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Pramesh Jain
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This is the line where everyone writes something along the line of ‘We’re pleased to announce our new website launch of WebMob Technologies today. Well, believe us we also thought 100s of different ways of doing so and imagined this situation thousands of times in our head; how this will feel on the day of launch, the day when everyone out there will be able to see the effort of our artisan skills for content and designing, the lines of code we implemented being insomniac to solve those errors with empty coffee mugs. Yes, today’s the day. The geeks and artists have successfully makeover the website from scratch because we don’t paint on the rust.

Take a timeout here, I know you want to browse through the user experience of the new WebMob Technologies website. Have a look, we’re here.

Hey, glad, you’re back. This must be attracting you and the question.

What was the need of revamping the website, that too from the scratch and not with the templates?

Come on, that’s an old-trend thing. So by brainstorming during several hurdles to choose the technology and framework along with browsing through the top websites to pick a niche theme for ours.

Without dragging you deep into this, let us draw your attention to the specific details we’d like you to notice. During the browsing to pick a theme for the website first word that came to our mind was Introductory Video which can present Life@WebMob Tech. Again some genius mind over the cup of tea came up with the idea of the canvas. And as you can see again at the end we set our minds to something completely different. Elegant, sleeky, simple, and eye are soothing. At the same moment when we finalized almost everything, the idea of re-branding the logo strike to our spearhead’s mind and came as a lightning shock to us. One of the artistic minds started working on logos and the writers started working on a key element of the website — content. As the development was already in process.

After 15+ logo designs and redesign, we didn’t satisfactorily set our eyes on any of the ones till the last moment. Different typography, letter-mark, and pictorials: we tried all the latest trends in logo designing and re-branding. Two days ago before the final launch, we finalized four logos and got pole results via social media. And at the end, we transformed from the old logo to the new logo like below.

After so many variations on the landing page, we steadily and carefully started working on the Services page.


“Giving digital curve to your business idea” is the tagline we choose for this page. But to digitize the page which can give fresh look and feel as well as describe the services we offer with our defined engagement model and industry focus. This way we managed to show how the project execution takes place at WebMob Tech.

Well-defined process = Excellent Result.

Tools & Tech:

Just like we’ve defined the process for the services we implemented the software development life cycle (SDLC) in revamping the website even though it was an in-house project. After completing the portfolio page, we moved to show the tools and technologies we use. The main question was how? How to show the target audience all the technologies, languages and tools, and tech stack? Well, we found the way and you can see that here.

Detailing of Portfolio

The one thing that we can boast of for the new website is the effort we’ve put into the detailing. Right from defining who we are with the journey’s timeline to scrutinizing and proving the attempt of the work we’ve done that demands engagement. Every portfolio will showcase the outstanding things we’ve implemented during developing that project. To get a closer look at sharp detailing click here: Work

About Us:

Every other IT company has written somewhere the values and mission they believe in. But we wanted to be an open book with transparency — the niche of trust and honesty. To show who we are and after how much hard work we are where we are now, we set our mind to the timeline tailing with the Life at #webmobtech

Seems exciting and interesting the way how we work, what we do, and the services we provide. Just click on the link below to contact us for revamping the mobile and web app from scratch.

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We are a team of experienced developers, designers, and managers to offer enterprise mobility solutions. Our constant communication, transparency, and agile methodologies ensure the success of app development.

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