PHP Vs Python: Key Distinguishes For Successful Web Development

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PHP vs Python

Summary: The key to successful software app development is choosing the best programming language, library, and tech stack. As a custom web and mobile app development company, we always get a query about the ‘best tech advancement for our project.’ Now, with the evolving digital world, this question has many more answers. One of which we are going to discuss in this blog. Which is the best programming language of the two most popular ones- PHP or Python? Let’s get to know about accurate differences by comparing PHP vs Python.  

Around the world, the top programming languages PHP, Python, JavaScript, C#, C++, Swift, & Kotlin are highly cherished by the developer community.

Most Used Programming Languages
Source: Statista

Also, the ones with substantial community sizes are used to obtain better online support and problem resolution in no time. 

Community Size of Programming Languages
Source: Statista

In both the graphs mentioned above, we can witness two names: PHP and Python. Both the backend technologies have made their spaces in the technological world swiftly. While many websites are programmed in PHP, a profound increase has been witnessed in Python in the past two years. Herein we have gathered some minute differences and statistics justifying PHP vs Python.

Summarized: PHP vs Python Backend Developments

Release date19951991
Language TypeGeneral-purpose programming languagePHP Vs Python: Key Distinguishes For Successful Web Development
Learning curveIt is not easy to learn PHPIt is easy to learn
Community supportGreat community supportGreat community support
DocumentationExtensive documentationExtensive documentation
LibraryFewer but notable libraryWell developed library for almost every type of application
FrameworksLaravel, CodeIgniter, ZendFlask, Django, Web2PY
GitHub stars31.5k40.9k

Now, let’s start with a detailed comparison of Python vs PHP. Dive into the brief history of both tech advances. When it comes to a number of online ventures around the globe, PHP has the advantage of staying for a longer time than Python. We have proof!

Php vs Python: Website on both frameworks

Both frameworks are free to use. PHP is a widely used general-purpose scripting language for web development, providing developers to embed their coding in HTML. In comparison, Python provides easy-to-read code and syntax facilities allowing users to express concepts in fewer lines of code than possible in any other language.

According to w3Techs, PHP usage statistics are way ahead of Python. It consumes 77.7% of websites, while Python consists of only 1.3% of digital presence in the form of sites.

Usage Broken Down by Ranking
Source: W3Tech

So, on a widespread basis, PHP, the server-side programming language, is winning the development arena out of the two. 

What is PHP?

Founded in 1994 by Danish-Canadian Programmer Rasmus Lerdorf is an easy-to-integrate open-source language. PHP provides modern servers and operating systems to build user-driven website pages. The Hypertext Pre-processor integrates with all the leading web servers on all the major OS. It consists of outstanding features, plugins, libraries, and other add-ons for maximum support and optimum online functionalities. PHP is known for its flexible and dynamic content availability on HTML websites with session tracking and database facility. 

Popular Features of PHP:-

  • One of the most accessible scripting language
  • Supports databases like MySQL and Oracle for easy database integration
  • PHP is more efficient than ASP and JSP
  • A predefined error reporting constant to generate error notices or warnings
  • Summary of access to a login of every user
  • A user can download and use it for free 

Pros and Cons of PHP

A top-notch debugging functionalityA developer cannot change their core behavior
It is an open-source and object-oriented languageIt is not suited to building a content-based app
Supports databases like No SQL, PostgreSQL, and moreNo IoT alliance
In-built SQL support, utmost flexibility, and platform independenceLacks security protocols and features
Support database collection modulesSlower execution
PHP has a large ecosystemInconsistent language

When to choose PHP?

PHP is the best language for those looking for less investment and aiming to develop a blog, web application, and website. It is compatible with every server, such as IIS, Apaches, etc., by working effectively on the server side with many databases. The scripting language runs seamlessly on Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, and UNIX. 

What is Python?

Released in 1991 and developed by Guido van Rossum in 1989, Python is a high-level programming language with extensive library support. It allows reusability of code and, thus, helps developers to write fewer lines of code. Numerous libraries like Pandas and Theano work with ML technology in web development. Python consists of popular frameworks like Django and Flask, for which it is known worldwide. In other advancements, Python, and PHP are the best in the ability to run interpreters and English-like syntax. The most popular uses of the object-oriented language are quick database system readings & modifications, extensive data analysis, and complex mathematical calculations.    

Popular Features of Python:-

  • It can efficiently run on different hardware platforms using the same user interface
  • Python is easy to read and learn
  • The tech advancement quickly gets into C, C++, and Java programming code
  • It has dynamic types of data with a dynamic type-checking facility
  • Python has an interactive mode of testing and debugging

Pros and Cons of Python

Cross-platform code reusabilityDesign limitations
An open-source, object-oriented, and versatile languageHigh memory consumption
Develops GUI appsProne to duck-typing that causes runtime errors
Integrates easily with Java, or C++Slow testing process
Helps in math-intensive tasks with libraries like TensorflowIt is not the best choice for mobile app development, browser, or multiple computing
Database friendly and offers database interfaces to all the DBMS systemsIt is huge for a simple and small app or website
Development is easy with prebuilt libraries. 
Interpreted language

When to choose Python?

Python is profoundly used to build a website using the Django framework. It helps seek data analytics and works effortlessly in robotics and data science. Python is known for its simplistic and versatile nature. This is also the best choice for beginners as it is very easy to read and understand. It has a vast library of pre-built modules, making web development and GUI apps easier, and it supports multiple platforms. It also strongly supports database systems, allowing them to handle large amounts of data.

Additionally, its interactive shell helps with unit testing, making it easier to catch errors before deployment.

PHP vs Python: Which one is easier?

There is a lot of debate on which one is easy. PHP vs Python for backend development is a never-ending comparison. With the growing digital revolution, specific updates are taking place in both advancements, making one superior.

Being the dominant one, PHP has always been ahead of Python. Both languages are equally difficult to learn. Depending on your project’s complexity, audience, and budget, you can decide which one to opt for. PHP facilitates high-performing web apps whilst you cannot ignore the increasing popularity of Python, making it equally relevant to use in your application development process. 

Expert advice: None of the PHP and Python languages is easy. It entirely depends on your app development team’s proficiency and experience in both tech advancements. At WebMob Technologies, we have evolved our tech brains over the years, expanding our offerings from AI/ML to RPA. If you have any queries, consult us; it is free of cost, and get your development facts straight.

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Let’s elaborate on the difference between PHP and Python Web Development

Community Support

No online venture is entirely free from bugs; there are meant to be real-time errors visiting apps. One needs to have a backup in the form of a strong community. Both these programming languages have excellent support. They help efficiently resolve errors and debug the web app development for a high-performance and user experience online.

Note: Hire PHP or Hire Python developer who knows exactly how and where to ask their queries related to bugs and errors. Test their knowledge and expertise in PHP or Python before finalizing your tech expert.


The framework serves as the basis for developing programs on a specific platform. Technically speaking, it contains an API, even if it might be compared to an application programming interface. A framework streamlines and accelerates the development process using generic modules and components.

Having stated that, the significant quantitative framework distinction between PHP and Python exists. PHP boasts that there are more frameworks available than there are for Python.

Popular PHP frameworks: Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Slim, and Symfony

Popular Python frameworks: Django, Flask, Scrapy, and Tornado

Speed to market

Python has many external libraries, packages, and modules. The advancement helps you complete projects more quickly. For instance, Django, the popular web framework in Python, is known for the MVC pattern to let developers create programs quickly while utilizing a significant deal of reusability and separation of concerns.

Additionally, PHP is proud of its toolkit, which includes frameworks and libraries. For instance, Laravel is the best PHP framework that supports the MVC pattern. It comes pre-packaged with many valuable capabilities for web development, including templating, routing, authentication, and other features.


Python is an open-source and versatile language that allows syntax programming. It also provides easy coding tactics than PHP.

While Python is a renowned server-side scripting language with dynamic designs for website pages with HTML, it is less productive than Python and is not easy to use.


Python and PHP have widely used programming languages with their strengths and weaknesses. 

Python is generally considered a more secure option for businesses due to pre-built security features in frameworks like Django. However, it’s important to note that security depends on how the software is developed and deployed, not just the language itself.

Environment management

Regarding environment management, Python’s Virtualenv System makes it easier for developers to manage different language versions and move between them. On the other hand, PHP has less robust tools in this area, but developers often use containers to manage environments.

Ultimately, the choice between the two languages will depend on the specific requirements and goals of the project, and both Python and PHP have advantages and disadvantages.


PDB (Python Debugger) is an in-built debugger in Python that helps developers identify and fix errors in their code. It has a range of features and allows for dynamic typing. 

XDebug is a package for PHP that provides similar debugging capabilities. However, PDB may need to be more efficient and fast in identifying and fixing errors, which can lead to security issues. 

Again, both languages have their strengths and weaknesses in debugging and error-checking. The choice between the two completely depends on the individual requirements and goals of the project.

On a concluding note!

PHP and Python are both great at developing web applications. But, according to the comparison, Python wins the debate; of course, you will still pay attention to PHP. The selection widely depends on your project scope, targeted audience, features-functionalities, time, and your technical expertise or the team of experts. 

Both the server-side backend technologies do justice to the web app development world. Thus, there is no secret to success in the digital world; one has to innovate new tech trends and excel by combining the finest brains with great ideas powered by excellent futuristic functional possibilities. So, invade the digital arena with your online venture backed up with great minds & tech stacks!

FAQs on PHP vs Python

1. What is better, PHP or Python?

PHP has been significantly used for web development for a long time. But, it would help if you opted for Python Development to give a modern look with apt flexibility, syntax facility, and utmost security.

2. Can Python do everything PHP can?

Like all programming languages, PHP and Python are turning complete, which means they can all theoretically accomplish anything. However, the ability to solve specific issues in certain languages makes a difference. For example, PHP was designed with websites in mind. Therefore, although it can be used to create command-line applications, it was not the intended application.

3. Which is more secure, Python or PHP?

Python gives more security to your application. Python has more security features than PHP because it is a tech advancement built to meet modern requirements.

4. Can Python replace PHP?

While PHP is used only for server-side scripting and web development, Python is used for both server-side scripting and machine learning. On the one hand, Python is far superior to PHP in the learning curve and library upkeep, but the new PHP 7. X is approximately three times as quick as a standard Python program. On the other hand, Python and PHP are comparable to one another in debugging, and neither is clearly superior.

5. Is PHP easier than Python?

Python is easier to learn than PHP. In addition, python programs are much shorter and easier to write than programming languages. Therefore, it has been a preferred choice for a lot of applications.

PHP vs Python

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