Custom CRM Development Cost in 2023: An Extensive Guide

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Custom CRM Development Cost in 2023: An Extensive Guide

Summary: Businesses are no longer a face-to-face affair. The world is all about building precise & transparent online relations with targeted masses. Every brand is after finding a loyal audience. CRM is the diverse software that helps a firm to be among its users via every mode of online meet-up. Social media, emails, sites, etc., every single thing is tracked into the system. 

So, if you want to create a custom CRM solution, this cost guide is for you. Let’s dive into the cost of CRM development in 2024!


CRM is the pioneer to move ahead among your audience in the online space. It is the digital key to succeed in the infinite unknown.

Key Takeaways:-

  • CRM is said to reach above $80 billion in revenue by 2025. It has become one of the largest software markets.
  • CRM is easy to access. A firm can quickly look into the user data and track their patterns as and when needed.
  • Personal touch in a virtual world is done with efficacy via CRM.    

CRM system is the heart of every business. 2020 was the year where the tech got its due respect. People started to rely on it via mobile devices & in no time; the software evolved into a CRM Cloud Solution. 

Now, one can easily manage online consumer relations anytime and anywhere. 

But why will you rely on our word?

We have brought some genuine facts to prove our growth point for CRM.

Statistics of Growth to Build CRM Software

Of course, now, if you are in this blog, it means you have made up your mind to create a CRM system for your business. So here are some authentic stats to give you a boost for your successful online venture.

  • As per the Nucleus Research report, firms that use CRM have seen a 65% rise in their sales compared to 22% of firms that did not use the system & witnessed a downfall in sales. 
  • AI in the CRM market is all set to reach USD 25.5 Billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 26.2%. 
  • The global CRM market is set to grow to USD 215.72 billion by 2032, with a CAGR of 13.4% from 2023 to 2032.

What are the true growth factors of CRM?

Consumers are, were, and will be the driving force for every business, online or offline.

To improve customer offerings, a business has to get its hands on a good tech invention like CRM. To give user-centric service, every brand is gearing up for a more organized approach. 

CRM is the key to communicating well with the target audience. The cost of implementing CRM is nothing, as it becomes an asset for the firm. It helps to organize and track all the relevant details to interact with the users better. All in all, CRM software helps to accelerate sales activities and maintain the user base. 

In this ever-evolving and competitive online world, to be among your users is an art. You will need an innovative advancement like CRM to win over your audience. It will help you manage, track, and monitor every minor interactivity of your users.- Pramesh Jain, CEO, WebMob Technologies

CRM analytics are accurate and the best omnichannel communication solution for any industry. Around 80% of firms rely on its sales report and automate user-centric services based on it.  

  • A blend of tech advances like AI/ML makes the process faster for CRM.
  • One builds a CRM system to manage multiple user activities in one place.
  • Custom CRM software is built to maintain strong user bonds with time.

No matter how well-known you are as a brand, everyone needs to be updated with time. Thus, CRM helps to be among the right audience at the right time and place.    

What Major Tasks are Resolved by Custom CRM Software?

  • It helps to gather sales data.
  • It helps segment the target users and proceed with the marketing plan.
  • A user gets an instant response to their queries.
  • It gives personal suggestions and helps users make purchase decisions.
  • CRM is great with sales forecasts and analysis.

These are all external functions, but the CRM solution can be managed internally. It helps as a finance tool, speeds up the reporting process, and automates employee work. The advances are majorly used to communicate effectively among teammates.    
As a software development company, we have curated types of CRM with CRM development costs. It will help you to understand the difference as per the complexity of your needs.

 Let’s develop a custom CRM solution for you

Custom CRM Development Cost: Ready-Made VS Modified VS Custom CRM Software

Why should you opt for custom CRM Development? 

Let’s just dive into it and give a rest to the other advances. Here is a detailed guide. 

#1 Ready to Deploy CRM

Of course, it is the most easy one to invest in! If you are short of time, you can choose such an option. An ideal way to look at such software is to see whether it has all the suitable features. 

What will you look for in the CRM?

  • Apt features for your business needs.
  • Easy access and navigation in the software.
  • UI/UX & overall placement of buttons and texts.
  • Budget-friendly software.


  • There are many online tutorials and brief guides to use such ready-to-launch advances. One also gets an expert’s demo if made by an app development firm. It helps to understand the solution quickly and in less time.
  • It is very easy to integrate it with your current device or system.
  • There are always trial versions and periods available to make a risk-free decision to buy the CRM.


  • To alter a feature in ready-made software is not possible. Also, there are very few CRMs that might be set as per your expectations for your firm.  
  • Upgrading or modifying the solution is hardly an option with such a tech built up. 
  • The experts update these CRMs as per their wishes. It might turn out to be good or bad for you. Thus, the update issues are things that will never be in your control. 
  • There is no competitive advantage in it.
  • In the long run, such a CRM costs a lot and is not an apt option for medium or large-scale firms. 

#2 Modification CRM

If you want a flexible CRM, then opt for this option. It is very easy to integrate third-party tools and libraries. The CRM is much better than ready-to-launch software. 


  • You can easily adapt to the current CRM without additional software in the daily workflow.
  • It is less tedious than to create a CRM system for your firm.


  • Not every CRM will support your modification. Even if it is possible, you might not like the result of the custom-built CRM.
  • One needs to have tech expertise to ace the CRM game. No amateur can modify an existing CRM successfully.
  • You need an expert tech head, which costs more than the former option. 

#3 Custom CRM

A CRM system cost highly varies in this kind of tech advancement. In this option, you can build a user relation software as per your budget. There are no boundaries to alter, update, or add a last-minute function in this kind of development. 

One can outsource CRM, build in-house, or freelance the project as per his custom CRM development budget. Of course, one can alter how to build a CRM and fix it in the ideal possible option to reach the end goal.


  • Custom CRM is all about your goals, needs, and results. It is built as per your wants. 
  • It has a very adaptable workflow, as the whole software is made at your convenience. Thus, the CRM has a quick onboarding process.
  • You are the sole owner of your CRM.
  • Such a CRM is scalable & has apt features for you.
  • Third-party software integrations are quickly done.


  • It is expensive to build custom CRM software.
  • This CRM might take a twirl on maintenance & support.

How will you get the final cost to create CRM? Of course, by noting down the list of features. Features play a pivotal role in the cost of developing CRM; there are no other good ways to say it. You have to go for minimal ones to meet your budget.

Let’s move in & look at the list of must-have features for CRM.

Custom CRM Development Cost As Per Your Features & Modules

Sales Module

Custom CRM Development Cost As Per Your Features & Modules

One can automate all the sales activity. It specifically has features that give you faster and more accurate lead details. The CRM helps to ace the game of sales in a very short period. 

#1 Lead Management

It is very essential to manage leads. Every single detail, like name, number, ratings, status of the lead, etc. All these and many more intricate clientele details are managed inside the CRM. As a sales manager, one can also comment in the module if needed. It is made as per the many features and flexibility that a user wants.

#2 Sales Analytics

The most integral role of a sales CRM is to provide instant & vital analytics. You can include charts, tables, graphs, etc., to represent it in the best way. One can also showcase it on the dashboard. It depends on your UI/UX requirements.

#3 Sales Plan

Do you want to set new goals? The sales CRM will give you the liberty of it. One can plan future sales plans in a spreadsheet or calendar, whichever is integrated. It helps to look into the goals achieved and compare them for further courses.

All in all, this one’s a much-needed CRM software. You just have to hire custom CRM developers who are up for every challenge and know the tech world inside out to provide you with the best for your firm.

Expert advice: Always try and build an MVP or prototype model for your CRM project. It will help you to check the actual response of your target users and will ensure the internal functioning of your firm. It is very easy to test your own idea in the form of a minimalistic working model.

Marketing Module

marketing module

This CRM module provides all the details needed for a successful marketing campaign. It provides you with great user analysis that helps in further market strategy.

#1 Campaign Management

How will you attract a potential audience? In this software, you will be able to look into the conversions, visits, and the whole marketing funnel. The details will surely help you when, where, and how to reach your users.

#2 Segmented Customers

To be among the right set of audience one needs to be cautious of the approach. Take relevant insight from the analysis and know your users. It will help to reach the mass in time. CRM shows individual analysis to get along with the best age group. You can easily study, modify, or filter your search in the software as per your needs.

#3 Analytics

One can get a complete ROI of their business with user behavior. It is an extreme and vital detail for a business to excel in the online world. 

Customer Support Module

customer support module

Automate routine tasks and focus on providing the best client support. 

#1 Help desk

The help desk is there in every CRM. Emails, chats, messages, etc., are all taken care of from the module. Track, report, and work on every single thing related to engaging your customers at the right time.

#2 Analytics

A dashboard with stats that have requests, issues, duration, survey, etc., all in one analysis at a glance.

Before coming to the end of this blog, after studying these interesting modules and types, here is one of our Real Estate CRM projects.

Our Real Estate CRM Solution

Manage all your real estate work from the real estate CRM software. You can easily track leads and follow up with your client. It will boost your sales and connect with your audience in real-time.

Our Real Estate CRM Solution

Custom CRM Development Cost in 2023

The first meet-up with an expert team like us will decide your approximate project worth. Building a CRM & implementing it in your business is a long process. You have to assess the software at every stage of the SDLC. 

The number of work hours, UI/UX design, tech stack, features, third-party integrations, and more. Your CRM cost in 2023 will vary based on these and many other external factors like team location, experience of an expert, etc. 

To beat the competition in righteous ways, it is crucial to blend in with tech advances like AI/ML and obtain a great database. Thus, avail a quote of the most needed features and tech stacks for your project and then decide with whose tech expertise you want to move forward.

Schedule a Demo of the Real Estate CRM

What if You Select WebMob Technologies?

We have a lot to offer you! A constant support from our experts in the form of pre & post-deployment services. Other than that, there are many other perks to partner with us:-

  • NDA signups
  • Tech expertise
  • Trending tech stacks
  • Custom-made/ Ready to launch solutions

Our experts are available in your time zone. Consult us for your project and get a free quote for your CRM system development. 


How much does it cost to create a custom CRM in 2023?

The price can vary from as low as $10,000 to as high as $80,000. SDLC cost differs based on UI/UX, tech stack, features, etc.

What are the core benefits of CRM?

  • Better customer service
  • Sales forecast
  • User analysis
  • Organized database
  • Segmented customers
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Sales report

What’s more, you can customize it to your needs.

How to find the best CRM development team for your project?

You should look into their expertise, portfolio, client review, and IT forums. You should always take a call to know and set the communication between the team and yourself. Look into the perks that they will offer throughout the SDLC. Most importantly check the vibe!

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