Advanced Web Scraping: Techniques to Handle Dynamic Content & Anti-Scraping Measures

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Advanced Web Scraping: Techniques to Handle Dynamic Content & Anti-Scraping Measures

Summary: Ace the game of the online world with the right dataset. Now, the problem that we all face is a reliable data source. There is a lot of data present on this vast web. And to fetch from every where is a tedious task. What if you can automate the data fetch? And that too, from any site you want? Yes, it is possible with Advanced Web Scraping. As an expert in the app development world, our team has come up with some tactics. These will help to web scrap in the most ethical and legal way possible. Dive into the blog and learn the apt way for you to fetch any data across web browsers in real time. 

What is Web Scraping?

What is Web Scraping?

In simple words web scraping means, to get a desired detail from any website across the internet with ease. For example, what if you want to know about pizza? Where was its origin? You will visit Wikipedia, right?! And fetch info from there. But what if you want to get your hands on large data to train your ML algorithm? In that case copy paste will not work. Web scrap is the only way out at once with specific data. 

Indeed, the web scraping uses many techniques to automate the method to fetch data. One can gather billions of data in less time and in a faster way. 

Today, the web app developers use it extensively. While they create an eCommerce app or have to scrap data from an old project at once. Web scrap helps them to reach their goals in time. 

What are the Benefits of Web Scraping?

It is also known as ‘content scraping’ or ‘data scraping.’ 

One can scrap every kind of data from the search engines to govt. platforms. Mostly, some websites allow users to scrap their content. 

However, on some sites, you may need help to scrap the data. You may need to apply some tools and tricks to do so. For instance, many experts extract data from visual content. 

With a web API or an app’s programming interface, it becomes easy to scrap data. You can scrap social media, eCommerce, SERP, as well as no code data. 

What are the Benefits of Web Scraping?

It does get tricky when a site does not have its API or does not allow it to extract data. This is the exact scenario when you will need a web scrapping tech. 

How Much is Web Scrap Used on a Global Level?

As per a recent stats, from the past 5 years, the global need of web scrapping online has increased. You can also see it in the graph below:-

How Much is Web Scrap Used on a Global Level?

Source: Google Trends

With the overall competition in the online marketplace, there is ever more need for a reliable database. One wants to be among the users, and for that, one needs to be with the right audience. And for that, of course, firms now need web scraping developers.

To make you even more clear about web scraping, here are some known used cases across the globe. Prices of airline tickets, real estate sites for housing, online jobs, etc. All of these portals need to scrap data from time to time. They need to upgrade their details which is only possible with web scraping tools. 

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Now, after knowing the gist of web scraping, let’s dive into some of the advanced web scraping techniques. 

Advanced Web Scraping Techniques & Anti Scraping Measures

#1 Use of Python for Dynamic Web Scrap

Usually, a dynamic web page is built with the JS framework React. It means that the content is updated even before a page loads fully. And it is changed dynamically. Of course, it gives a great user experience, but it is a task for traditional scraping tools with HTML to carry out the process. 

But now, with the immense growth in tech, the experts use Python & Selenium as their go-to web scraping advances. Python has a lot of libraries that help to scrap web in real time. Two of the most popular ones are Selenium and Beautiful Soup. 

How will you use Selenium? The library is a virtual browser that allows to interact with the web pages. It is perfect to scrap dynamic content that has clicks, scrolls, and user inputs. It is, thus, best known as the Selenium web scraping method.

How will you use Beautiful Soup? The Python library is designed to get through HTML and XML docs. And when used with them, it becomes a good blend that allows to scrap online. 

#2 Use Proxy & User Agents

For an arduous scrap task, one needs to follow robots.txt rules. This is where a proxy or user agent comes into the picture. Proxy works well and hides your IP address, which makes a site look at you as a regular user. While user agent showcase, as you did, use varied browsers & devices. And thus adds extra anonymity. 

#3 Adapt & Scrap Smartly

A website tends to stop automated bots to secure their data. To protect, they could use CAPTCHAs, fake links to trap scrapers, or put limits to access a site. One can overcome it by bringing in an expert software development company. An expert comes up with CAPTCHA solving service, polite web scrap with robots.txt, etc. Thus, one has to play smart with all the apt advances. 

#4 Efficient Web Scrap

You need to build a system that helps streamline your web scraping instantly. With advanced web scraping software, you can automate data cleaning and save it. Tools will help your firm gather the best database in no time. Get a better blend of web app developers and custom make a web scrap tool for yourself. 

#5 Handle Errors & Validate Data

Only well organized and precise data may be put to use. Verify it using validation tests to ensure that it clings to the right formats and to identify any errors. Also, robust error handling is vital to prevent system crashes. And deals with updates on sites or issues with networks. 

#6 Data Storage and Management

The fetched data is at risk. One way to manage it is with database management system (DBMS). MongoDB, SQLite, etc., play a huge role to store data efficiently. They offer a structured way to handle large data sets. You have to install DBMS on your system and you are good to organize your scrapped data.

Extract Data With Web Scraping!

The question arises: is web scraping a boon or a bane? Many mishaps happen because of web scrap. If you are someone who wants to build a web scrap tool or want to go with a web scraping service, then do it responsibly. 

If you want a good hold of web scraping and its advances, consult us. Our experts have hands down expertise with Python libraries, we can help you limit bots and safeguard your valuable data. 13+ years of expertise & many awards including the Clutch, App Futura, etc. 


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What type of data is web scraping used to extract?

One can scrap every data. But if you ask for specifics, such as texts, data from new sites, images, videos, etc., Every minute database is ethically fetched with the help of web scraping. 

Is web scraping legal? 

There is no such thing as illegal scrap of data. Any site that publishes data online, makes it public. So, there is no such rule not to fetch data; only certain measures a site takes to protect data fetch from cyber attackers.

What are the types of web scrapers?

There are three kinds of web scrapers.

  • Self built web scrapers
  • Browser extensions
  • Local web scrapers

Why is Python the best for web scraping?

Python is the most used and loved web scraping tech by the experts. Why so? The libraries made in it are built for advanced web scraping. Scrapy, Beautiful Soup, and Selenium are the best ones in use to date.

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