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Bhavik Bamania
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The year 2020 brought delightful notions to fellow webmobtechians for achieving the new heights growth and success. We delivered values to our esteemed clients with top-notch digital products as well as services and set the slogan of success “Kar Har Maidaan Fateh”(Conquer All The Odds).

Our dearest yet caring Founder & CEO of WebMob Technologies Mr. Pramesh Jain has organized an annual trip to Mount Abu. The experience was astounding from the previous ones and gave the team joy to grow strong bonding between the seniors, and newbies. We celebrated yet enjoyed our success as a team with two full days of interactive activities and sightseeing in Mount Abu, the only hill station of Rajasthan, India.

The journey started late in the night, but still, each one of us stayed awake with full of joy and energy to feel every single moment of this fascinating journey. All the fellow webmobtechians witnessed the sunrise of the Aravalli mountain with a mesmerizing view and tried to capture in their devices.

A resort with best lodging and hospitality services backed our team with a pleasant yet remarkable stay with absolute privacy, enabling us to do anything we want but decently and healthy manner. After settling-up in the pre-allocated rooms, the team took some rest and gathered back to the dining area to have some delicious breakfast to recharge their batteries for the adventurous excursion ahead.

Then the team WebMobTech leaves the resort and moves toward the most popular visitor destinations of Mount Abu. As some of our team members never visited before, they are much more excited to explore yet experience the new places and their beauty.

Here are the popular places where team WebMobTech visited to rejoice their days.

Day 1.

Firstly, we visited the Gaumukh Temple, 700 steps for reaching the temple in-between of a rocky-green jungle to feel the positive vibes of nature. Then, our team made their mind to move for the Toad Rock and Nakki Lake, another popular visitor destinations in Mount Abu. The place was full of distinctive travelers and visitors from India as well as abroad. Our fellow webmobtechians started the photo session after the interactive activities that are pre-planned by the organizing team for the splendid enjoyment of each moment at its highest.

As the sun starting to set and still, we had one more location to cover for the day, the sunset point. So we all left for the Sunset Point to witness the absolute natural beauty. As we reached the location, the view of the sunset was very mesmerizing and made our day complete with full of joy and happiness. Our team spent approximately 30 minutes at the location, but it feels like hours of relaxation for each one of us.

As the evening was getting darker, the team decided to leave for the resort where the delightful dinner and more fun activities are waiting for us. As soon as we reached the resort, each of us headed straight to rooms and gets ready for the second round of fun activities and dinner.

Team WebMobTech enjoyed the evening till late night with the campfire, dance, and fun activities. Finally, we all left for our rooms to get some good sleep and recharge our batteries for the second day of the tour.




Day 2.

The team re-assembled early in the morning as it’s our last day of stay in Mount Abu, so we completed the breakfast and left for Guru Shikhar, the highest peak in Rajasthan with the height of 1,722 meters. It is the best place to witness the unparalleled view of Mount Abu city and the sunrise.

When we reached Guru Shikhar it’s pretty late, so we missed the sunrise obviously, but enjoyed the scenery of the complete city view, that was astoundingly beautiful. The morning breeze was so pleasant that the team spent an hour there and eyeballing the natural beauty of mother earth.

So, it’s finally the time for us to leave the place and get back to the resort as the checkout time is ticking. As we came back to the resort, our luggage and we are ready for the move.

So we left the resort and headed to the city area for some shopping and taste the street foods of Mount Abu. All of us delightfully enjoyed the vivid-culture and rich taste of Rajasthan, which will stay in memories for long.






As a company, it’s a must that we shall motivate each employee for a constructive mindset and good health to create a performance-driving team as well as the work environment. This 2-day trip was a mini-vacation for all of us. It has given our fellow webmobtechians the time to interact with one another to strengthen the bond of the team. By far, it was one of the best company trips ever.


We hope that this streak will continue in the future and help the organization to achieve new goals and heights.

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