.js Application Development


IBM, Yahoo, Walmart, SAP, etc., how many big names should we take to prove the relentless performance of Nodejs? 12 years is not a long time, but it has proved itself significantly. It has been a runtime of the most famous Javascript (26-year-old tech). To build robust enterprise apps, Nodejs is THE tech stack used by experts across the globe. 

And to make the SDLC process simple, Node has given great IDEs to the tech world. An expert can quickly speed up, optimize, and maintain his app on time with the best IDEs for Nodejs. Herein, we have made a list of 10 popular Nodejs IDEs you can use for great Nodejs app development online.


The tradition of JS is well maintained by Node.js. Every year, there is a robust innovation in the stack of Node. Recently, the Node 20 release has ensured apps’ stable and secure build with improved URL, fetch (), and EventTarget. Thus, the cross-platform is yet to prove and give many more gifts to the online world. 

Core offerings of Nodejs:-

  • It is a single-threaded open-source runtime environment.
  • It is built on the V8 engine of JS.
  • Node has an event-driven & non-blocking I/O for architecture.
  • It is written in C & C++.
  • It is great at handling concurrent calls.

Thus, Node is one of the best techs to build a real-time app that needs to process multiple tasks at a time. And so, indeed, it is one of the most popular frameworks for developers. It has a global reach of 42.65%, beating Reactjs and becoming a top tech stack for web apps. 

Now, let’s come to the point and talk about top IDEs for Node.js. Why is it so important to choose a suitable IDE for your project? What difference will it make? Let’s have a look at it.

What is an IDE?

It does not matter whether you are a developer or the app owner; the only thing we are after is code efficacy & smooth SDLC. 

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) tool belt provides an expert with a source code editor, automated tools, and a debugger. Such a blend of tech and tools helps to create an app in no time. 

Thus, it helps one to market his product in time & do changes faster in real-time. The Nodejs IDE allows a programmer to optimize their SDLC with proper tools and speed up the overall productivity. One can effectively manage tasks, keep the details intact among the team, and face bugs in real-time. 

Now, our experts have answered the crucial question of Why IDE?

Why Do You Need an IDE?

Fast SDLCs are what every business owner wants. With IDEs, one can build, create, and test codes efficiently in real time. The best way to secure your codes is with the IDE advances.

With all due regards, it offers an expert with an apt set of tools to compile code and reduce errors within it in no time. It is a boon given to the expert tech heads from the tech world. 

For other reasons, IDE is essential for your project because,

  • It helps to highlight a specific syntax.
  • The tools have refactoring options.
  • It facilitates text auto-completion.
  • It does allow the import of other libraries.

Highlight Syntax:

The IDEs are known to find relevant syntax. It does recognize other programming language syntax and helps read it with a specific color or format. Thus, it saves a lot of time for an expert to figure out another code.

Automates Text Completion:

You certainly know how the Google SERP works. Right?! In the same way, IDE works. As it has all the knowledge of syntax, it easily completes your half-written or partly-written code. Say, for example, you are not able to remember a specific keyword of a code, but you do know the other parts of it. So, you will write the known things, and it will complete the code in real time. Thus, again, it increases the productivity of the development team.

Refactor a Code:

One can restructure it into their existing code without any behavioral change. It helps to address dependencies and complexities. Also, it helps find and fix bugs quickly and enhances the overall code readability. 

Import Libraries:

Many libraries are available over the internet that help one to code. An expert does not have to write a full code or learn about a new one if he does not have a clue about it. Many expert tech heads have cracked specific codes to help the community. Thus, one can easily import such a library to boost the speed of their SDLC.

Fact: As of August 2023, 36.42% of professionals rely on Nodejs IDEs for a great app function online.

Now, after the clarity of what IDE is? & why we need to have it for your project. Let’s get into the blog’s actual point, which is the best Javascript IDE for Nodejs. Dive into the list quickly. 

10 Best IDE for Nodejs You Should Use for Modern Node App

10 Best IDE for Nodejs You Should Use for Modern Node App

#1 Eclipse

Eclipse is the best Nodejs development IDE. It is a cloud-based IDE of JS that does make a promise to experts to give the next-gen advances. The popular IDE does help a firm that works on a large project with many experts monitoring a code. In other facilities, one can use it as a browser-based IDE or app. It is well known for Eclipse Che, the best feature that keeps it reliable even today. 

The Eclipse Che has a RESTful API server with suitable SDKs for your project. In other vital features, it facilitates users with Refactoring and binding. An experienced team of Nodejs developers chose this IDE as their best shot to build a great Node app. Also, it is great for pre-installed debugger modules and makes Node SDLC easy.

Features of Nodejs IDE:-

  • RESTful API server
  • Git integration
  • Refactoring & code binding
  • Swape IDEs rapidly
  • Maven integration
  • Code recommender tools
  • Debuggers

Advantages of Eclipse:-

  • It is good to build large-scale apps
  • IoT apps are made easy
  • One can deploy Eclipse Che to public or private Kubernetes clusters
  • Strong backend
  • It is fast, and no setup is needed
  • It has an automated Git setup
  • Supports cloud-native app SDLC environments

#2 Cloud9

Cloud9 is the best IDE for Javascript that allows a Node developer to use itself in a PHP project and other related Node services. To best use Cloud9, you must clear your basics of what it is.? And, thus, drive value to your online venture. 

One of the best features of Cloud9 is it has a key binding editor that allows you to preview apps live. Thus, it is one of the most powerful Nodejs IDEs.

Features of the best Javascript IDE:-

  • It has a browser-based editor.
  • Great coding speed.
  • Custom app view.
  • Debugger integration.
  • Tools & techs for serverless development.
  • It is best with a Linux server.
  • In-built terminal.
  • File revision history
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • In-built image editor

Advantages of Cloud9:-

  • It provides great productivity & time management.
  • It has great prepackages for Python, JS, Ruby, C++, PHP, and more.
  • Same IDE for every expert working on the same project.
  • Run, write, and debug apps with just browsers without local IDE.
  • Code in real time and share an integrated environment with your team.
  • Fastest SDLC
  • Direct terminal access to AWS services.
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#3 Visual Studio Code

Microsoft-powered Visual Studio is a free editor for experts. It writes and runs code, and debugs the same via the IntelliSense method. It is a popular Nodejs tool that has a great source code editor that one can use for free. One can run all major operating systems like MacOS, Windows, and Linux on Visual Code. It does support Java, Python, C++, PHP, and others. Thus, it is a great ecosystem of plugins and extensions.

Features of the best IDE for Nodejs:-

  • Split view with easy edits in the code.
  • Allows multiple third-party extensions.
  • It includes Typescript & Javascript.
  • It does have an in-built terminal.
  • Command line
  • It uses Git.

Advantages of VS Code IDE:-

  • It supports Android, macOS, and Windows
  • Customize features as per your need
  • Robust architecture
  • Supports many programming languages
  • Supports cross-platform 

#4 Komodo IDE

It is one of the best Node.js development IDEs that powers multiple languages. A Nodejs expert can build Go, Python, PHP, Ruby, CSS, HTML, Perl, etc. It also has a cross-platform SDLC environment. Thus, it does help to create a great Nodejs app.

Features of IDE Nodejs:-

  • Multiple users can edit code at a time
  • One can quickly go ahead with code profiling of varied languages
  • Custom UI
  • Autocomplete feature
  • Split view
  • Refactors code

Advantages of Komodo IDE:-

  • Smart detector
  • Manages file and workflow
  • Third-party library support
  • Best custom tools and add-ons
  • It is good for Dev team
  • It has a DOM viewer & a symbol browser

#5 WebMatrix

It is a lightweight IDE with cloud-based tools. Thus, Nodejs IDE gives quick SDLC for web apps.

Features of Node.js IDE:-

  • Easy to build custom sites on the internet
  • It is a full package to build a web app from server to database
  • It is easy to start and install with the IDE
  • Leverages Joomla, WordPress, and more
  • In-built templates
  • Code snippets

Advantages of WebMatrix:-

  • A single-click site
  • Easily finds host providers
  • No need to have a high level of language competency
  • It allows HTML and database tools to perform web tasks

#6 Sublime Text

It does have a great editor with a solid customized UI toolkit. Sublime Text has features like quick project switch, split edits, and more. It also has multiple choices to handle files fast. Thus, it alters effectively in JSON files.

Features of IDE Nodejs:-

  • Switch easily between projects
  • Great syntax highlights
  • Auto indentation
  • Split edits
  • GPU rendering
  • Backs TypeScript, JSX, & TSX

Advantages of Sublime Text:-

  • Autocomplete context
  • Great UI
  • Many plugins & packages
  • Customize as per your needs

#7 WebStorm

It has many unique tools for code edits and has great JS-based IDE. A user can set the code style with custom code formats as per their needs. It also supports JS, Typescript, and Nodejs. The IDE also has built-in tools to help write better and timely codes.

Features of popular IDE for Nodejs:-

  • It offers a comfortable UI
  • These gives two separate code editors in varied languages
  • It supports Git & Mercurial
  • Refactor tools

Advantages of WebStorm:-

  • It is simple to use 
  • Offers a high level of output
  • Works with every great CI tool

#8 IntelliJ IDEA

JetBrains, along with Java and Kotlin, created IntelliJ IDEA. You can use the IDE for Nodejs, Angularjs, HTML, CSS, JS, Java, and others. It also allows a user to compile, execute, and debug code from the IDE. One just has to instill a Nodejs plugin and use the IDE at its best. Would you like to know its features and benefits? Here, read it:-

Features of Nodejs IDE:-

  • Organize debuggers
  • Multiple framework support
  • Version control system
  • Test runner & coverage

Advantages of IntelliJ IDEA:-

  • Grows expert productivity
  • Efficient onboarding and knowledge transfer
  • Great code quality
  • Maintains code

#9 Koding

It is an open-source and cloud-based Nodejs IDE. The IDE gives experts an interface. It supports languages like MySQL, Ruby, and JS. One can build in a browser and deploy the app to Heroku.

Features of best IDE:-

  • It supports cloud users
  • It gives a powerful environment
  • Flexible IDE
  • There is no limit to hardware

Advantages of Koding:-

  • Fast execution
  • Localized setting
  • Self-adjusting scaling
  • Deploy as per needs

#10 Vim

Vim is a text editor based on Unix and comes pre-installed on Linux, BSD, and macOS systems. It can run in a terminal and is efficient in both designs. And keys like Ctrl and Alt are not used in Vim’s native terminal-based interface. It does have keys that are universally accepted in every layout or device.

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Let’s Build You the Best Node App

After looking at the list of best IDE Nodejs, you must be clear about how to ace your Nodejs SDLC. Also, if you want the best business plan for an app, such IDEs play a good role in managing the timelines of SDLC phases. 

It is one of the best ways to secure your mobile apps when deployed with Node.js. You can effectively create apps in a great environment and pace to get through your competition. Thus, keep experimenting with your online venture and get in touch with an expert team of developers like us. Contact us and get a free quote for your project.


1. Which Nodejs IDEs are the best in business today?

  • Eclipse
  • Sublime Text
  • WebStorm
  • WebMatrix
  • Loading
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Komodo
  • Cloud9

2. Why should you use Nodejs?

Nodejs is one of the best advances invented by JS. It creates great & robust apps to support multiple concurrent requests at once. Also, Nodejs has a single-threaded blocking I/O to build real-time and data stream apps. 

3. Why do I need a Nodejs IDE?

To get a great and diverse effect of your online venture, you will have to use Node IDEs. The JS advances have all the facilities that one needs to write and maintain a code. IDEs also have many tools and plugins with other great features. 

4. Which IDE is lightweight for Nodejs?

One of the lightest Node JS IDEs is Vim; you may add the functionality you require. And avoid the extra weight of the whole IDE.

5. Which IDE is known for Linux users to write Node.js?

Vim, Atom, and Sublime are among Linux OX Node.js IDEs.

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