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Summary: Quality assurance services play a critical role in a software’s online success. The testing phases ensure the smooth functioning of the development lifecycle. The timely elimination of bugs, coding errors, loading problems, etc. is managed seamlessly. One of the best QA testing services that we are going to discuss in this blog is ‘regression testing.’

Introduction to the World of Software Testing

Quality Assurance is all about defect prevention. For instance, a user is looking at a website that looks fine at first, but scrolling or switching pages gives you design flaws & errors. These minute functionalities make it a point for every online venture to go for end-user responsiveness.

It can cost millions for your business if you oversee these QA testing perks for the digital firm. Imagine, if you are an owner of a health organization, and your EHR system is showing an error. It does risk a patient’s life. While an eCommerce website that has performance issues might cost the owner his overall profit generation. The software testing market size was at USD 40 billion in 2020, estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7% from 2021 to 2027.

Now, without doing further due, let’s get into the regression QA testing service. This quality assurance comes as a priority when there are constant changes from the developers. While developing a website or application, developers might need to do changes in their code or integrate a new feature. Unknowingly, after changes are made, the software may not work as before. There are several system crashes or collapses. 

The main aim of regression testing services is to discover the errors that accidentally occurred during:-

  1. Upgrading the system
  2. Fix a particular bug
  3. Adding at least one feature  

What is Regression Testing?

  • It is a black-box testing technique that is used to authenticate a code change in the software. The test takes place without impacting the existing functionality of the product. It only tests the external factors responsible for software failure. 
  • The software testing service helps in getting rid of the risk that is linked with updated websites, and applications.
  • It is performed by a QA team after the development team has completed their part of the work.
  • It is also known as a verification method.

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QA Testing Services

Why Our QA Analysts Perform Regression Testing?

Regression testing takes place when the code is modified. The following are the scenario for performing regression testing:

1. When new functionalities are added

For instance, the website or application has login functionality, which allows users to log in with their email ID. Now, the developer has integrated a new feature to log in with a phone number, which needs to be tested for the best user experience.

2. When there is any change in the existing requirement

For example, remove the “Remember Password” button, which was present before.

3. When there is a defect that needs a quick fix

In case the sign-up button does not work, then a bug is generated by the tester. The developers fix it. Once the bug gets fixed, the tester verifies the sign-up button’s working condition. Similarly, the tester also tests other functionality, which is related to the sign-up.

4. When the performance issue is solved

For instance, reducing the loading time of any page.

Types of Regression Testing

Types of Regression testing
  • Unit Regression Testing

It should be taken up in the initial unit testing phase, which tests the code as a single unit.

  • Partial Regression testing

It is performed when making slide changes to the code. This testing process ensures to make the system works properly even after adding new code or when even slight code changes are made. 

  • Complete Regression Testing

Involves testing the changed units as well as any old features of the application. It was commonly taken up to test when more than one code changed. This testing has to be performed before any major release or product delivery to ensure all functionalities continue to work seamlessly.

  • Build Level Regression Testing 

This method of regression testing at the building level corresponds to testing during the second build of the upcoming release and is usually taken up when some code changes are done across the builds.

Tools For Regression Testing used by our QA Professionals

  1. Selenium: an open-source tool for website testing.
  2. Sliktest: a universal testing tool that supports a wide range of mobile, desktop, and web application testing
  3. TestComplate: It is good for running parallel regression tests.
  4. Testdrive: It used to run fast regression tests.
  5. IBM Rational Functional Tester: It is a commercial tool that often used for automated regression testing.

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Best Practices of Regression Testing

The regression testing technique is reliable, yet it is time-consuming and costly. That’s why it’s often intelligent to organize your tests into suites that correspond to modules of your program. During each testing session, your QAs will test only the modules that are affected by the change. It is not possible to eliminate the need for manual testing.

In order to get an effective regression test strategy, it should include

  • Gathering all test cases
  • Identifying the improvements that can be made for the test cases
  • Estimating the time required for the execution of these test cases
  • Outlining of them can be automated and which ones to be manually tested.

1. Regularly update your regression pack:

A collection of a test case performed as and when the software update is called a pack. It is good to keep regression test cases up to date. It is time-consuming.

2. Re-run successful test cases:

Re-run the test cases as previously reported bugs may be included in your regression test cases.

3. Automate:

Automated tools can faster certain activities compared to humans. So, automating is the best solution to increase the speed of running the test case.

Automated regression testing can relax a tester to work trickier case-specific tests as it is unexciting to handle test cases.

Client Benefits

  • It speeds up the marketing time of a software
  • Promotes the product quality
  • Reduces cost, time, and efforts invested in resolving the necessary errors
  • It helps in detecting & eliminating problems in the early stages of the development cycle avoiding a negative impact on product functionality.

Benefits of QA Testing Services

  • It helps to make sure that any changes like bug fixes or added new features included in the module have no impact on the existing code.
  • It helps in improving the quality of the product.
  • At the time of regression testing, test cases are a priority depending on the changes done to the existing feature. And then, the module has taken priority testing.


In a competitive market, the quality of services and products remain significant for business success. User satisfaction and approval are the greatest priority of any business as its mainly followed by brand trustworthiness resulting in better profits. Undertaking regression testing services and opting for the path of retesting, will verify that your software’s effectiveness will certainly lead to a massive ROI. Get a free quote from us for our QA testing services & be a leading software in the digital market with real-time alterations from professionals.

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