Beyond the People: WebMob Technologies Annual Company Trip to Majestic Kumbhalgarh Fort

Bhavik Bamania
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Beyond the People: WebMob Technologies Annual Company Trip to Majestic Kumbhalgarh Fort - WebMob Technologies

The year 2020 was a berserk year, the year was full of extremity, there was a time when we started to feel that shall we be able to come out of this darkness that the COVID-19 Pandemic has imposed over us? But towards the end of 2020, things started to change bit by bit, and the start of 2021 actually seemed like dawn after the storm.

When mankind was in crisis it was obvious that we as a company also had many challenges but the best part of our story is we were not only able to overcome but kept growing even in this dark time adequately. Despite all the odds and challenges, 2020 as a company was a worthwhile journey, as with all the challenges the WebMobTechians have scaled new heights in terms of growth and success.

Success is incomplete without celebration, and now it is becoming a custom to shout out about our success story loudly. This year following the previous year customs, we have organized a three day and two nights trip to Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajasthan, India.


Well, 2021 just gave us a hint of a better future that doesn’t mean that the danger hovering over mankind has vanished. No one except the almighty knows how longer it will take to restore the world to its default. As a result, we have to abide by the guidelines given by authorities and following the “new normal”, we planned this adventure with utmost safety. Damn this COVID-19 thing.

Oh damn, this COVID-19 thing, you know what we mean

Well, the first step of this was obviously a RT-PCR test for each and everyone. The test was conducted at our office premises a day before the journey as a part of prerequisite we have to testify that we all are tested negative of COVID-19 before crossing borders. Luckily, the test results came negative for all the team members and that’s how the first and the hardest hurdle between us and this journey has been successfully conquered!

Day 0: Where all it started!

Morning at Kelwara.

After clearing all the hurdles, we were all set to go whe! The Journey started late at night, but such was the level of excitement that not a single soul was feeling sleepy and was charged up for what was coming next for them. After an enthusiastic night, our first halt in the morning was a beautiful roadside stream en route Kumbhalgarh in Kelwara, the view was picturesque, the weather was clean and scintillating, with the swiftly blowing gentle breeze, the stream was gurgling over pebbles, nestling comfortably in the arms of sun-lit mountains. What else do you need to feel refreshed after an overnight journey?

The Kanj Haveli, picturesque isn’t it?

After starting the morning on such a high note, by spending some quality time with nature the caravan moved to the ultimate destination ie., Kanj -The Haveli Resort – where we decided to put a stop to the rolling wheels here.

Day 1: Staying Calm before the action!

Well the overnight journey and considering the magnitude of The Kumbhalgarh Fort we decided to swap it with Day 2 (remember spontaneous plans works wonder!), because we didn’t want to miss a chance to explore this great architecture, owing to any reason. Instead of going out to Kumbhalgarh Fort we chose to enjoy the day at our cozy resort, the resort has a lavish arrangement from lodging to hospitality with absolute privacy, and above all giving the breathtaking view of nearby hills.

Who is ready for the pool party?

After settling down in the resort, the Team WebMob was all set for the pool party! The team had a great time in the swimming pool under the sun. Divided into 2 teams and held Swimming Competition and played the games of flying Dishes, catching the balls. We were free to do whatever we pleased to do, obviously in a healthy and decent manner for the rest of the day. As the sun sets down, the time has arrived to rock the dance floor! As the night started to get dark, the DJ floor was waiting for us to groove. The team enjoyed a lot and after a delicious dinner, the team retired for the day to catch some good sleep and to recharge their batteries for the ultimate adventure ie., the Kumbhalgarh Fort!

Party all night!

Day 2: Sprung into Action

The team re-assembled after a sound sleep for the ultimate adventure that is the Kumbhalgarh Fort, after a heavy breakfast the team left the resort for Kumbhalgarh Fort. Kumbhalgarh Fort — a gigantic fort which was built by Rana Kumbha on the ruins of the Fort which was built by the King Samprati of the Maurya age in the 2nd Century. Situated at an elevation of 1100 m the Fort has a gigantic structure and secured by an even more humongous wall, popularly known as The Kumbhalgarh Wall or The Great Wall of India, the Wall has a length of 40 km (at least what we have measured!), 15 feet wide and with seven fortified gates, making it the second-longest wall of the World after The Great Wall of China. The fort consists of about 360 temples inside and it is also the birthplace of Maharana Pratap. In short, a complete package of adventure, thrill, significance, and panoramic sightseeing.

The majestic Kumbhalgarh Fort.

The Fort provides absolutely astounding views of the surrounding thirteen peaks of Aravalli Hills. It is said that the sand dunes of The Thar Desert used to be visible during that time from the Fort. The Fort has a jaw-dropping architecture that has enough attraction to poke your adventurous soul to do something adventurous and as a result of such tweaks spontaneously, some of our courageous members took an opportunity to explore the entire perimeter wall (well, can we miss this chance? Absolutely not, after all, that was the primary reason to visit Kumbhalgarh!). It took three and half hours to scale the perimeter walls of Kumbhalgarh and the entire journey was full of uncertainties and surprises, the journey truly justifies the tagline of Rajasthan Tourism “Jaane Kya Dikh jaye..” It was a complete roller coaster, sometimes it illuminates the hope that the end is near and the path is now easy and clear but in the next second it shatters all the hope by revealing more tough steep peaks, challenges than what we had conquered; all we can do is to gather ourselves to climb the new top again.

We tried to copy the iconic photo of Kumbhalgarh, let us know how good we did?

Nevertheless, against all the odds, we were able to scale down the massive wall and that was the moment worth living. After living the moment it’s time to bid adieu to one of the greatest structures and it is time to go to the resort as the sun is slipping beyond the hills and we have to reach the resort before it gets dark.

A random shot of Aravalli Hills from the Walls of Kumbhalgarh Fort.

At the resort, one must be thinking what’s next? Mm… Let me guess, it is time to get something to fill the tummies and get to the bed to recharge the dehydrated batteries. Come on what else you can expect after conquering The Great Wall of India except for some sleep, right ya? No, we did the opposite, we were not at all sleepy, as we came back to the resort we tried to re-live our childhood by playing childhood games like musical chair, lock and key and catch-catch race, all these games made us forget all the tiredness of the marathon walk and has rejuvenated us.

Musical chair!

After a high-tea, our shopaholic girls team visited an art gallery and bought some interesting stuff. We also conducted a small ceremony to honor our employees with an Appreciation Certificate. Winners will get a chance to Work-From-Desired Destination and WebMobTech is going to bear AirFare and Stay Cost. Isn’t it Interesting? Obviously, it is in our DNA only to think out of the box for any single thing. Finally, An eventful day requires a yummy supper to make the night pleasant, after a yummy dinner. We decided to retire for the day.

Learn and Grow, Grow & Learn that’s the secret

Day 3: Finishing off in style!

The time has arrived to bid adieu to this beautiful place as the home was calling back, the team re-assembled for breakfast and after a delicious breakfast, it’s time to pack our bags and let the caravan take us to our home!

Packed our baggage with lots of memories


Just like our smartphones need to recharge their batteries in order to perform smoothly and swiftly, smart people also need to rejuvenate their batteries for constructive mindset and performance-driven output and what else can rejuvenate a human mind better than a trip to the hills? This 3 days trip was a much-needed thing especially spending a year with COVID-19 Pandemic, this trip was indeed a dose of positivity amidst all the negatives, and at last, we hope that the pandemic gets over to the earliest and may the light of positivity erase all the darkness from the mankind and yes we also hope that we will continue to do trips like this actually much longer than this and keep writing new inscriptions by scaling new zeniths until then it’s time to Hail Rana Kumbha for this marvelous specimen!

Not a voracious reader? Well, we also have a video to experience the fun we had. Check this out here!

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