How AI in Real Estate Is Transforming the Modern Property Market?

Bharat Patel
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How AI in Real Estate Is Transforming the Modern Property Market?

Summary: The AI wave has taken all the genres within it. From banking to food ordering, every single online venture has embedded AI. Today, in this blog, we will specifically talk about AI in real estate. Why so particular? There is an ever more increase in the realtor business in the recent times. And with AI it certainly has got a new boost. It facilitates one with property values, analytics, and more. Let’s dive into the blog and know more such profound AI impacts on real estate.

We all have become smart when it comes to the use of apps. Every single thing is managed online. And now, with AI, it has grown to a whole new bounds.

What better example can we give than the smart light systems? With the help of tech, the lights sense, interact and adapt as per preferences. The lights also adjust as per one’s mood and room temp.

With this small example of tech reliability, let’s get into what AI has for real estate. 

AI in Real Estate: The Transformation

AI in the Real estate market size is all set to reach $226.71 billion in 2024. And is projected to grow at 37.4% of CAGR. With AI, the search becomes easy for a user. This soul thing makes the tech special for almost all genres, including real estate.

Who will not like a personalized search? We all love it when we come across the same thing we thought of online, right?! Our team has a question for you about how to use AI effectively.

How much can you personalize your user experience? AI is the key to every user’s need. Right from bedrooms, grocery shops, medical stores, etc., all the details are well analyzed by AI. The tech unlocks and streamlines many optimal ways to cater the business and satisfy the users.

AI real estate is like to have your realtor. The algorithms are trained to get all your audience’s preferences. Also, it provides your business with a 24*7 service. It helps to inculcate the best in less time and achieve the desired goals of an online venture. – Pramesh Jain, CEO.

As AI has streamlined all the home automation needs, similarly it has given a great boost to the real estate industry. Let’s begin with what exactly AI has changed in the realtor world.

As AI has streamlined all the home automation needs, similarly it has given a great boost to the real estate industry. Let’s begin with what exactly AI has changed in the realtor world.

What AI has Exactly Disrupted in the Real Estate Industry?

What AI has Exactly Disrupted in the Real Estate Industry?
  • Maximum Efficiency

With the help of AI algorithms, it gives a fine analysis of property values. Apart from this, the advances benefit sellers and buyers with investment predictions. It helps to predict equipment, maintenance, cost savings, and more. Thus, it automates necessary tasks in hand. 

All in all, with AI, one gets a great insight into the future. It helps in decision making process in real time.

  • Enhances Personalized Service

With the help of chatbots and virtual assistance, it helps to satisfy user query in real time. These AI driven systems use NLPs to understand consumer behavior. And thus, it results in more fine ways to search and interact with the target audience. It creates a personal search for every user, which gives an upper hand to a realtor business online. And thus, it also keeps it ahead of its competitors.

  • Lead Generation

Every realtor finds it a task to gather good leads. But, with the help of AI, a realtor gets a systematic way to get to their users. A CRM solution powered by AI tech can help you get ahead of your competition. AI presents you with the best details. Specific property, pay scale, house preference, etc., will lead you towards a very niche and potential buyers. 

Such an investment will turn out to be a great asset for your business. Being a 13+ year old IT firm, we deliver great service to the real estate industry. One of our best solutions to date is the CRM for realtors.

Our real estate CRM solution is all about lead tracks, timely follow ups, ML based lead choices, and more. One can easily manage monthly or weekly engagement. Also, you can integrate your preferred tools to escalate your tasks via automation. 

real estate CRM solution

Now, which are the key boosters for the real estate use of AI? Let’s find it out at our next stop.

Boosters of Real Estate AI

With the word boosters, we at WebMob Technologies meant the one with which it all started. These growth forces led to this big evolution in the real estate industry.

  • IoT & AI Grows Parallel to Each Other

With the onset of IoT, there has been an upsurge in the data. It urged to settle down all the data sets in an organized way. Which tech is better for filtering the data out for you? AI. Every data is simplified using AI.

IoT helps to get data quickly, while AI helps to organize it in the right way. The blend of both techs helps a firm to get to its target market with ease. 

  • Growing Internet Usage

The Internet is an integral part of our lives. We are addicted to the world of online apps. And with such an increase in its use, there is an ever more increase in techs and advances. AI, ML, IoT, and others are the major advances that drive the digital spectrum.

And with that said, more usage equals to more data and security. AI comes into the picture at the very moment to sync in data with real time predictions. Realtors need market insights to pitch the right property to the right people. And more so, to record all their activities, it is very much necessary to rope in such tech.

One has to strike a great balance between AI advances and human expertise. Of course, it is the key to new potential if used wisely. It is indeed a disruptive tech, but one needs to use it in its full ethics. The future of your real estate firm will highly depend on your awareness of AI.

Join the future of real estate! Discover the power of AI innovation

To help you out, our team of experts has gathered 9 ways to flourish in the AI realtor world. 

9 Ways AI in Real Estate Solutions Can Become a Ground Breaker

49% of realtors use AI in its most apt ways to reduce their overall operational costs. At the same time, 63% of firms have seen increased revenues from AI. It is indeed a great tech that helps meet real time goals. 

With the advent of apps like Zillow, it has got great attention. Every realtor wants their business in sync to get along with many other issues on time. With such tech blending into one’s app, there are many chances to grow ROI, consumer base, service innovation, etc. 

Now, let’s dive into some real estate software solutions you can create with AI.

#1 Automate property valuation

Property price and valuation take too much time. However, with AI, it has become easy for realtors to present their clients with multiple values. The AI algorithm enables swift dataset analysis. It gives a realtor the following:-

  • Property condition
  • Transport facility
  • Local market trend
  • Vicinity update

Such data does not waste one’s time to know about a property. Thus, it gives a consistent value without any mishaps or issues. 

  • Leverage AI & ML into your realtor app and get the best data.
  • Get the best tool integrate to have a close look at market trends and a friendly use of the data found.
  • Empower the tech to win over the online world in less time. 

#2 It predicts a good future strategy

AI and ML are known for their ability to predict. It is great at market trends and economic conditions. And thus, gives a real estate agent with a futuristic insight.

Now, who would prefer to know a proper plan from the very start of his year? We all want to plan and take one step ahead of the competitors. On the basis of a plan, an investor also ropes in with confidence. It helps the overall firm to take minimal risks with maximum ROI for a property.

There are many property management apps, but you still need a good MLS solution. MLS for your real estate agency will help to sync property lists and prepare a field map with the schedule. It is a highly efficient software for a realtor.

Leverage the power of ML and unleash great property management

With such an external force, a realtor gets his market dynamics right. The forecast helps to know the future demand and thus act as per it. 

  • Leverage big data analytics to process great info.
  • ML helps to predict market trends.
  • Enable the data and predict apt data for the future.

What better example than Alexa for personal assistance? The virtual world has brought great access to avail 24*7 services. Being a realtor with AI, you can be one with the audience. And can resolve their issues in real time. A user can easily inquire to the consumer chatbot and connect with them instantly.

#3 Personalized experience

What better example than Alexa for personal assistance? The virtual world has brought great access to avail 24*7 services. Being a realtor with AI, you can be one with the audience. And can resolve their issues in real time. A user can easily inquire to the consumer chatbot and connect with them instantly.

  • Integrate NLP models to understand and reply to any issues faced by the user. 
  • You can analyze customer preferences and give them instant solutions.
  • Embrace a smart chatbot to interact with customers in real time. 

#4 Improved property search

What? Is searching for a property made easy with AI? If you leverage the AI algorithm, then you get the apt process to analyze consumer behavior and picks. Based on it, you can easily guide them to a property they desire. Thus, to find one’s dream property becomes easy with the blend of AI.

The crux of any proptech solution is to give a user the best property insight; and that too of his desire. So, your search filter and data sync should be in real time. You have to know and engage your audience both at the same time to ace the user game online.

  • Leverage the AI recommendation engine that reads the user’s search history. And suggest property based on it. 
  • Get accurate property needs of a user with the help of several filters.
  • Integrate smart virtual tools to analyze property images and match them with user picks.

#5 Manage property effectively

Are you looking for a solution to manage your property listing? Do you want to have every user’s data with you? Do you want to integrate great AI tools? Then, go ahead with an effective real estate app. 

To analyze every property related needs, it is very much vital to blend in with AI. It becomes very easy to monitor and predict maintenance costs, etc. 

AI tech reduces the amount of time that property experts spend on tenant inquiry. And automate property reviews. They can also collect rent in an apt way from the tenants via such an online system. Every minute task is driven easily in a property app for the real estate industry. 

  • Enable AI with IoT devices to cater to more data in real time.
  • Manage every tenant and automate your tasks like rent collection, requests, etc. 

#6 Robust security measures

Data breaches are the ones very common across the net. With AI detector tools, it is easy to identify such fraudulent activities. Also, AI is capable to secure your home with the help of smart home techs. Thus, it has a robust security system to protect against potential breaches. 

  • The algorithm helps to find out unusual activity in real estate.
  • Integrate robust tools that will help you verify documents and secure all the online transactions.
  • Invest in the smart home systems and protect it from security breach.

#7 Market your firm within apt audiences

Analyze vast datasets and identify your potential buyers. It not only saves a lot of time but also helps to save money. Thus, it helps to give a personal touch to every online user’s search. 

Indeed, all this sums up to reach out to the audience at the right time, isn’t it?! AI apps will also benefit you as follows:-

  • Embrace user data mining to identify your core audience.
  • Integrate smart algo. to conduct an A/B test for future marketing campaigns.
  • Automate ads by the means of emails, social media, paid promotions etc. 

#8 Accelerate real estate transactions

Real estate businesses have a long paperwork to follow before the deal closes. Every money transfer has to be taken care of. Some pay via EMIs, loans, monthly pays, etc. So, to manage all these transactions, one has to keep track of them.

With AI, one can monitor and sync every transaction with realtor software. The tech can extract every vital info and help with legal documents & contracts. Thus, smart contracts like this will help to keep track of every buyer. 

  • Get a hold of AI and deal with your paper work smartly.
  • The tech will keep your data safe and will give you leverage of time.
Maximize your ROI and bring optimal productivity with AI

#9 Predictive property maintenance

Who does not like a good predictor tech? Every one will love to keep a track of their property from any where.

To reduce the maintenance cost, one has to consider many things. With AI’s help, a realtor can monitor and identify the property conditions. And mend it if any issues in real time. 

  • Smart IoT sensors can be used to monitor your property 365 days a day.
  • Integrate ML algo. to predict futuristic models. And gather data to analyze and address issues effectively.

Are you satisfied? These are the straight answers to your AI tech trends in proptech. Blend this way to boost your leads, clientele relations, and productivity. All these and many more pioneers are achieved with this powerful tech. 

Are you Ready to Leverage AI in Real Estate?

Proptech has a long way to go. The dynamic industry will grow hand in hand with such advances as AI. It brings a lot of value to a realtor’s business. One gets property values and market insights to reach the correct customer.

The influence of AI will always reshape realtor services. So, you need to ensure that you entail the boon in the right way for your business. For maximum ROI and optimal productivity in real time, you will enhance upon such new advances.

The impact of the best AI tactics will surely WOO! the world of real estate. Indeed, the best is yet to come; if you are someone in search of a real estate app developer, then consult us. From real estate app cost analysis to features, we will guide you on the path. Get a free quote from our experts! Invade the online space with the best team at work. 


How does AI drive the real estate industry?

There are very few tasks that require a lot of your time. You need proper research and market insight to lead the way. With AI, one gets to easily predict trends, automate processes, integrate chatbots, gain property value, etc. Thus, it definitely is a new way to reshape the proptech industry.

What factors does AI consider to value a property?

It all relies on the quality and quantity of data. As per the data, an algorithm is used for specific aspects. Thus, a property is then assessed. 

Will AI ever replace realtors in business?

AI is a great gateway to new advances; it will never replace realtors. The tech helps automate specific tasks and make the agents’ lives easy. Thus, they can easily focus on more vital tasks and reach their goals.

Is AI secure to use in a real estate business?

The only security breach possible during the AI blend is when one collects and stores it in the wrong place. If there is any confusion of data, it surely does put a security risk. As a tech, AI will never let its guard down. It is built strongly to protect every data.

Does Zillow use AI?

Zillow is a well known AI driven features. It is a great app that gives users a unique look at their real estate property. Floor plans, easy filters, etc., are all done by natural language search. 

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