Snap AR Development: New Wave in the Virtual Clothing Trial World!

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Snap AR Development: New Wave in the Virtual Clothing Trial World!

It all started with a pair of glasses by Lenskart, the top optical brand in the online world. We all want to look the best when we step out of the house, right?! And now, with the online delivery world, we expect deliveries on time with the best quality & experience. Snap AR development is a new evolution in the virtual clothing trial world.

Right after IKEA’s effective virtual furniture placements in a room, now, a user can easily try every piece of clothing online. The Snap AR development is a great blend of the virtual and real world. Let’s dive in and learn more about the new 3D AR VR service. And engage your set of audience with this cool fashion trait.

Introduction to Snap AR

Are you sick of online clothes shopping that ends in a bummer? 

Now, you will only close an app if you try on a cloth. Virtual try-on is a new game changer for online shoppers. 

The new Snap AR development is a great blend of 3D tracking, cloth simulation, and body mesh. All these manage to create a realistic try-on tactic. 

As per a survey, 34% of users have tried such try-ons online. And 85% of them enjoyed the experience. 

Why are such try-ons hyped?

try-ons hyped

Online means convenience. And with the facility of try-ons you help users get a whole new experience. We all have varied body shapes and sizes. Definitely not a ‘One Size Fits All’ concept, but it will work.

Why did we stop to go to a store and order online? It was time saving and easy to approach with home service. However, one thing remains the same: the size issue. Offline or online, you have to juggle returns after taking a trial.

With Snap AR, it is very easy to try every pair of clothes in your exact size. Now, let’s get into the benefits of the new AR app development perk.

Benefits to Integrate Snap AR in Your Online Shopping Venture

Excel in Your Interaction Game

 Imagine holding up your phone and seeing those new boots magically appear on your feet, perfectly sized and fitted to your shape. Pretty cool! We all want to achieve the exact look, the one that is on our minds. Apps with AR give an immersive experience.

The best examples of such interactive tactics are SnapChat, Sketcher, etc. All these online ventures used AR development services in their best ways. 

Expert advice: Today, you need to engage users for the best. To succeed, one needs to integrate AR & VR tech. The interactive ability of this stack is unmatchable. And with these try-ons it is just a start for the shopping world online.

Virtual stylist

We all have heard of virtual assistants. In the evolved era of fashion, now, you will also get a virtual stylist. It literally helps a user to come to a purchase decision with ease. AR and VR are the crux of the virtual world, and they can never go wrong in giving the best online comfort to a shopper.

Leverage authenticity

What better example can one give than beauty brands? The beauty world is using AR VR perks at its best. You can’t actually try on the product. To overcome this, they used the try-on functionality. The users were satisfied with the results and became loyal followers of the brand. 

The same concept applies to clothing brands; if you want authenticity, you have to let your users try every piece of clothing they wish to buy online. Shoppers are evolving, and you are bound to change with them. 

It is proven that Snap AR is 1.7x more immersive than any other tactic in the online world. Also, if you want to blend Snap AR on multiple cross platforms, then the Flutter stack can help achieve such integration.

Marketing campaigns are a success 

A user has to decide what exactly he wants from the Snap AR development. Awareness or stable engagement? You can proceed further after you get the answer to it. It is the best way to lure an audience into the clothing online venture. But, the purpose of its use has to be precise. Market it wisely with AR VR app developments.

Let’s integrate the immersive functionalities of AR for your venture

Now, after the perks of Snap AR let’s get into its two of the most astonishing features. Every expert loves to integrate these in their projects, so get a mental note for yourself, too.

Two Famous Features of Snap AR Development

Garment Transfer and cloth simulation are the best features offered by the new AR facility.

What is Garment Transfer?

Garment Transfer

Imagine digitally cutting and pasting clothes onto yourself! This tool uses image recognition to find clothes in a picture or video. It uses your phone’s camera to figure out your body shape. 

SnapAR adjusts the clothes image to match your ratios. And thus gives you a virtually fit outfit. A user can get a quick check of how a T-shirt or jacket looks on him.

What is Cloth Simulation?

Cloth Simulation

A 3D model that ensures that brings intuitive animation for a user to select fabric, type of cloth, etc. It basically creates a physics engine that shows how a fabric will move on one’s body. The real time cloth simulation is perfect for cloths that move a lot. Flowy tops, skirts, dresses, etc., come under this category. Thus, it gives a cool virtual experience to online users.

The question now occurs, which of the one feature will you include in your Snap AR app?

How Will You Choose One of the Features?

Both of them have their perks. What is the major difference between them? Let’s check it out.

  • Garment Transfer: This is the quicker and simple option. It is an ideal way to look at the overall fit and look of non-flowy clothes. It helps with T-shirts, coats, and sweaters. It’s easier to form and use less battery. And thus, is fit for the current apps.
  • Cloth Simulation: This option focuses on real movement. It is perfect for flowy items like dresses, skirts, and loose fit shirts. It’s more complex and requires more processing power. But it delivers a super real try-on experience.
Garment TransferCloth Simulation
Quick and easy fit checkShows realistic movements & takes time
It gives a cool experienceIt gives an immersive experience
The snap AR feature helps target wider target audienceMore future proof approach to the niche audiences
Less cost effective and limited resourcesCostly as it is a next gen tech advancement

On a Concluding Note!

Dress up with Snap AR! Give every user a personal experience that comes to your online clothing store. If you are an eCommerce venture, upgrade yourself with such a feature. In today’s world of steady change, one has to deal with their presence online and offline. And for that you have to integrate such solid tech stacks. And make a revolution in your current or new app project.
One only needs to hire experienced AR developers to integrate such AR/VR trends. Consult our team of experts with your virtual reality app idea and get to know the market feasibility. Get a free quote for your app project! 


How is Snap AR used in fashion industry?

Snap AR let’s a user try on as many outfits as one wants. It is a great boost up in increasing online sales.

How big is AR market in online fashion?

The global AR market is all set to reach $100 billion in 2030. The CAGR increase is said to be of 21% which makes a huge deal for all the online fashion sellers.

Which brands use AR extensively?

Nike, IKEA, Sephora, Walmart, etc., are big names that use AR in their online ventures.

What are the core benefits of AR?

– Boosts engagement

– Branding

– Cost effective 

– Easy & immersive visuals

– Reduces Returns

– Loyal online customers

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