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How to Create Mobile App Business Plan: A Comprehensive Guide

Summary: The world has witnessed a great upsurge in the mobile app market. As per a report, the global mobile app market size was at USD 206.85 billion in 2022. And it is all set to increase at a CAGR of 13.8% till 2030. We all know that these and many other stats are right and effective.

On what basis are we so confident about? There is a major increase in the internet and the adaptability of online apps. So, now businesses tend to make calculative moves by developing mobile app business plans. Let’s have a look at how to write a good business plan for your mobile app.

Key Takeaway:-

  • Such a business plan for the app will help you measure the risk factors beforehand.
  • Steps to curate an app business plan are stated below to ensure a proper direction for your mobile app.
  • Why should you opt for a mobile app plan? Ensure your futuristic success with a plan on hand prior to the SDLC.
  • What good will such a business plan do? You will be able to figure out every necessary point in time & also get a good team to execute the plan.


Anything well-planned always gives a better outcome than an unplanned thing.

Imagine the scenario in which you want to go on a trip.

In the first scenario, you have yet to plan the trip. You reach there and have to do a rekey of things. You will have to look for a nearby stay, have food, and have fun. Eventually, it did consume a lot of your time, money, and energy.


A planned trip with all the things right from the hotel to food and fun will help in a hassle-free holiday. Now you have travel apps and agents to go and get every booking document way before your trip.

So, while reading too, the first thought that came to your mind was a planned & well executed trip.

The same goes for apps. Plan it to win the online spectrum at the right time.  

In this competitive online space, who will not want a great curated business plan? Every startup or enterprise has to expand and grow to survive the online world.

Now, let’s directly chase the question.

Why Do You Need a Mobile App Business Plan?

Reasons for a mobile app startup to draw a business plan
  • In general, the revenue in 2023 is over $935 billion. 
  • 21% of millennials open an app 50+ times per day. 
  • 49% open an app 11+ times each day. 
  • A typical mobile user uses 30 apps per month and 10 apps per day.

All these mobile app statistics are alarming. To ace in the digital world, you have to strike hard with a business plan.

There are 100s of apps made on the same concept. Why will a user use your app? How will you lure them to stay for long? What are the other futuristic business ideas? Thus, you need a roadmap to discover your project phases and needs.

How will your mobile app startup succeed? From where will your app get funds? How will you survive in the later SDLC stages? All these things and many more can be noted in a mobile business plan app.

And most importantly, such advance plans always help to get to the user base.

What is the worth of a business plan? Know it from the best tycoon:-

Without a plan, even the most brilliant business can get lost. You need to have goals, create milestones, and have a strategy in place to set yourself up for success. – Yogi Berra.

Perks to Get an App Business Plan

  • You need a strong business plan to transform your ideas into actions.
  • A plan will always help you to improve. 
  • It defines growth points and steps to expand in the future.
  • You can raise funds by presenting it to the investors.

Now, without further due, let’s get into some exceptional steps to follow for your PRD.

How to Write a Successful Business Plan for Your Mobile App?

Pave a winning road with a business plan. It does not matter whether you are an SME, enterprise, or startup; every app idea will need a plan to flourish in the unknown online space. 

The key factors that you should know for a business plan are budget and investment returns on a timely basis. Apart from that, you have to provide maximum transparency to achieve each milestone in real-time. 

Let’s have a look at some of the intricate steps to follow when creating an app business plan.

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8 Steps to Create a Good App Development Business Plan

8 Steps to Create a Good App Development Business Plan

#1 Executive Summary

Executive Summary

As the name has, it is ‘summary’. We all know it means a precise & concise way to define one’s business; when you approach an investor, they do not have time to read every bit about you.

You need to jot down the essential details of your company and its offerings. 

What should be the overview?

  • Make a unique proposal
  • Create an excellent UVP
  • Specify your goals
  • Provide accurate documents

Your business plan must contain the current and expected market situation along with target customers. It should also have the crux of your app, i.e., what problem will it solve? But all the details are to be mentioned in a precise way.

#2 Introduce Your Firm

For a good plan, you need to start with your firm’s details and end with a mobile app idea. You have to show your investors your company’s mission, product vision, and other factors for your startup’s success. 

Describe Your Firm

Write the details of your startup. It should give a reader details like the company name, location, headquarters, team size, hierarchy, etc. The mission statement of your firm should specify its goals. Also, list the main problems and the likely answers your startup may provide.

Always ensure that your business plan is easy to read. And also, one should understand the mission of your firm from the very beginning of your plan.

Company History

Every investor is interested to check a firm’s background. How did your company come into existence? How did you come up with such an idea? What were the stages of your company’s development? How have you decided to launch your product? All these details will help you to win the trust of your fundraisers. 

Your Tech Team

Why will a third party take an interest in your venture? There are two reasons to believe you.

  1. Your app idea and its growth perspects.
  2. The team backing your app idea with their tech brains.

Whether you outsource app development or have an in-house team, you need to have a detailed description of the team members. From work expertise to company responsibilities, the business plan should consist of all of it.

#3 Marketing Analysis & Strategies

Marketing analysis

Details about your app idea’s market are very crucial. You have to keep a watch on the industry and consumer needs. Every factor, along with its impact and solution, has to be given into the plan. A forecast of your ideal situation is a must. Such details help to know your overall market knowledge and the analysis for the future.

What should be your intricate steps?

  • Review the current business environment
  • Define your research criteria
  • Get to know your overall market, SAM, and SOM
  • Know your rival
  • Analyze your audience

Expert advice: One has to study Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You will easily come to know about who is at the top, who is paid more, and which apps are grossing well. Ensure that you get the nerves of every app in the store right. And prepare for the missing pieces in your app.

#4 Forecast Your Market Possibilities

Why should your mobile app business plan have such a market forecast? How will it help your market credibility? A market forecast always shows your app idea’s efficacy to grow in the later stages. And if you are someone with a startup app idea, then, of course, such a step is a must for you. 

Now, what are some of the reliable points to showcase in your plan?

  • Describe the expansion of businesses.
  • Include data about the amount of funds received by your firm. And who has invested in it so far?
  • Add some forecasts about the behaviour of your target users.

Your goal is to look into a long term situation. Study and analyze deeply whether there is a real market for your product. Is there enough customer base? Will you be able to maintain money & funds in the future? All these factors do matter a lot. 

Being an IT professional in web and mobile app development, we know the importance of market forecasts. With every app idea before making our first move, we ensure to analyze every bit of the market. Thus, it gives our team of experts a proper picture of the current needs. And provides great insight to the project owner about the future.

#5 SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis

Now, this is a well-known method to get the right analysis of your business. Every brain understands SWOT.

  • Strength
  • Weakness
  • Opportunity
  • Threats

Every business has a weakness; you cannot simply deny it. With SWOT, you will get all the loopholes in time. And can work on them to convert them into prospects. Such findings also represent a futuristic expansion for your business.

#6 Create a Marketing Campaign

How will anyone come to know about your app? Via Marketing. Obvious answer! One needs to be careful about how they present themselves to the world.

The market awaits eagerly about new entries. You need to focus and strike at the right time among the right audience. With so much of the online and offline world, you need to be on the right channel to meet your potential client. Let’s have a look at some examples:-

Create a Landing Page

A landing page is a trustworthy face for your brand. You need to showcase features, functionalities, and the motto of your online product on the page. Ensure that you use the logo and the name correctly. Also, to engage more audiences, you can integrate an explanatory video. 

Launch a Website & Blog

Today, the very first thing we all do is to check a brand, product, or service’s online presence. So, as we say, it has become a mandatory move to build a website and start to blog for a better SERP rank. You have to promote your app with keywords and all the other SEO rules to be among the untouched global audiences. 

It is a modern and trusted way of advertising your business.

Social Media Platforms

Of course, this is The Way to be among all kinds of age groups. Market yourself thoroughly on all the popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Threads, etc. It helps a lot as these have their in-house plans, which helps a product reach and market itself well in advance.

You have to put aside a budget only for social media. And look into the analytics of your page to improve on every online front. It is very easy to be in the public eye, but to catch their attention for seconds is the game to be aced. 

The Market as per Budget

Marketing is an integral part of creating an app business plan. You have to get an estimate to spend on these strategies. You have to keep a check on your money spent. And the response achieved to be on the right strategy and meet the end goals on time.

#7 Product Growth & Launch

Product growth and launch

Every app is different and varies in user base, too. So, the growth of every online business differs a lot. An ABC tactic that worked for XYZ product is not necessarily apt for your venture. To expand in the right direction, you need a good sense of the market. And attract apt audiences that tend to make a loyal user base in a short span.

Now, as far as the product launch is concerned, there are two kinds of launches. In every app development business plan, you will have to mention one of these types. 

  1. Full-fledged deployment: You deploy a full bloomed SDLC. The one with all the features, tech stacks, and other growth criteria.
  2. MVP model: This is a minimalistic version of your idea. The MVP app development contains much needed features and functionalities. It is the best way to explore and know the possibilities of growth from the user’s perspective. 

#8 Finances

The financial model has a three- to five-year outlook for all the key forecasted indicators, like:-

  • Profit and loss
  • Cash flow
  • Balance sheets
  • Start tables
  • Unit economics calculation
  • Revenues and expenses 

These will help you get an actual cost & asset value. In the future, it will help to figure out budget ways. 

Now, the investor might ask you about how you will monetize your app in the later stages. Here is a brief on it before ending the blog.

Monetization Strategy for an App Idea

Monetization Strategy for an App Idea

If you are creating an app business plan, the strategy display is a must. Your firm will make profits in the future, and you are confident of it. 

Here are some of the common money-making tactics for your app business:-

  • Ads
  • The charge for the services (You have a premium app model. Ensure that the users pay and use it.)
  • In-app purchases are a great model for mobile apps on both iOS and Android.
  • Subscriptions (this monetization strategy is very common. And continues to make revenue until the user decides to cancel the subscription. And so most apps offer a free trial period.)

Classic Tip from Our Experts

To flourish in your app business plan, you should take an MVP model with you. With such an app or software development, it becomes easy for the third person to understand your intent and be with you in the discussion.

A business plan with a functioning model is what will definitely make its way through. You can address your audience most effectively with such a profitable move. For more query on the topic, you can consult our experts. Also, get a free quote for your app idea!

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On a Concluding Note!

Bring out your unique app business plan. No clone successfully made its way up to an original Uber, Netflix, Amazon, and Flipkart. Get yourself out there with our tech brains. Let’s explore the best for you and your business together. Invade the online space with a great mobile app business plan.


1. What is a business plan for a mobile app?

The app business plan is a document with all the details of the business and step wise representation of a futuristic SDLC. 

2. How does a mobile app business plan look like?

It starts from a brief history of your company to the marketing plan, launch date, investor details, and more. Every minute upgrade which will happen in the future has to be mentioned in the plan. 

3. What is the price to create a business strategy for an app?

It depends on the size of your business and the entire project scope. Our cost to create a business plan starts from $3000.

Mobile App Business Plan

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