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Attract Your Audience with On-Demand Music Streaming & E-Book Solution

Give your users the best online reading and listening experience by engaging them into a stress free daily routine.

Essential Features for a Better
Streaming Experience

For a seamless listening and reading experience our on-demand solution consists of these amazing features catered to grow online engagement of your business.


Global Search

Subscription plan


Push Notification

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Easier and Better

Features to Make Listening Easier and Better

The audio streaming app has robust features like online music, multi-language, playlist & music library, that allows users to choose from the many options & create their playlists.

On-Demand Music Streaming
This feature is the crux of music streaming application. We have created a seamless online listening experience for users. The end users also have a facility to download the music and hear it later in their offline modes.

Music Categorization
We have curated a music category by playlists, popularity, ratings, mood, etc. The music application provides flexibility of browsing and arranging music.

Supports Multi-language
User can easily switch their preferred language. The development is securely encrypted with codes that support multiple languages shift in real-time. Such an intuitive feature does provide a great user experience.

Best _ Lossless Sound

Best & Lossless Sound
With Varied Quality

You can change the music quality by opting low, medium, high, or very high wave length. Admittedly, these aren't going to sound as sweet as lossless Tidal Master or Qobuz files. But, taking the very high path might take up more of your data allowance to stream.

Collaborative Playlist Shared
With Loved Ones

A user can share his curated playlist of any genre with his family, friends, colleagues, etc. who do use the music app. This feature ensures long term loyal consumer base for the online e-book & music app.

Create a collaborative playlist
Our E-Book Solution

Random Reading Made Easy With Our E-Book Solution

Access to an unlimited library! A user can have his digital book collection in varied genres. The application has multiple features for the readers to find their favourites at ease.

Online Book Library
A user can read through his favorites from the digital book collection. The ebook application has varied genres from horror to comedy. The potential audience can listen to the music and read a book both at a time.

Search & select books
From multiple books and genres, a user can easily pick one of the categories by navigating easily through the viewing window. They can search for their favorite books in that particular genre at ease.

Offline PDF Reader

Download Books &
Read With Offline
PDF Reader

The app allows users to save their favorite books offline in a PDF format and read at their own convenience. It has a very intuitive saving option for the readers, that allows the books to be saved in a place.

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Enjoy Music Playlists &
the an Endless
Reading Library

Minimal & Easy to Use Design for Vast Range of Audience

Life at #webmobtech
Life at #webmobtech
Life at #webmobtech
Life at #webmobtech

Technologies Used

Our proficient team of developers uses the most scalable & secured technological advancements for the software solutions to succeed in the digital space.

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