Future of PHP Development in 2023

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future of php development

The world is getting smarter with each passing day. The global application development market size is valued at USD 250859.68 million in 2023 and will grow at a CAGR of 21.01% during the forecast period, reaching USD 787685.09 million by 2027. We are witnessing rapid technological growth because of the new and updated frameworks, programming languages, and a combination of tech stacks. In this blog, our experts have discussed a programming language that has come a long way since 1995-PHP. Let’s dive into the blog and know the future of PHP development in 2023 and beyond.

Software development is made easy with open-source languages. Yes! It is the truth. No online services would have come into existence without these popular scripting languages. The most desired ones are PHP, JavaScript, Python, C++, NodeJS, Java, and more. Out of these the most evolved and used language is PHP.

What is PHP?

Danish-Canadian Programmer Rasmus Lerdorf created it in 1993, and the program came into existence since 1995. So, technically it has been around for over 20 years, evolving the tech arena. Since its advent, the server-side scripting language has been known for its flexibility, innovative features, and dynamic database for sites. The PHP frameworks provide a well-organized code, easily embedded into HTML code. Unlike other languages, PHP debugs issues quickly and efficiently. so several operating systems connect easily to Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and web servers like Netscape, Apache, etc.

A web developer effectively builds a user-friendly website with various PHP development tools. It is the best way of developing a complex web venture in the shortest amount of time with an increased run-time and extension API using web server abstraction layers. 

Note: 79.2% of websites rely on PHP-Talking about loyal users; the framework aces every app development category. The developers are satisfied with its global results and are clinging to it for its revolutionary updates and feature integrations.

Currently what is PHP used for?

  • Tech behemoths like Facebook, Slack, Lyft, etc.
  • Content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, etc.
  • eCommerce platforms like Magneto and more.

Latest PHP development trends & Evolution Over the Years

The latest PHP web development version 8.1 has immersive features like Fiber, never return type, intersection type, and more. As a language, PHP stands out for its every update and error-handling functionality. The web app development built using the framework enables a high-performance and engaging online browsing experience. For 2023, PHP projects, to hold 49.7% of the market share, making it the most popular programming language.

The future of PHP development is bright as it has the Laravel framework– the favorite among the developers’ community. Its MVC architecture, eloquent ORM, Blade engine template, and other advanced integrated features make the framework extra special. 

Hence proven, in the near future, PHP is a much-needed language for a modern, minimalistic, and well-performing web app. Despite other famous languages like Python, Golang, and JavaScript, it has 70% of websites in hand. 

Which factors make PHP important in the web development market?

factors of php development

Furthermore here are the key benefits of PHP development that make it a robust web development framework in today’s digital age. 

Easy to Learn and Use:

To develop a PHP web app, one does not need extensive knowledge and experience. Most people create a web page with a single PHP file quickly. The entrance hurdles to PHP are lower than many other languages because of its straightforward syntax and quick learning curve for command functions.

Open-source Language:

It is installed quickly at zero cost. PHP provides open access to a wide range of frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, etc. The open-source helps companies to control the costs of web development. 

Strong Community Support:

PHP has a large and loyal community that supports its every online development. There are tons of tutorials, FAQs, and tips that help new developers and businesses efficiently know the language’s whereabouts with its new updates.

Fast & Secure:

Every company wants its website or application to be quick and safe. The updated versions of PHP use their memory and perform well in speed. One significant advantage is that numerous tools, frameworks, and best practices are now available to repair vulnerabilities and defend against cyberattacks due to their extensive use and community support.

Connect with various databases:

PHP makes it easy to connect with any database. The developers get their due flexibility in choosing a database suitable for their web application development.

Tried & Tested:

Being around for over two decades has made PHP the most used and tested web development framework. The language is now more reliable and trusted by developers because significant issues have been identified and fixed. Other frameworks and tools have been developed over time, making PHP web development safer, faster, and more productive.

Expert’s advice: As a renowned PHP development company, we have provided a curated set of PHP development services to ace the digital world’s advancement. We have been using the programming language for quite some time and have seen tremendous results. We have prepared this guide with all the necessary inputs that state PHP as the best framework for web apps. It is the latest and most updated technology in the digital advancement world. 

Keep these advantages of PHP web development in mind to rule out the other competition.

  • Independent platform
  • Open-source
  • Dynamic library support
  • Easy to understand and code
  • Quick database connectivity
  • Web developers get more control
  • High-performing, reliable, scalable application
  • Compatible with varied platforms
  • Constant updates and versatile feature compilations

To make your web app development framework’s selection process easy, we have also compared some popular languages with PHP.

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Top 4 Competitive PHP Frameworks in the Market

1. Laravel


On record, 1,672,117 websites are laravel customers. The PHP framework is used specifically for building full-stack apps. The foundation of this framework is based on MVC architecture. Furthermore, it is open-source with a huge community backup that helps eliminate bugs in real time. 

Laravel provides a state-of-the-art Blade template engine, unit testing, automated debugging, adhesive ORM, and more, which helps make a web application an authorized and authenticated online system.

As a laravel development company, we build custom web solutions using the best set of laravel development services. We develop scalable, cloud-integrated, cost-effective web apps for your businesses. The success of a web app proficiently depends upon its framework, and laravel is what makes it all happen for your business online. 

2. Yii


Yii is a secure, fast, and high-performing web framework created by Qiang Xue in 2008. It stands for “Yes It Is,” a minimalistic solution for developing a niche website for a targeted audience. Like most PHP frameworks, Yii also consists of an MVC software design paradigm and works on the concept of DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself). It is easily integrated with jQuery and AJAX.

The code produced by Yii components and command line tools follows the Model-View-Controller design pattern and adheres to the XHTML standard. However it is appropriate for all project kinds and provides a wide range of optimization features in its API for creating a robust, effective website.

3. Symfony


Symfony is one of the oldest PHP frameworks. It consists of pre-configured components for templating, translation, form configurations, and more. Technological advancement gains popularity due to its versatility, flexibility, and scalability. 

So, the other advantages of Symfony include open-source projects like PHPUnit, Twig as templating engine, Doctrine as an object-relational mapping layer, and PHP Data Objects as a database abstraction layer. 

4. CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter logo

Developers use CodeIgniter to quickly build custom eCommerce websites that are best for secured solutions. The framework mainly serves to develop payment gateways and eCommerce solutions. It is a top choice for a startup company because it offers scalability and many built-in vulnerability protection features.

It also allows developers to be inventive without imposing any onerous restrictions on their software, which is crucial for startups.

Many other PHP frameworks like Zend, CakePHP, Phalcon, Slim, and others are yet to prove their worth in the digital world.  

When it comes to revolutionizing the web development, PHP is a knight in shining armor. The programming language has a versatile usage of its features, functionalities, and frameworks across the globe. 

Why use PHP for Web Development? 

With time some programming languages deteriorate. But, in the case of PHP, the constant growth and need for new technological versions have brought it a long way. The ever-changing digital world gets a new urge for improvement, which calls for updates in the existing tech foundations (programming language, frameworks, architectures). 

Today’s PHP backend programming goes beyond just adding a database to your front-end work. Instead, PHP makes it simple to complete much more diversified jobs, including data collection, redirection, mobile integration, etc. 

Over the years, PHP has improved in efficiency and versatility while maintaining user-friendly and affordable. As a result, it is highly recommended for commercial projects because of its simple syntax and quick onboarding facility.

PHP is simple to understand. When combined with JavaScript, PHP can complete any project successfully without any problem. Among programming languages, it is comparable to English. It is well-known, adaptable, and may be applied to an almost limitless variety of purposes.

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Development With PHP is Quicker & Simpler

What else can we say about PHP? It takes less time to deliver a project using PHP compared to other programming languages. Developing with MVP makes a project release faster with efficient Unite testing. Every application with PHP reaches its target audience in time, leaving your competition behind. Time to market drastically reduces when you use PHP as your language of choice.

Furthermore, it is easy to find a PHP programmer with more apt knowledge of PHP than any other programming language. Therefore, there is a specialist for every project type in this tech advancement in the bigger pool of talent to choose from. Thus, it is simple and easy compared to other software programming languages.

PHP is Cheaper than Other Backend Technologies

Hiring a PHP developer is 20% less expensive than Ruby developers,NodeJS developers and Python developers. It is easy to find and hire a Laravel developer. Although we concentrate on custom programming, integrating third-party CMS platforms like WordPress or Wix is relatively simple with PHP. So, depending on the functionality your business model will need, you can use PHP for only a portion of your project or the entire thing.

PHP supports many databases, including MSSQL, IBM, DB2, and Oracle OC18. It is simpler to manage and reroute your data when there are more database possibilities. In addition, faster speeds enable all embedded systems to operate fluidly and quickly. MySQL, dBase, Mongo, mSQL, SQLite, SQLite3, etc., are examples of its database integrations. 

Latest PHP Development Trends in 2023

Web app development with PHP & Cloud :

Maintaining an extensive database across the internet has been a concern for many businesses. As a result, most companies are investing heavily in creating cloud infrastructures. According to a study, cloud services and PHP get along remarkably well. generally 60% of the world’s corporate data is stored in the cloud. 

Additionally, to make use of both PHP and Cloud technology, 78.9% of websites and app development companies use PHP and Cloud frameworks. Since PHP is inexpensive and facilitates the creation of scalable and secure internet applications, it is their chosen technology.

PHP with IoT Integration :

One of the most trending development trends is IoT. PHP and IoT work together to revolutionize the digital world and keep track of every piece of information in a fraction of a second. Meanwhile many businesses, including real estate, use the Internet of Things to make their products more innovative and user-friendly. For instance, smart homes provide mobile phone control of anything from lights to appliances.

Developers used PHP web development tools and IoT devices to develop the entire code framework. Additionally, they modified PHP frameworks such as Symfony and Laravel to meet the requirements of IoT implementation.

PHP and Smart Chatbots :

The customer is the king of every kind of business. Consumer satisfaction is what everybody looks for. When a company can resolve a clientele query in time, it seamlessly succeeds by providing an improved version of a service or product.

In this fast-paced world, people no longer provide customer services via phone calls or direct-in-store visits. Instead, a company accesses them via chatbots, offers answers to every question, resolves technical issues, obtains documents, and provides general help. 

The use of chatbots has increased recently. Intelligent chatbots are one of the most recent developments in PHP development. One of the finest methods to stay in touch with your clients after office hours is through them. Chatbots powered by AI are so skilled at conversing in a human-like manner.

PHP and Voice Search Optimization :

Voice searches are quicker than any other digital assistance. As a result, voice search optimization will be a common PHP web development trend in 2023.

In addition, more web designers are increasing including speech capabilities in their websites due to the rise in popularity of digital voice assistants like Siri and Alexa in our daily lives. Studies show that compared to typing, voice searches are preferred by 71% of users.

PHP User Interface Trends :

Another well-established trend in PHP web development is the competition among websites to be more user-friendly. Users are influenced by website’s user interface (UI) as soon as they arrive there.

A brand’s reputation would suffer from a wrong impression. The right PHP web development services can help you create amazing web apps or websites with a user-friendly interface. 

On a concluding note!

PHP is the best server-side backend technology for your business development. A variety of PHP frameworks and tools are available to create feature-rich, user-friendly online applications. For example, a PHP developer can create a website with a more user-friendly interface using any well-known PHP framework, such as CakePHP, CodeIgniter, or Laravel. Invade your digital space by partnering with the best web and mobile app development company and integrating the best online practices.


1. Does PHP have a future?

49.7% of websites are up and running using PHP advancement. The advancement is also known for the Laravel framework making it even more dominant in the web app development genre. So, as of 2022, it has been among the popular programming languages used by the developer community. It will need a more profound and modernized touch with time, but it is here to stay for eternity. 

2. What are the benefits of PHP in 2023?

Benefits or advantages of PHP:-

  • Open-source & free advancement
  • A large community of developers
  • Scalable websites by adding more servers as per requirement
  • High processing speed
  • Cost-efficient
  • Facilitates custom development 

3. How is PHP still so relevant?

PHP is considered a ‘light’ tech advancement. It consists of easy deployment and a prompt development-to-release cycle, making it even more relevant today. It has constantly been evolving since its inception, providing the web app development world with new & refine ways of increasing user engagement in the app. 

4. Is PHP worth learning?

If you’re just starting your coding education, you might be debating whether it’s worthwhile to learn PHP. Even though it may not be as well-known as other programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, or Python, PHP powers about 78% of all well-known websites.

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