Top 19 Angular JS Development Tools in 2024

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Top 19 Angular JS Development Tools in 2024

Summary: The app development market is set to reach US$179.90 billion in 2024. The revenue of the app world is projected to be at US$234.70 billion by 2028. And to become a part of this insane number, you have to strike at once with the best blend of tech stacks. In this blog, we will talk about web apps and their advances. Now, what better way than to start with JS universe? Yes! Many advances make web development easy. One such dynamic web app tech stack is Angularjs. To develop an Angular.js app, dive into the most popular Angularjs development tools.


The open-source JS framework designs the best modern web apps with rich RIAs. It came into existence in 2009 and is managed by Google. The HTML markup language is known to build interactive web apps. It is the key to create the best frontend development. 

Why is Angularjs popular? The tech allows HTML as a template to build Gen X web apps. Its features like data binding, code reusability, and easy integration with a wide array of tools & plugins make it the top choice of experts.

Now, let’s dive into the USPs of Angularjs & know what are the core benefits to use it. It will also help one to understand an expert’s take on it.

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What are the Benefits of Angular.js?

  • Fast and detailed code

One does not have to write long codes to create a ‘hello.’ Angular.js tools are the best blend of tech stacks that give easy coding via bootstrap. Thus, it becomes very easy for an expert to build every feature in less time.

  • Call-back registration

It helps to reduce JS code & ease out app workability. Thus, it helps the app suppose to do what it is meant to do. 

  • Efficient data transfer to & from UI

In case of a data transfer, Angular js creates boilerplate code. Such code helps data transfer without any errors. As well as it also helps to sustain the interior model add ons. Thus, overall it leaves the UI well defined with efficient working.

Now, let’s dive into the most popular Angular developer tools. This will help you to integrate the best one for your project.

Top 19 Best Angularjs Development Tools

Top 19 Best Angularjs Development Tools

Why is Angularjs the best framework? The answer to it is efficient Angular JS dev tools. The tech has varied tools that make an expert’s life easy. They are indeed a boon to the Angularjs ecosystem. 

The list is prepared by our expert Angularjs developers who have been around the stack for a time now. Our team has seen all the evolutions of the JS advances. And has an apt expertise to tackle SDLC challenges & updates. Dive into the list now!

#1 Karma


Karma is the best framework for QA tests. Angularjs is known for it, as experts swear by its coding results. It allows them to test code in a true to life ecosystem. 

The advances are also used to test apps on several devices. It has become a great option to simulations. Thus, helps to identify potential issues, bugs, and glitches to update it in real time.

#2 Angular JS UI

Angular JS UI

It consists of UI components that help build blocks to create an entire app with less code. The UI facilitates fast design & delivery of Angularjs apps. So, this particular tool also makes Angularjs the best in business at the moment. 

#3 Ment.io


The tool functions efficiently without jQuery. It gives experts the flexibility to apply code to a specific block. And thus accept specific text input. Ment.io is also capable of macros widgets and thus enhances efficacy to cut down on experts’ efforts.

#4 Jasmine


It is, yet again, a great testing tool. Jasmine removes the dependency to configure with browsers. And so, it provides a solution with the best testing environment. It has easy-to-use syntax & supports runtimes for websites. Thus, Jasmine is the primary Angular dev tool for test software.

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#5 Angular Gettext

Angular Gettext

The newbie Angularjs tool is a perfect code translator. It helps experts deploy efficient annotated blocks of code in natural language. Thus, it helps one to instruct a browser or a framework effectively.

#6 Mocha.js


Asynchronous tests are what makes Mocha.js unique. What will one do if the code is all made up of glitches? To create an error free app, one has to run multiple tests at a time. This tool has many benefits that allow a tester to test every Angularjs app flexibly. Thus, it enhances mapping accuracy and report frequency for Angular JS development.

#7 Djangular


It creates a massive load of content and facilitates the proper creation of the same as per the app’s needs. Also, an expert can use apps per site with the function of selective runtime. Djangular is popular because of its easy app integrates & content order. 

#8 Angular seed

Angular seed

It is a robust structure that builds a sturdy Angularjs web app. One deploys the tool to bootstrap an app & utilize its IDE. With the help of such a tool, you can also easily use NativeScript.

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#9 Protractor


Protractor stands out in the QA tester’s advances list. It tops the charts as it autonomously syncs in the web pages. And help run apt tests. It does not hamper the runtime. And thus, offers a great online feel to the users. 

#10 Angular Deckgrid

Angular Deckgrid

Angularjs is a light grid that works best for codes where a directive is mentioned. It works independently & gives appealing visuals. The tools get & display visuals from the CSS file of a project.

#11 Videogular


It is an HTML5 video player that fulfils all your video needs. An expert is able to deploy videos with multimedias right into an app. The Angularjs tool comes with a robust API & many custom plugins to support great videos in an online venture. Thus, every design in the app is matched by such a video to increase the UI/UX engagement.

#12 WebStorm


WebStorm is a well knitted IDE. It gives a user with an intuitive navigation and debugs the app fast in real time. The smart code based on the project’s context speeds up the overall SDLC. And thus, eliminates the likeability of errors. 

#13 AngularFire


The official library for Firebase & Angularjs. It gives a real-time backend for apps. It helps to sync data between Firebase & Angularjs apps. Thus, it enables it to build faster & blend in well with other apps.

It binds data in three ways and updates it in sync with that in real time. It also securely confirms users on the platform.

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#14 Angular UI Router

Angular UI Router

It is a state based routing framework. An expert can structure complex routing scenarios very quickly. Thus, allows to nest with multiple names views in a routing system. Configure routers in a modularly designed AngularJS app.

#15 Visual Studio

Visual Studio

This one’s special. It easily blends in with many major platforms and Oss. The tool comes with a smart editor that helps to execute great Angularjs SDLCs in time. 

Its IntelliSense feature automates & integrates modules, variables, and functions. The built-in GUI for Git gives code visual changes. Also, the Peek functionality allows an expert to look at the entire function.

#16 Mean


Mean is one of the best build tools of Angularjs. It helps create robust apps in MongoDB, Nodejs, and Express. The Angularjs tool has a custom configured module set to speed up the SDLC.

#17 Sublime Text

Sublime Text

It is the best text editor and part of Angular JS development tools that helps test code on an app or a webpage. The tool provides efficiency & great code efficacy. Thus, it makes it the best tool among the experts.

Among its “click to reach” features is “Goto Definition,” which enables one to quickly navigate to particular phrases, lines, or symbols within the code. Changes and edits can be done to many lines at once.

#18 Angular IDE

Angular IDE

The advances have smart syntax that allows to color and auto complete the code. It also has HTML template that helps complete code and detect mis define tags and other formats. Thus, it has earned its place in the Angular JS development tools list.

#19 jsfiddle


It is an online editor that helps coders achieve the best. JSfiddle lets experts code in JS, HTML, CSS and Angular on one screen. It lets one load things fast and is extremely light weight. 

Angular JS Development Tools: Conclusion

What? Of course you are impressed with Angularjs! A one of a kind JS advances that brings in great tools. It provides the best SDLCs with security and easy updates.

The above written tools make Angularjs popular in the web app world. The Angularjs development tools bring a new modern twist to the SDLCs. If you are someone in search of top frontend frameworks, then do consider Angularjs. 

You can also consult our experts and get a free quote. We have been around for over a decade and have witnessed great change. Let’s deploy the best Angularjs development for your web app!


What are the popular Angular JS development tools?







-Angular Seed


How to keep my Angularjs app updated?

With new advances, you have to adapt to new versions constantly. The Angularjs tools & libraries will help you out in every challenge. JS ecosystem has a lot to offer, and so it will never fail at building great apps. 

What backend does Angularjs use?

Servlet, Spring MVC, Spring REST, SOAP Web Services etc., are some of the backend techs used by Angularjs.

Is Angularjs popular?

Every JS advance is popular to create complex & intuitive apps. There is still a lot of demand for Angularjs as it gives you pre-built libraries, designs, features, etc.

Why are Angular js experts in demand?

After the release of Angular, there is surely a bit of a down fall for Angularjs. The urge to use it is still in the market, but no one can say how long it will be. Thus, with new versions, there certainly is a change in the winds.

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