Loan Management System

One-Stop Solution for Loan Management System

Our custom web-based NBFC Loan Management Solution consists of versatile features and functionality to automate the end-to-end loan process.

Streamline Your Entire Loan Lifecycle
With Our Solution

It will assist you in lending loans by validating them. The software also determines the eligibility and helps automate the end-to-end loan management process. Here are some of the salient features.

Single Point Admin Control

Custom Setups

Income Expense Loan Calculator

Customer Registration

Auto Generated Loan Documents

Transaction and Reschedule

Debt Collection & Settlement

Custom Reports and Templates

Batch Processing

Granular User Access & Roles

A Loan Management Solution To Meet Your Digital Lending Needs!


Get the Loan Solution For a Specific Domain

Our Loan management solutions allow you to customize your products and services as per the need and end-to-end access from loan offering to loan Disbursement

Customize Loan Products & Affordability rules
The administrator can create custom loan products and set up affordability rules for many products.

Quick Calculator and Income Expense Calculator
It automatically calculates an individual’s income and informs whether he is eligible to take a loan or not. The software also saves a lot of time of a user by finding a loan based on his affordability.

Loan Origination
From here you can initiate loan application process in 3 stages. New, vetting, and disbursement. The software ensures verification of loan and disburse the same.

Custom User Role Management &
Admin Permission

A user can easily create different roles & give them permission module-wise as per their responsibilities.


Loan Management
& Debt collection

Loan management
Manage all the stages of a loan cycle after issuing a loan. You can easily look into loan repayment, rescheduling, and settlement status.

Debt Collection
Minimize risk during loan repayment. System identifies the loan that are not having on time payment and it automatically moves them to the debt collection and notifies the debt collectors to take necessary actions on the loans in arrears.

Our Loan Solution

Automate Your Lending Activities With Our Loan Solution

50+ Charts and Reports for

Instantly generate accurate data-driven reports & 50+ charts to get insights on the key performing and non-performing areas of Loan products, Loan applications, and Debt collections.


A Customizable Calendar for Task and Event Management for the Team

Automate your customer’s birthday events & other important dates for better customer relationship managemen. The calendar also allows you to create custom events, tasks, and leaves of the team members.


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Customize Loan Management Solution as Per Your Needs!

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