2020 in Review: Triumphing all the Odds

Bhavik Bamania
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If you ever get a wish to reboot a thing in your life, most probably, you would like to reboot the Year 2020 in your life and since you have the “great” experience of how things went you will surely like to remove all such things from your version to make it comfortable for living. But, here comes the limitation we don’t have such superpowers of undoing things from our space of time. So, the best thing to cope with whatever coming your way is to FACE!

Above is an excerpt of the pool of thoughts that actually motivated mankind and genuinely helped humankind to go through 2020. It is a person’s conception of how we see things, despite all the odds, it was a year of transformation. The planet consumed by the COVID-19 pandemic led us to adopt lots of new things which ultimately deemed as the “new normal”.

A glimpse of our Annual Trip to Mount Abu

2020, COVID-19 Pandemic & We, as a PEOPLE Company.

Well, that was pretty much World’s scenario, when the year started COVID-19 was no more a pandemic. It was just a virus which is infecting China severely, the World didn’t give a damn about it, and so do we. We concluded 2019 on a high note and we were literally in the hangover of the 2019 success, motivated and determined to inscribe new landmarks.

Kai Po Che!
Celebrating the life of women on Women’s Day, however, every day is a Women’s day agree?
Holi Hai!!

The Team WebMobTech is quite famous for its celebrations and we always have the burden to justify this tag as and when any occasion arrives. Well, we didn’t miss to justify it in 2020 as well when we celebrated Uttarayan, Women’s Day, and Holi most amazingly and crazily (that is for the Holi only). Then comes the huge of all celebrations ie., Kar Har Maidan Fateh: WebMob Technologies Annual Company Trip to Mount Abu (yeah that’s how we celebrate our success).

Resting on the top of the city!
Mount Abu Diaries

WebmobTech Team During COVID-19

Things were racing at rocket speed when this damn COVID-19 thing started to hover over us (frankly over our planet earth). This Pandemic has altered our life drastically, routines were changed in a blink of an eye, and like others, we were forced to close our offices, backpack our stuff and march to our respective homes, and from then the distance between home and workplace was as much as the distance between bedroom to work desk. Our team showed great agility in adapting to these “new normal things”, no one had any idea how long it would take to get out of this remote situation.

Virtually connected.

Even in this remotest situation, We had lots of innovative ideas, and when it comes to celebrating our class is simply unmatched, one can think and scale the rate of innovation and the hunger of celebrating happiness by this in the very next month of the pandemic ie., April 2020, when no one had any idea for how to look this pandemic going to impact everything, we had organized a “Surprise Award Ceremony” (obviously virtually), the list doesn’t end here, it goes on too much more the next to come.

Celebration At WebmobTech

WebMob Technologies 10th Anniversary, where we couriered gifts and celebrated the entire day with lots of cool virtual games, followed by HacktoberFest, the same thing goes for the Diwali oh sorry, Virtual Diwali! All these events weren’t a one-man job, we were able to achieve this just because of our very supportive other team members.

WebMobTech is celebrating 10 Years!
Trying to back to normal on Diwali!
Diwali celebration 2020

If we look back to 2020, it was not only about finding happiness amongst the darkness, it was a very productive year for us, yes, very productive even during a pandemic. We were able to launch 10 new projects, some of which are in new technologies, and some of the launches were celebrated by distributing project rewards.

Our extended technical family.

Okay, enough of the technical, let’s flip to see the other side of the coin, we have done significantly well as far as technology is concerned, but we have done much better than lots of our peers in terms of fiscal and human resources.

Against all the odds, we didn’t miss to grab the opportunity to represent ourselves in Dubai-GITEX 2020. The response we got from there was overwhelmingly positive. Exposure to the MENA region and consulting people on their startups and businesses was a great experience. Our qualitative work has made us stand out among the community which results in numerous new clients and projects for the coming year.

Our delegation at Dubai-GITEX 2020

The Pandemic situation, when imposed, was grim, and the measures to cope with this were so quick and so silently done that no one got a chance to think about it. Everyone has their speculation yet no one thought that much worse outcomes. It was indeed a challenging time to manage a company with no hope of restoring normalcy in the coming future.

The results were directly reflected in the pay scales of the employees, the salaries were halved, incentives were chopped, increments were halted, and to add more salt to the wounds, many personnel were fired from their jobs, yet amongst such adversities, we hold our nerves tightly no such adverse measures were taken on any of the employees.

Instead of such adverse steps, we had given project success rewards and conducted our Annual Award Show. The march didn’t stop here, against the odds, when most of them were cutting their staff, we were busy expanding the team with the new faces. Indeed, that phase of time justified the phrase that goes, “There is a way if there is a will”.

Five-Year Plan Policy

We have discussed enough of the past, but we can’t live in the past forever, all we can do is learn from it and move forward so starting a new year, we have formulated a five-year plan, which enfolds our vision and consists of various changes.

Growth Plan & Vision for 2021-2025

Career Development Path

We have restructured our organization and implemented some employee-friendly new policies and all the WebMobTechians are overwhelmed with the given new perks.

New year makeover!

Final Words

If we sum up 2020 in a word then we can say it was a “sinusoidal” year that kicked off just like every new year and ended up on such an adverse note. It left a profound impact on the entire humanity, which might take quite a long time to settle if we speculate the future from here after the passing 4 months of 2021, 2021 seems like a ray of dawn, yet the sunrise to clear the darkness will take some time. It will surely take years to get things normal. The fight is not yet completely over and we have to keep resisting to throw out this unwanted guest from our lives.

Kar Har Maidaan Fateh

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