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Summary: Frontend is the most lucrative part of developing applications. There are many libraries and frameworks used to make an intuitive interface for the end users. A couple of years ago, Angular JS used to be the very first choice of developers while developing software. But, with a drastic change in the graphics, developing teams got more reliable, robust architecture, through various coding tactics that did React effectively. Let’s have a look at the most popular web development framework with some interesting insights on why use React JS for front-end development.


In a world full of tech trends, every company must augment its digital capabilities. The very epitome of these capabilities is “user experience.” The behemoths worldwide, are ensuring to give their target audiences a navigation-friendly functionality. 

Now, to avail of such a seamless functionality, one always opts for custom software development. Being in the IT industry for over a decade, we at WebMob Technologies very well know the importance of emerging technologies & frameworks. It is a very tedious task for one to decide upon which tech stack to choose for frontend and backend development. So, to make this particular quest easy for you, our experienced team has curated one very popular front-end framework – React JS.

Why is React JS so popular among front-end development services?  Let’s first justify, React is a library & not a framework. It is flexible and ensures efficiency and code reusability. React.js has emerged to be a clear winner among many other alternatives like Angular, JQuery, Vue, etc. 

The above graph explicitly depicts the proof of React js use & gives you a reason why choose React over javascript frontend framework/libraries. Due to its n number of benefits, it has gained traction among the community of programmers and has become a go-to web tool for them.

One can easily develop applications faster and more scalable than other libraries. There are approximately 1.5 million React JS websites functioning in the digital world. Thus, this number itself suffices the fact of its trustability in the current marketplace. 

Moving ahead, with another detailed statistic, the most popular web framework used among developers in 2021 is React.js. According to the graph representation, 40.14% of software developers used this library to create a seamless-looking application. 

Let’s dive into some of the specifications of what is React JS & why to use it. This will shed better light on every single query you still have about using the frontend service.

What is React JS?

Of course, you are well aware of React, which is why you are here. But there is still a misconception related to it. Here’s a small gist about the library. 

React is a flexible Javascript library that enhances a developer’s software by providing a scalable, simple, & fast frontend interface. It is majorly used to build a single-page or multiple-page web application. The library was created by Facebook in 2011, and since then the developers are constructing large web apps that can change data without reloading a page. 

It is easily combined with several other JS libraries and frameworks like jQuery, Angular, etc. The core functionality of React is:-

  • To provide users with components that do not affect the existing view and help render a seamless new view. 
  • The Flux architecture helps in binding the data & controls the mutation bug for smooth application functionality. 

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Why Use React JS?

React allows reusing user interface components for web and mobile applications. The open-source library is often mistaken for React Native cross-platform mobile development tool. The interactive & intuitive interface is advanced, responsive, and risk-free. It holds a rich ecosystem like Flux with Node.js and does have primary components & abstractions to take in the data. React JS does have a scalable architecture pattern that allows developers to create states in the DOM that are easier to break down and test.

Top benefits of React for Frontend Development that have encouraged many businesses globally.

Component-based Approach:

This particular feature is the core benefit of React JS. Here, the UI components are segregated into several independent & usable parts to process them separately for different purposes in the application. The frontend library has two kinds of components: stateless functional components & stateful class components.


It certainly is a tedious task for one to look into the individual functionality of every component integrated into the web application. To eliminate such a time-consuming task, React comes up with a developer-friendly setting. It allows for the deployment of a particular component and checks its performance without hampering other user interface activities. This helps in the seamless debugging of application & accelerate the process of development in an agile environment.


React JS for frontend development allows for abstracting of certain development practices. It gives the ease of choosing app architecture & design for the solution. It also displays an obscured look at the app to the end user and helps eliminate the possibility of accessing the internal code.

Supportive experts & tools:

React JS has a successful community of developers and tools that enriches the overall simplicity of the frontend library. With ready-to-use graphics, charts, and documentation tools, one can easily achieve development goals on time. It leverages the existing components and enables all the important features one must incorporate within the application.

Javascript Syntax Extension (JSX):

JSX helps developers write the HTML structures & JS code in the same file, which ensures debugging of code is an easy task. A development team can skip the complex JS DOM structure and proceed with this extension.


Because of all the smooth features and functionalities, the page loading speed of a web development ranks high on search engines. It helps render web pages & enhancing user experience in the best possible way in a digital way. 

React JS is the best option for the ones who are looking to replicate their application. It allows redesigning from scratch and helps in overall qualitative development. Best performance, SEO-friendly factors, scalability, and advanced tech stack, makes React the apt frontend service for a user interface.

When to Use React JS for Frontend Development?

Single-Page Applications: These applications are dynamic & easy-to-load responding to user reactions. The user experience increases and improves with better performances at less bandwidth.

Large Scale Objects: With a component-based approach to design the applications with an array of workflows & complicated server-side are enabled by React.

E-commerce Applications: If you are planning for an eCommerce app, then React js is the best option. It provides navigational tools and design components for easy app development. It enhances the performance of your eCommerce stores and lets page loading & other technological integrations easy.

IoT Applications: React js libraries are intact to help manage & integrate core features with server rendering as well as virtual DOM to create large-scale, high-performant IoT apps.

UIs & Intuitive Apps: In this world of intuitive app development, React applications are a boon. They allow complexities over performant UI for significant user-friendly app development.

Before ending the blog, know about the existing companies using the React JS library for their online ventures. All of the below behemoths are well-known for their user experiences & tactics digitally.

On a Concluding Note!

As a business owner, you may not always know which technological stack should you use. Or which frontend framework is popular for web or mobile app development? In this case, you need to rely on a software development company like us.

The field of frameworks & libraries is never-ending. Being a tech consultant and an app development firm, we curated this blog for a successful React JS development. In case you need any further assistance, get in touch with us & get a free quote.

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