How to Secure Your Mobile Apps? 10 Best Practices to Develop Secure Mobile Apps

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10 Best Practices to Develop Secure Mobile Apps


USD 366.34 billion is the global market size of the mobile app development industry for the forecast period of 2022-2030. A notable increase over the decades.

There is no stop when it comes to the online inventions. And parallel to it is a no stop for hackers & privacy invaders.

Clearly, where there is a boon, there is a bane.

Today, if you are someone who is about to build a mobile app, then security is the major concern. With too many things around, you need to be extra cautious. This blog is all about how you will enhance your mobile app security. Look into some of the best practices to protect your online venture from any attack.

Key Takeaways:-

  • Encryption is the way to win the online battle. Along with it, you can also use some safe storage methods. It does look after your data in the most apt ways.
  • Get robust iOS app security with:- 
    1. Code obfuscation 
    2. Data in transit encryption
    3. Cryptographic hash algorithm. 
  • These will help to keep the vital details from the attackers securely. 
  • Test with the best tools. And address all the related security loopholes. Give your users a great in-app user experience.


Is there anything left which still needs to be made in an app? Hardly anything, right?! 

With the growth in the mobile app world, there has been a great change in online security practices. Who wants their business offline? Everybody wants the best to become the top player in the online world. 

Let’s say it out loud- Mobile Apps Are Mandatory.

There we go; the tech has all the ways to simplify our lives. With so many instant services around us, it is very hard to detect fraud apps and sites.

  • As per reports of 2022, there was a 38% rise in the cyberattacks. 
  • Global mobile cyber attacks were over 2.2 million in December 2022, a decrease from December 2021 of about 1%.

On the contrary, global cyber crimes are on the rise. They are projected to cost $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. The hype is real! 

Security concerns are thus a high priority for every business.

Mobile apps are easy targets to pull off a malicious tactic. Even big ventures like Facebook faced a data breach situation in 2021. The personal data of 530m+ users leaked by an online forum.

CTA1: Secure Mobile Apps

So, to protect your app ideas from such practices, you need to safeguard your venture from it. Now, without further due, let’s get straight into mobile application security practices. 

10 Best Practices to Enhance Your Mobile App Security

10 Best Practices to Enhance Your Mobile App Security

#1 Encrypt Your Data

Today, one has the habit to share every laugh or fact with the loved ones. In this tactic, sometimes your data gets hacked. To prevent such a practice, you need to encrypt data.

The method scrambles the data to a point where it is not easy to read for a hacker. It is one of a kind mobile app security best practices. As an app owner, you must take this crucial step. There are two kinds of data: symmetric and asymmetric.

The first one uses the same key to encrypt and decrypt data. While the other uses separate keys to encrypt and decrypt. Thus, it helps to share details online safely.

Fact: Data breaches did happen with Apple, Twitter, as well as Meta in the past 12 months. Also, a telecommunication service firm, T-Mobile, had a huge data invasion that cost it $350 million in 2022. Indeed, it is a very crucial path to secure mobile app database.

#2 Test, Test Till You Succeed

To avoid big failure, you have to keep the testing ON. You cannot afford to miss out on any security breach. Throw your app in various scenarios and look into its functionality.

It is better to act upon small things today than to cry later.

You have to ensure that the overall SDLC functions smoothly and securely. Other than that, you will also be able to detect vulnerable loopholes with the help of QA tests. Thus, you will be able to resolve it in real-time. And the so called threat to your app will be easily taken care of in no time. 

#3 User Authentication

Of course, how can we leave this best practice to secure mobile apps? It is a proven & trusted method. Silicon Valley has provided us with many advances like face authentication, MFA, SSO, and more. UGCs are very easy to attack. You need to secure it by proper user generic authentication. 

Expert advice: Users trust this method to authenticate their profiles in a mobile app. To gain goodwill online among your audience, you should vouch for such a mobile app security measure.

#4 Secure Your API

To carry out data sharing with ease, you have to secure your APIs. The more you protect the data exchange, the more you secure mobile app. APIs are the bridge between you and the third parties. Thus, secure them by all means, especially by testing APIs. Some of the best API security are as follows:-

  • Gateways
  • Central OAuth servers
  • JSON web tokens, etc.

#5 Store Data in Local Memory

Experts always prefer to store the data in the local memory. It is one of the best practices for mobile app security. You need to look for data and store it in an encrypted way or a key chain. Both of these tactics help to protect it. Also, you can minimize the log by an auto delete feature in a certain time interval. It will also help you clear out the space for other data.

#6 Integrate Cryptography Techniques

For mobile app security, you have to get your hands on crypto algorithms. You can easily blend these algorithms with modern encryption methods. It consists of:-

  • AES with 512-bit encryption, 
  • 256-bit encryption & SHA-256 for hashing, etc.

Expert advice: You can also consider to build an MVP or prototype model. Such a tactic will help you to merge crypto algorithms. And check the overall functionality. It is the best way to test every new method or feature. As an owner and expert, you will get a proper picture of how to mend the app in time.

#7 Secure Your Backend

There are many suitable mobile app frameworks used to secure your backend. The backend is the brain of your SDLC. You have to be cautious to develop it in time with an expert. All the functions have to be smoothly performed. Choose the best tech as per your project needs. And thus build a better API & mechanism.

#8 Apply BYOD Policies

It is the best practice to know your mobile app security. What better audience than your office staff? Make them use the app and know the outcomes with feedback. They are very up close and the best set of users for your project. Get a straight reply in real time and mend the mobile app security issues right there.

#9 Strive to Empower Tour Users

You need to spread awareness among your users. Empower them for their data security and avail the best results in the app. As long as people are taking apt measures, there is no better and safer practice than this. 

  • You can ask them to download the app from trusted sources 
  • Go for multiple authentication
  • Use the app lock facility, etc.

Also, to get rid of the bugs and threats in real time, one has to hire a mobile app developer. To make the security of your mobile app high, you have to alert your audience. Thus, they have to reach you in time and continue to improve the security steps that they practice on a daily basis. 


#10 Hire a Good Mobile App Expert

It would be best if you had a good tech brain that gives you proper and timely insights for security. There are many IT firms in business, but you have to choose as per your needs. 

We, WebMob Technologies, have been the best app development company for the past 13 years. There are over 25+ industries & 500+ projects built by us with varied tech stacks. To know more about us, you can also go through our portfolio. And learn about our expertise.

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Are You Ready to Build a Robust Mobile App Security?

Of course, now you have come to know about how to develop good Android & iOS mobile app security. In this blog, you also obtained a secure mobile apps checklist. Thus, it will also help you to get done with the SDLC challenges quickly.

What is the budget for your app idea? How will we help you to secure mobile app? And other questions will be answered by our experts. Consult us for free.

With the growth of the online world, it is vital to protect and safeguard your online ventures. If you are ready to develop a secure mobile app, then discuss your idea with our tech experts. Get a free quote with market insight, a set of features & functionality, and more. Let’s connect with you to build a great app!


What is mobile app security?

It is a practice to keep your app and online identity secure. Obviously, you are meant to leave your digital footprint behind. Your name, address, number, etc., are all out there, which needs security. App stores do use such details to attract more users. So, when it comes to the safety of a mobile app, such minute details are to be looked upon. And taken care of on a quick basis. It would help if you approached an IT firm like us that has a hands down expertise to build robust web and mobile apps. Get a free quote from our experts for your idea!

How to secure an Android app?

  • Encrypt external storage data
  • Use internal storage for more safety of details
  • Use HTTPS
  • Replace SMS with GCM

How to secure iOS apps?

  • Obfuscate the code
  • Secure the data-in-transit
  • Hash algorithms for sensitive data
  • Prevent binary planting
  • Secure your code

What must be done to include app security during development?

Ensure that you include and take the necessary measures to secure each & every functionality. A thorough testing at every stage of your SDLC is a must. Also, follow the guidelines of Android & iOS app stores to deploy an apt solution. To ensure consistent security and good test results, you can look into OWASP Mobile Application Security

What are common security features in an app?

There are external as well as internal security measures. You will have to take them to build a great app online. Here are some of the features you should look for in the solution:-

  • Safeguarded code
  • Best authentication
  • Trustworthy data storage
  • Data protection
  • Secure interaction
  • Testing

Which apps did have app security issues?

Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, TikTok, etc., did have security issues. They did take measures to mend issues in real-time. It is hard to sustain a user base with online goodwill at stake. And so, you have to secure mobile app from the start.

Secure Mobile Apps

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