Amazon Chrome Extension: A Guide to Scale Your Online Business

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Amazon Chrome Extension: A Guide to Scale Your Online Business

Summary: 2.64 billion online buyers across the globe are dependent on eCommerce platforms. And the number rises faster than we think. One cannot just be there being an online brand on such platforms. They have to take their steps to market themselves. Amazon is a great example of new trends in the eCommerce sector. With Amazon chrome extension, it has given the buyers a whole new way to buy things at ease. And for sellers, it is new to set up their own needs at par. Profits are instant if you vouch for such custom make tools. Dive into the blog and know about it!

Chrome extensions are a great way to enhance user experience. These are small add ons that custom makes ones Google chrome browser. It helps users in their buy ons. Even firms get the upper hand in organizing every single task on time. 

So, now let’s get to know more about Chrome extensions. This will surely help the ones who are thinking to expand their venture. And the ones who want to ace the online shop world. 


Today, you need to step apart and be a step ahead to win customers in the online space. Chrome extensions are the fastest way to lure and be among the target audiences. It is an innovative and easy to access facility for every one who are in the eCommerce business.- Pramesh Jain, CEO, WebMob Technologies

Now, let’s have a gist of what the extensions are exactly. Our team has given apt details about it so that you can get the concept right.

What is a Chrome Extension?

Consumers are the king.

An old saying, but yet it works for every business, online or offline.

To evolve with time will help you to become today’s renowned name. And chrome extension is the best way to be with the audience. 

In professional terms, they are mini programs initiated on the Chrome browser with a primary purpose. They are built to impart a great user experience on your web platforms. It solves three major cruxes, which are as follows.

  • Increases productivity: You can look into other tasks and automate many more in the tool.
  • Helps collect database: It is apt to gather all the data in one place. And that too of all kinds. Sales to customer use to item displays. Every thing just a click away.
  • Fun web experience: Of course, it is fun to use. It is easy to fetch data and use it for your benefit. 

Fact: The global market share of the Chrome extension is 64.86% across all devices. In the U.S., the share has reached 49.45%. 

Now, this is a massive rise! Why is there so much craze for Amazon extensions for Chrome? Let’s find out about its benefits.

Top Benefits of Amazon Chrome Extension

Top Benefits of Amazon Chrome Extension

First, understand the core benefits of a Chrome extension.

Great efficacy & productivity

Who does not like to boost their productivity? It is easy to custom set your own browser as per your features and functionalites. It improves the workflow and boosts the productivity. Browsers tend to automate, monitor, and control the overall firm’s process

Multi device support

We all want easy access from any device. With the Chrome extension, one can sync their data flexibly from any device and anywhere. It is a very handy option for firms to work as they wish. 

Security & privacy

The brands vouch for custom online security today. With a VPN, users can safe guard their data and privacy. Thus their in house work is managed well with such advances.

Boost up your online engagement with an immersive chrome extension

Handle project efficiently

Who does not want to be perfect at their work? One can organize their orders on time, be ahead of their competitors, monitor tasks, check progress, etc. It all happens in real time, which makes it easy for firms to take matters into their own hands.

Supports digital marketing

With an extension, there is no need for a user to have to hassle between multiple tools. One can market their products at ease and get all the data. One can also get details to be ahead of other online brands. Thus, the golden grail for each digital marketer might be custom extensions that give vital analytics. And thus, one can excel in the online world.

Smart shop tactics

We all love to shop online. What if you lure your users to shop at the right time? Try to give a personal touch to their online buy via an extension. For example, it is easy to notify users when you have a sale, wishlist products are back in stock, etc.

When we talk about Amazon extensions, how can we not talk about the famous ones? Helium 10, Virtual Launch, Amazon Keyword Tool, etc. All these extensions help Amazon sellers move forward with real time analytics. Let’s get into some more benefits related to Amazon marketplace extensions.

Power up with AI

AI helps to flourish your list. It all starts with AI-powered keywords. A seller can integrate the most used ones into the meta title and description. This helps in SERP and SEO ranks. With such an AI tactic, one can improve their visibility as well as sales.

Ace the marketplace

Analyze every bit of your profile with others. Review downloads, total revenue, average revenue, inventory level, sales chart, product research, etc. All these and much more specific filters are present in it. Thus, you can also be one of the top brands on Amazon. It helps to engage and boost sales of your venture.

Automate price and inventory task

Custom create your prices as per your lists. Automate shuffle of prices with every product as per the need. Along with it, you can also go for inventory tasks. Update images, shuffle them, change meta titles, check the overall stock, etc. You can get all things on track with the stats obtained from these extentions for Amazon.

Boosts ROI

Who does not want a good ROI? Amazon chrome extensions help a lot in SEO. To improve your chances to rank high in search results, the plugin offers better tips for product titles, descriptions, photos, and targeted keywords. Ad cost is also optimized. And thus, the ROI is increased through the automation of monthly paid promotional tactics.

 Let’s build a chrome extension for your eCommerce business!

Now, before we end the blog, let’s get straight to some of the best chrome extension for Amazon. Here we go!

Top Amazon Chrome Extension for Your eCommerce Business

#1 Helium 10

Helium 10

Helium 10 is best known to find apt keywords for your products on Amazon. It also allows a user to copy ASIN info. It shows every kind of competitive details. Reviews to sales it efficiently gives one all the insights. The chrome extension is free and is a great help to analyze and strategize for future. In other features it has:-

  • Keyword search
  • Track the search term ranks
  • Get data profitable items
  • Product research (height, weight, image, SEO details)
  • Sales chart
  • Analyze client insights
  • Assess product need

#2 Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout

This is the most talked about browser extension by the sellers. It helps obtain exact details of popular items. It analyzes the expected sales of every product on a specific page. Germany, Italy, France, India, the UK, the US, and Spain use it on a vast scale. With a refund policy, the annual tool price starts at $97. In other features it includes:-

  • Key product insights (BSR)
  • 1 billion data points to analyze your product idea
  • Details of all the sellers
  • Review analysis from the buyers

#3 Keepa


Keepa is an Amazon price tracker. It helps to get a detailed price history. It also helps a seller to know a price drop. One can compare prices, analyze the overall market, and sell as per the plan. The history of prices shows every single thing except shipping. Thus, one can sell items at a competitive prices with the use of the free tool. In other features:-

  • Import of wish lists 
  • Charts of past prices 
  • Alerts on low prices 
  • Prices of deals 
  • Global price comparison

#4 AMZScout


Monitor your monthly sales at ease with AMZScout. There is no need to look for a specific product and its details. The chrome extension for Amazon gives you with the data of every product page. In other features:-

  • Sales record
  • Evaluate monthly income
  • Automate FBA fee charges
  • Analysis of a list
  • Detail about lowest seller price

These are the top 4 Amazon extensions for Chrome to consider for your project. Apart from these, if you want your own online extension, then we are here to help.

At WebMob Technologies, we have hands down expertise to build trend setters of the online world. We know how to manage your needs and turn them into a solution. Our team thrives to create organized and immersive modules for such in-depth and detailed projects. We ensure your UI/UX is easy to use with updates to carry on with tasks.

our portfolio

Ready to Create an Amazon Chrome Extension?

One needs to learn to grow with time. You have to invest with the right ones and at the right time. To ace online you will need to have certain tools in your chrome. One of them is Amazon extensions. It is the best and effective source to grow in the online shop field. 

If you are a new seller or the one who is onto add a chrome extension to its Amazon, than you should do it. To excel in the eCommerce marketplace, you will need a support to ace your products. It comes with these extensions that bring you great insights. Streamline and automate your sales with such advances. 

eCommerce is a fast paced sector. You will need the advances to make a difference. Explore more such possibility of Chrome Extension with our experts at WebMob Technologies. Our experts have 5+ years of expertise in the tech world. Let’s dictate the path to your success in the online marketplace world. Your idea and our expertise will blend in to become the best tech tool online. Consult us for free!


Why should a business use chrome extension?

You need such advances to improve your sales and get your hands on the best products. It will give you every small insight to help you ace online shopping. Get all the details at once in a systematic way with the chrome extensions.

How much does it cost to build a chrome extension?

It all depends on:-

  • Which scale do you want the extension?
  • What features do you want?
  • How many modules do you want in your tool?
  • Do you want any external integration?

And many other such questions add up to your final cost to create a chrome extension.

How an Amazon chrome extension affects your overall performance?

The tool helps to up your sales game with every possible insight. It gives you top product ranks, average sales, monthly ad revenues, etc., of all the competitors. It shows your graph to make you understand your loopholes. Thus, it boosts your online presence in every way possible.

How an Amazon chrome extension affects your overall performance?

The tool helps to up your sales game with every possible insight. It gives you top product ranks, average sales, monthly ad revenues, etc., of all the competitors. It shows your graph to make you understand your loopholes. Thus, it boosts your online presence in every way possible. 

Do chrome extensions make money?

Yes, they do make a lot of money. Here are certain ways to do it:-

  • Charge your loyal audience to use the tool.
  • In app payments
  • Search ads and affiliated marketing
  • Sell the tool

There are also many other ways to move ahead with such an advances.

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