Easy to Access Chrome Extension for Virtual
Phone Calls

Make your internal & clientele communication seamless with the telephony software. With Twilio integration, get a unique online number & increase your business approachability. Talk hassle-free with unlimited talktime digitally!

Simple Setup for Effortless
Virtual Calling Experience

Users can make calls to and from any number in the world. An extension popup opens automatically when an incoming call comes in. Here are some easy to use features that ensures a flawless process.

Link Twilio Account

Sign in with Google

Incoming & Outgoing Call

Call hold, mute & record

Click to dial call

Make Phone Calls Directly
from your Browser


Cloud Telephony Software Ensures Work Organization & Easy Communication

Cloud Telephony is a truly unified business communications platform for global teams. With this chrome extension, a business can effectively maintain & support their clientele relations online.

Easy installation
There is no complex installation for the virtual phone system. One just has to add a chrome extension to its system.

Call history & recording
Active calls can be recorded and then stored as a digital file to be transcripted or listened to at a later stage.

Dialer pad and hang button
An intuitive keypad dialer opens up for the individuals to dial & engage with a global clientele. In addition to the functionality, we have integrated hang button to leave or cut the ongoing call in a user-friendly way.


Connect With Twilio- Successful Customer Engagement Platform

Users can log in with a Twilio SID or an AUTH TOKEN. A user adds a Twilio account with necessary signup information. The numbers will be displayed for the users to choose from. Once the selection is made , an individual can easily make outbound and answer the incoming calls at ease. It ensures intuitive engagement of the users in the virtual phone system.

Experience the Click To

Users can call anyone by just clicking the contact numbers on the web page. When one clicks on the number, a popup from the extension appears with all the other call information. An individual can easily record, look into the time summary, and witness the overall ongoing call.


Communicate Virtually with your Clients by Just Clicking on Contacts

User-Friendly Design for Best Virtual Calling Experience

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Life at #webmobtech
Life at #webmobtech
Life at #webmobtech

Technologies Used

Our proficient team has used these set of technological advancement to ensure a seamless functionality of telephony app.

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