Angular VS React: Which One to Choose for Your Next Project?

Pramesh Jain
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Angular vs React

Summary: The advancement in web applications is directly proportionate to the Javascript universe. Every tech stack, framework, or library innovated by Javascript has greatly impacted web developments. There are many options with JS; the trending ones are Vue, Angular, React, TezJS, and Svelte. The developer community globally is debating Angular and React. Both these frontend technologies provide complex & trending user interfaces. Let’s dive into the blog to learn more about the modern tech world’s debate- Angular VS React.

Angular and Reactjs became famous Javascript offerings because of their powerful features-functionalities. Both solve the same frontend problems with different tactics. Thus, creating confusion about which one to pick for a successful web app development project. 

Now, without doing further due, let’s get into the comparable guide of Angular VS React.

What is React?

The motto, ‘Learn Once, Write Anywhere,’ has become a preferred choice of developers to build a robust & scalable application in no time.

React efficiently handles web and mobile app development with one-way and two-way data binding (with LinkedStateMixin). It is also used to build complex apps with other supporting libraries. The tech stack effectively uses JSX alongside Javascript. Thus, the Facebook community and individual developers are constantly upgrading its advancement to maintain the framework.

Reactjs Takes Over Angular: A Google Trends Report

React vs Angular trends

The graph shows a customized time, i.e., 2021-2023. Reactjs has won the battle of remaining with the time in recent years, then Angular.

How is React Ahead of Angular?

Reactjs is ahead or, say, better than Angular as it provides rendering optimization and virtual DOM implementation. In other advantages, the React js development services include JSX, block building flexibility, single-data binding, and easy migration facilities on other platforms.

Benefits of Reactjs

There are many advantages of React, but herein we have listed some core benefits:-

  • It provides reusable code with the debugging process.
  • React supports both iOS and Android platforms.
  • The advancement is view-oriented.
  • It has great support of react native libraries for efficient data display.

Reasons to Use React Advancement

Being a Facebook innovation, React keeps a close update on improving user experience. The lightweight library is renowned for its easy learning curve, fast deployment, and bidirectional data binding process. Apart from these, we have listed some more intriguing reasons below.

Gentle Learning Curve

React is very easy to learn & understand. With its SEO-friendly libraries and rendering speed, the technology allows its developers to build applications with all the fines. And so, your solution will rank higher with reduced load time on the search engine results.

Reusability of coding and components

In React, a developer must simultaneously write code for an application’s client-side and server-side. Thus, a website developed with the advancement has a high-speed advantage, making it an attraction to crawlers, users, and other developers.

And thus, apart from coding, a developer can reuse a component throughout the application. So, Such a facility saves a lot of time for developers to write various codes for the same feature. Furthermore, the changes will only happen in a particular part without affecting other parts of the application.

Supported by Facebook

React is backed up by Facebook. The Facebook community ensures that the advancement functions at its best, along with all the necessary updates & technicalities. Moreover, it ensures every possibility for a new developer to learn the framework quickly and successfully for great app development.

Fortune 500 Companies that Use React

When in doubt, look at the existing examples of the real world.
Many companies use the React JS advancement for their websites and mobile apps. Airbnb, Tesla, Walmart, & Tencent QQ are among the top brands built with react native architecture.

Note: React has recently come up with a phenomenal architecture update. Thus, to become more accessible and create a successful application, it has provided the world with a new architecture. Exploring react native architecture will provide the developers with great opportunities on a global scale.

The Reactjs development services are also used by Netflix, Paypal, NASA, BBC, and New York Times to better engage their audiences in real-time with popular & trending updates.

What is Angular?

Google’s innovation is an open-source Javascript frontend framework. The typescript & HTML-based advancement provides high-performing mobile and web apps.

The technology advancement facilitates two-way data-binding. So any change in the input box is automatically updated into the property value of the component class. Thus, providing seamless synchronization of data between model and view.

Expert advice: Do not make a mistake between Angular and Angular JS. The former uses Typescript, while the latter uses Javascript. Furthermore, Angular is an updated version of Angularjs.

How is Angular Ahead of React?

Angular is a full-fledged framework with a more opinionated technology than React. It has an MVC model, dependency injection, synchronized app structure, and two-way data binding in other features and functionalities. Yes, it is bigger than the latter, but it consistently provides advancements to developers across the globe.

Benefits of Angular

There are many advantages of Angular, but herein we have listed some core benefits:-

  • It offers clean coding and dependency injection.
  • Angular provides vast libraries to create robust template solutions.
  • It helps create single pages and combines components to view the final product without technical hindrances.
  • It offers an interactive UI with data binding.
  • Data synchronization between the model view & the component

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Reasons to Use Angular Advancement

For creating a dynamic modern web app, Angular uses Typescript to eliminate dispensable code and develop a lighter & faster app. One can easily build a complex enterprise solution with compelling features like templating, two-way binding, RESTful API handling, and AJAX handling. Now, let’s dive into some of the core benefits.

Supported by Google

Angular provides detailed documentation or a guide for developers in one place. So, an individual can easily find the guideline for developing a successful app using the technology. Absorbing comprehensive documentation is a great practice with code to learn a language.

Code Consistency & Easy Testing

Angular claims to cut down on coding time and facilitate the development of lightning-quick apps. Compared to many other frameworks, TypeScript enables Angular to detect issues efficiently and fix them early in the development cycle.

Because it neatly segregates them into distinct boxes, Angular frees you from thinking about whether something is a component, service, or any other form of code. They are then presented as modules. These modules simplify organizing your application’s functionality by segmenting items into features and reusable parts.

Moreover, Angular provides overall cleaner coding. But, increased readability is not a guarantee of cleaner coding. It just denotes a setting free of contradictions.

Fortune 500 Companies that Use Angular

Angular has chased the popularity list. The diversity of the framework has invited the gaming industry and other potential businesses to its doorsteps.

PayPal, Microsoft, Upwork, Forbes, and Rockstar Games are among the top brands deployed online using Angular.

Head-to-Head Comparision: Angular VS React

Developed ByGoogle
PurposeIt is a full-fledged framework, and opinionated advancement to develop complex applications.It is a Javascript library that provides flexibility in organizing your code, and requires Flux for building architecture.
DOM TypeRegular DOMVirtual DOM
Data-BindingTwo-way data bindingOne-way data binding
LanguageJavascript + HTMLJavascript + JSX
UI ComponentsAngular has a lot of material UI components for easy UI configurationsThe UI libraries. Dependencies have developed UI tools to provide UI components
Best Suited ForHighly interactive, complex, and active web appsLarge apps with recurrent variable data.

React VS Angular: A Detailed Comparision

Angular VS React: Popularity

angular vs react popularity

Based on popularity, i.e., usage statistics, React is leading the charts. It is not about which technological advancement came first but its overall offerings and accessibility.

According to recent statistics of 2022, React is worldwide popular among developers with 42.62%, followed by Angular at 20.39%.

It is a vast difference, right?! Both technologies are evolving at their own pace. But, React has an active community capable of resolving every issue caused in the app in no time. While with Angular, developers do struggle with its complexity & understandability.

Thus, with time, Angular might get its share of popularity, but for now, React is the first choice of developers globally.

React VS Angular: Data Binding

Angular is a two-way data binding advancement which means any minor change in the interface element will automatically change the model state of a solution.

On the other hand, React is a one-data binding advancement. It means any modification in the interface model does not change the model state. The changes are updated first at ease. Also, the data flow is unidirectional, giving developers more control over web and mobile apps. 

Angular VS React: Learning Curve

Angular has a steep learning curve, making the language harder to learn than React. Therefore, the advancement is not for beginners, as they must know relevant codes and concepts to successfully conquer their development issues.

For Angular, you need to learn Typescript, a superset of Javascript. Its syntaxes are exclusive and are not found in other frameworks. Also, dependency injection is tricker for a developer, and the technology has no alternative.

On the other hand, React is lightweight and easy to use. It does not require a beginner to master Javascript. It also includes native features like dependency injection, which reduces the learning time for a new learner. One needs to be more comfortable adapting to new technologies to master React.

Note: Hire Reactjs developers who know all the aspects of developing a great application using the Javascript framework. Moreover, he should also have necessary expertise in HTML+CSS, JSX. And thus, will help to ace your digital venture with React. 

React VS Angular: UI Components

Layouts, buttons, and pop-ups are just a few of the material design elements that Angular supports. And so, it makes UI configuration simple and quick.

Installing the Material-UI Library and Dependencies is required before using the material design components in React. The community created these UI tools and included various UI elements (free and paid options).

Angular VS React: Component Architecture

React and Angular both advancements have a component-based architecture. Moreover, they are very similar technology with reusable, modular, and cohesive elements. The major difference between both advancements is in their tech stack offerings. 

React architecture is based on Javascript, while Angular uses Typescript for obtaining error-free & concise web apps.

React VS Angular: Community

Google developers created Angular, while Facebook created React. Such promising support from these two giants has made these technologies gain their share of popularity. Since their inception- the developers’ community has done an exceptional job of updating both of them on time. 

Both of them are large and thriving communities with active users. React, and Angular are growing at their paces, making the digital genre intact with their offerings. Thus, both are viable choices when it comes to community support.

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Which One to Choose?: Angular or React

When to Choose Angular?

  • To create an enterprise-grade application with lots of features.
  • The complexity of the app is at a low to medium level.
  • You desire improved efficiency and ready-made solutions.
  • The programmers are proficient in C#, Java, and Angular.

When to Choose React?

  • The programmer’s proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • You must create a unique application.
  • An app with several events is required.
  • Your app must have elements that can be shared.

Which One is Better? Angular or React?

Businesses are striving for successful online ventures. One can only succeed in cutting-edge competition by providing an effective user experience. So, choosing a framework wisely becomes your core responsibility.

Angular and React are the most popular web development frameworks possessing almost the same frontend offerings. Moreover, their major distinguishing difference is their size and learning curve with DOM functionalities.

So, if you are someone looking to develop your web app in no time with all the futuristic scope, then React is your answer. If you have a big project idea with much built-in functionality, you should opt for Angular. 

Again, the selection completely depends on your requirements. Be it your budget or future offerings, growth factors, etc. There is no end to consumer demand and digital offerings. Rope into any of the advancements and see what wonders it can do for your business.

If you are still confused about Angular VS React or Angularjs VS Reactjs, contact our web app developers. Also, we are a team of over 120 developers proficient in different tech advancements. And so, our 12+ years of experience will help your business to grow effectively in the online marketplace. Discuss your idea with us and get a free quote.


1. Is React faster than Angular?

Angular’s use of Regular DOM causes potential performance issues. The advancement is not able to handle UI elements and webpage information. In short, React’s virtual DOM is faster than Angular’s Regular DOM, making proficient state changes and Virtual Tree updating.

2. What is the difference between Typescript and Javascript?

Javascript is a renowned programming language for web applications, while Typescript is an OOP language based on Javascript. Thus, Typescript VS Javascript is a completely different technology.

3. Why do people choose to React over Angular?

Any day, React is going to be a better choice than Angular. The rendering optimization and virtual DOM have set a high bar for other advancements that cannot meet the two ends, like Reactjs. Also, it provides easy migration, systematic updates, and more. React developers have more solutions compared to Angular developers while developing an application.

4. Is Angular dying because of React?

There is a space for every technology. Every business has different needs; according to that, Angular might be someone’s preference in the wide digital ecosystem. We do not deny that React has taken over the web world, but that does not mean Angualar’s vanishing act. Thus, the advancement will be very much live & pumping with other tech stacks.

5. React or Angular, the better future?

React is way ahead then Angular in terms of components, features, migration, updates, and architecture. So, it does consists more speedy and brighter future than Angular. 

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