Mobile App Security: How to Keep Your App Safe With MobSF?

Bharat Patel
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Mobile App Security: How to Keep Your App Safe With MobSF?

Summary:- Since the dawn of the new App age, people have become addicted to the innovation. Businesses are all set to make their presence official with an online venture. In such a fast paced world, with ever change of needs; an app has become a must!

With that said, an app also needs to have a security shield. Because of the market’s growth, there is an increase in cyber attacks and sudden mishaps. Security is very much the need of the hour to build a mobile app. To ace the online game, one has to have robust mobile app security.

Being in the IT business for over 13+ years, we have seen every facet of the online world. And this guide is dedicated to how will you keep your mobile app safe? Which security measure should you use? If you ask us, we use MobSF best to provide app safety. Let’s get you to know more about it in this blog for app security online.


Smartphones have a lot of apps, photos, games, and more. We often think of whether the apps installed on our phone are safe or not. It is a common human tendency. App makers always implement to safeguard his App Built. Speaking of which, as a dedicated development team, we use MobSF to safely secure every app. MobSF is a great way to locate and correct any faults in Android and iPhone apps.

83% of apps tend to have one security issue during their vulnerable test analysis. MobSF works on both Android and iPhone apps. It can look for two types of problems: vulnerabilities in the app’s code (such as cracks in the wall) that could lead to your data being stolen. And subtle hackers (such as phone crooks) who try to they will harm your phone. 

Now, how will MobSF be helpful to app developers? Here are some of the best ways to use the tool for app security.

Why do App Makers Love MobSF? Use the Best App Security for Your Project

  • Super-Sleuthing: Think of MobSF as a detective with a toolbox full of techs. It can analyze the app’s own rules (static analytics), monitor behaviour while running (dynamic analytics). And even detect hidden malware. This multi layered approach ensures that no security exposures are detected.
  • It is Free: It is a free tool. Any expert can use it as and when needed. Pretty accessible online solution.
  • Android and iPhone: The MobSF app works like a Swiss Army knife for security. It gives the next big game for Android or a handy photo-editing tool for iPhone.
  • Always Updated: It receives regular updates on the latest tactics and techs. Thus, an expert stays ahead of his competitor & maintains robust app security with it. 

MobSF is one of the best practices for phone app security. The world is evolving, and so are the robust online saving practices. One needs to revolve around them and become a part of the app ecosystem with all its means. Deploy your app safely with such an effective online security tool.

Now, how will you install MobSF?Our team will guide you through.

MobSF Mobile App Security Solution Installation Guide

  • Grab Your Tools: First, visit MobSF’s official site and download it to your PC. 
  • Bring in Your App: Once you have the set up, it’s time to import your app to Android or iPhone. You will get an overview of your app at every step.
  • Run the Tests: It has various tests to apply to apps as per the need.
  • See What You Found: After the tests, it will show you all kinds of analytics.

Fix it: The report will reveal any security loopholes in your app. Fix them in real time. And obtain the best venture.

MobSF Architecture

Numerous open-source initiatives and tools, including iNalyzer, MobSF API, and Androguard, are the crux of MobSF. It consists of server elements that runs on host machine. And client ones for the mobile device. The mobile device’s data is stored by the client component, which is then taken care of by server elements.

We can create safe & secure mobile apps with MobSF

Keep Your Apps Secure!

It is just like keeping a home safe. To succeed, you have to take every security measure. Guard your online venture with all of your tech power.

Now, in these online times, every business needs to ensure its digital safety. MobSF is a free tool that helps app creators (developers) find and fix any loophole in an app. One can get security tips and crack in the best for their project.  

Apart from MobSF, you can also use the best DevOps tools to manage your SDLC tests. Now, if you have any query related to app security, you can consult our team of experts. We will provide you with a free quote and some market insights. Evolve with every update and security measure online!


How do you secure your app?

There are many ways to secure apps. Encrypt code, DevOps practies, online tools like MobSF, and more. It all depends on one’s budget as you can hire experts to work on your project 24*7.

Are apps always safe?

The answer is YES. There are many great security measures taken by Apple store and Google Play store. And apart from that, experienced experts too use good steps to secure their apps beforehand.

Is it possible to hack an app on a phone?

Hackers may find programming flaws in even reliable apps and use them against users. Known hazards are mitigated by bug fixes included with app releases. Update your phone’s OS whenever you can because the same holds true for it. Two-factor authentication should always be enabled (2FA).

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