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Taxi App Solution

Our ready-made Uber clone solution is a customized white label taxi application. Transform your traditional taxi business into a ride-hailing venture.

Intuitive Features of the Taxi
App Development

Our custom taxi booking app solution consists of easy-to-navigate features & intuitive functionalities which will cater your business to newer more successful heights.

Live Tracking

Scheduled Ride

Geofence Areas

Statistics & Reports

Secure Payment Methods

Rating & Reviews

Driver Preferances

Refund Payments

Gift Cards & Promo Codes

Push Notification

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Essential Features for Riders for User- Friendly Experience

A seamless feature integration for riders makes the app more user-friendly & helps streamline the taxi booking process.

Fare Estimator
An estimated fare price is obtained by a rider when he schedules a ride or books it. Such estimations are given according to the total distance which one is supposed to travel in the taxi.

Live tracking
Riders are able to track the distance and route of the car from the pick-up point. They can also track it while riding in the car and see their live location to the final destination.

Ongoing trip requests
Users can choose multiple stops location even during their ongoing trips. A rider can also change the respective stop before arriving at that requested location.


Important Features
for Drivers
to Get
the Best of them

Intuitive features make the Uber clone application easy to function for drivers. We have designed & developed navigation-friendly functionalities for a user ensuring a seamless online experience.

Driver’s Work-Life Balance
In order to reduce the workload & prevent fatigue in the drivers, the admin sets a specific time that a user can be online or offline for the work.

Earning Statistics
A user can look into his weekly, monthly, and yearly earnings. Drivers can view it in a full breakdown summary which consists of date, rides, individual ride earnings, etc.

Choose a Vehicle
The drivers can choose their vehicle according to their will. There are multiple options provided to the user in Uber like app consisting of standard, premium, & platinum car models to drive at their own desires.

She CabIt - A Safer Mode
for Female Passengers

This is a unique concept introduced in CabIt for the safety of female passengers. The riders can request only female drivers and choose from a few options like Female passengers only, Female with one male-only, & allow all passengers.


Minimal & Easy to Use Design
for Vast Range of Audience

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One Platform that Manages
All The Data
you Require

The dashboard is where the admin is able to see the stats & also download the detailed report of it in CSV format. One is also able to see the live location of active drivers through the map & can view all the details in one go.


Set Geofence Area for Riders & Drivers

Admin creates a geofence, that allows a driver to get a pickup request of surrounding areas only. It is an ability to provide on-demand taxi booking services in selected parts of the city.


Admin Controlled
Charges & Settings

There‌ ‌are‌ ‌some default settings for drivers, which are managed by the admin to keep some boundaries and increase security for the users.

Transaction fee management

Acceptance km & minutes

Ride schedules

Promo codes

Drive time

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Our proficient team of developers uses the most scalable & secured technological advancements for the software solutions to succeed in the digital space.

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