Top Cloud Computing Trends to Watch Out in 2024

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Top Cloud Computing Trends to Watch Out in 2024

Summary: $678.8 billion is the said number of 2024 for cloud computing. Yes, indeed! It is a ground-breaker tech invention. The trends in the cloud have made every possible thing in the online world. AI to SaaS to edge computing, cloud services drive every tech. The businesses have started to look beyond time and money. It is all about agile and innovative approaches to the users. 

In this blog, we have a list of cloud computing trends of 2024. It will help you understand the effect of future trends in real-time. 


It is not just about data security; the cloud has a lot to offer. Modern cloud tactics are all about private, public, and hybrid clouds. These are meant to break rules & evolve in the future time. 

Cloud computing helps eliminate the space, staff, and other on-premise needs of a firm. To know more about it, let’s start from scratch.

Define: Cloud Computing

It is an organized way to access and store data online over the internet. A user does not have to save data on a hard drive. Infinite space and security allow one to access files and apps from any device. The only thing one needs is a stable internet. In other functions, the cloud trends also provide us with:-

  • Data Analytics
  • On-demand software delivery
  • Storage, backup, and recovery of data
  • New apps and services

Now that we have started to explore cloud computing let’s get to know more about it.

Emergence: Cloud Computing

It all started way back in the 1960s with ARPANET. It did give hope of a cloud service in the future. Followed by which in the 1980s, with the invention of telecommunication, the firms started to network with outside providers. 

This move brought in the need to outsource computer needs for the very first time. Thus, cloud services came into existence in the 20th century. And so, only in a few years, the tech has become of a kind advance for firms. 

It indeed helps to access vital competitive databases and conquer the market. Along with that, the cloud allows us to optimize and scale up operations quickly. All in all, it provides a sustainable app environment.

Gain access to the new cloud computing advances with us.

Now, after the overview of the cloud tech, let’s dive into the future trends. Our vetted cloud computing services team exquisitely lists these down for you to excel in the near time.

Top Cloud Computing Trends in 2024

Top Cloud Computing Trends in 2024

With the growth of the online spectrum, there is an ever-more increase in the firm’s approach. These trends blend in well with AI, ML, and much more. Embrace the one you want after a proper read.

#1 AI as a Service

AI has been all over the place with its recent updates. One can quickly get a data analysis or automate tasks with the use of AI tools. Every complexity has an answer in the world of AI. 

Such third-party providers like SaaS or IaaS build an ecosystem for users to work in. It eliminates one’s dependency on software that is created internally. 

AI has great APIs and tools that help leverage complex codes. The AIaaS is the best way to operate flexibly and boosts up the overall work of a firm. One can maximize the results with data analytics and create a dynamic environment. 

#2 Hybrid & Multi Cloud

These are surely the trendsetters. There is a hype of 76% to 85% in such a cloud service approach. The firms are all set to gear up with multi-cloud services & gain more access to online data at a time. It is indeed a flexible way to grow an on-premise infrastructure. Thus, they vouch for balanced security and flexibility to pick and choose their desired service.

#3 Cloud Native App

These are the apps that are built to function effectively for cloud computing. It is one of the most successful cloud computing trends, as it allows flexible, scalable, and resilient services. The apps are specially made to fit in the cloud ecosystem.

To create a modern app, cloud-native is one of the best ways to increase productivity and decrease dependability. This new wave of SDLC brings every firm a long way to deploy their apps with private, public, or hybrid cloud systems. Thus, it has become the most loved & desired cloud computing benefit.

#4 Data as a Service (DaaS)

A library of data which a user is allowed to access & store info as and when needed. It is the best cloud trend that helps handle the data and maintain its quality from anywhere with the internet.

The overall market size of DaaS will reach USD 20.74 billion in 2024. It is projected to be at USD 51.60 billion by 2029. An increase of 20% CAGR is indeed a vast market hike. 

DaaS outsources cloud data and processes, integrates, and stores tasks. It gives benefits to a firm like:-

  • Less to no setup time
  • Great flexibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Automates maintenance
  • Reduces staff needs
  • Improves functioning

Thus, it is the powerhouse to look for data and the workload. It is very easy to function with DaaS, with or without having experience with cloud services.

#5 Real-Time Cloud Infrastructure

The architecture is built to give users the best dynamic and instant access to cloud-based services. Serverless and edge computing help to process data in the cloud in real-time. 

The architecture helps one with speedy decisions and client service. Firms must know that the online world has vital systems that help to increase efficiency. And it also ensures proper use of the resources. With cloud computing trends, one can adopt tech in any phase of their business. For example, with such data, you can get your hands on details of air traffic or rail systems and get your hands on the situation before it worsens.

#6 Cloud Driven Innovation

To create a creative and intuitive app with the cloud, you need to blend in tech with their updated versions. Level up your security and storage of data; one has to move forward with the cloud. Many more inventions will break new ways with the cloud, especially for the finance sector. 

Also, the focus of the firms will gradually shift to optimize & grow with the advances. One of the innovations can be to automate the supply chain functions with current storage and computing.

#7 IoT

We all like to have remote access & interconnectability to things, right?! What better way than to blend in the cloud with IoT? It does play a crucial role in gathering real-time data insights that help to grow in the right direction. 

We, as a renowned IoT app development company, have recently made an MVP model. The model is a great example of cloud and IoT coming together. It is a home automation app made to secure a house with the help of tech like IoT & AWS.

home automation

Cloud is the best way to organize data that you will receive via IoT. It is very easy to get the tech in all devices, but it is hard to manage all the data safely in one place.

#8 DevSecOps

Every firm is after agile SDLCs. And when you switch from the traditional to the online world, what better option is available than DevSecOps? This practice is a must to create a new ecosystem and organize every app on time. 

From developers to QA experts, security analysts, and testers, all are meant to be on the same page. Moreover, cloud computing allows the automation of security chores. This allows control of the overall workflow.

Expert advice: Agile SDLCs are a smart move for today’s online world. You need to ensure to adapt DevSecOps to get an updated version of the app in real-time.

#9 FinOps

The finance spectrum needs a lot of help with data security and safety measures. FinOps is the new wave in the fintech world that allows one to deal with cloud computing costs. When there is a multi-cloud approach, this cloud tactic is a must. 

One has to gather data and track it in multiple clouds. What are the core values of FinOps? The Google Cloud helps us to know it better:-

  • It helps to accelerate firm value and innovate the same.
  • Drives accountability 
  • Optimizes cloud usage and cost efficacy
  • No need to invest in huge clouds

It will surely play one of the pivotal roles in the success of the finance app world. The finance institutes will be able to embark on a new journey of streamlined operations. The team can easily look into the genuine tasks and get over some low-priority ones. 

#10 Blockchain

Blockchain is the core security element of the cloud. The decentralized system enables users to make authentic transactions with escrow. 

Cloud security is all about the sole control that one can have over one’s data. A user can decide how many times and how much data to access. Thus, it is far ahead of the traditional IT systems. 

#11 Data Recovery

We all tend to lose our data naturally or manually. With the cloud, it is very easy to recover such data which is gone because of a small mishap.

Due to any power failure or hard drive crash, you might end up losing some data. So, in the case of the cloud, one of the cloud computing trends is disaster recovery. It will help you to retain your data and get back on track with your firm’s overall functioning. Thus, one no longer has to worry about cyber attacks or any natural data disaster recovery. 

Integrate the power of the cloud with AWS

#12 Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

SASE is the key to connecting effectively with the web. It is indeed a smart move to integrate SASE, as it helps us to communicate quickly with other tools like email, social media, etc. 

Usually, when we switch between the web and mobile, there is always data theft. To avoid mishaps and secure the data, SASE comes into the picture. Through the use of an edge server located with the user, the tech ensures that all data from a cloud app is securely shared. The data transfer is done before it reaches to the cloud server. Thus, it ensures that data privacy is maintained throughout the transfer.

On a Concluding Note!

The cloud service is said to be the best for the days to come. So, it is most important to look at and analyze these growing trends in cloud computing. So, if you are about to enter the online world, you must watch out and blend in well with these advances.

Our favorites are, of course, multi-cloud, edge computing, AI in the cloud, and blockchain. All of these suggested ones are strong pioneers of the cloud ecosystem. 

We have seen the evolution in the web app and mobile app development business as we are an integral part of it. If you have any doubt or an app idea which you want closure with, then do consult us. Our experts will provide you with a free quote!


What are the top cloud trends of 2024?

Serverless, edge computing, AI in the cloud, and hybrid cloud are some of the top trends in cloud computing.

What are the top 3 cloud techs?

AWS, Microsoft Cloud, and GCP are well-known and the best among the experts across the globe.

Why is serverless so important in 2024?

The tech supports scalability and is cost-efficient. It consists of cold start times, supports programming languages and frameworks, and integrates well with other cloud services. Thus, it is best to go for microservices, event-driven apps, and scalable APIs. 

What is the global market size of cloud computing?

As per a report, the cloud is all set to grow beyond $1 trillion. $1.6 billion is the number that it is supposed to reach by 2030.


Top Cloud Computing Trends

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