DevOps Trends : How DevOps Services is Fueling the Retail and Hospitality Sector?

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DevOps Services

Summary: The ever-changing consumer preferences are driving the digital world. In this fast pacing customer-oriented software industry, DevOps has made an exception. According to a report from Markets and Markets, the DevOps continuous delivery services market size is expected to grow by USD 10.3 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 24.7% during the forecast period. DevOps services and solutions are rapidly fueling the innovational demand in the retail & hospitality sector. In this blog, we will specifically have a look at advantages, statistics, and more to understand the insights of DevOps evolution in the following two sectors.

Catch it early, fix it fast- This is the apt quote for DevOps services. The most enduring thing about this app development method is its continuous development cycle, which allows changes to take place in real-time. It has emerged out as a productive software cycle with an uncompromised app quality. 

According to a recent survey, the continuous development service will be widely practiced across the globe in 2021. These 36% clearly demonstrate the popularity and usability of the development service.  

The global DevOps market is said to grow at a CAGR of 18.3% from USD 5.30 Billion in 2020 to USD 20.31 Billion in 2028. Continuous integration allows frequent coding, building, integrating, leading towards rapid software advancement.

In North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, there has been a significant increase in cloud-based deployments because of continuous DevOps testing and development opportunities.

Now, let’s talk about the retail and hospitality sector. 

After the advent of Amazon, eBay, the eCommerce platforms have disrupted the retail sectors. And with the ever-raging customer preferences, it is rapidly pacing for better and trendsetting digital transformations. Let’s have a look at the benefits of DevOps to the retail and hospitality sector.

Online Retail and Hospitality Sector

Direct-to-consumer sales are trending with the digital adaptation. Retailers that started building their digital retail platforms were not able to successfully reach the mark of other online eCommerce giants. Because of the traditional tactics, the retailers are falling back into the digital space. 

Customers are frequently expecting new features and intuitive experiences. These instant updates have to be integrated with the help of the most agile and consistently performing service across the digital channels. To serve millions of users, with a reliable framework and accessible network is a sheer task. For maintaining offline and online facilities the retailers have to configure the development of applications in a constant loop of developing, testing, monitoring, and implementing, & more to facilitate the production cycle. 

DevOps Solutions

How DevOps Services and Solution Fits in the Retail Industry?

DevOps Services in retail industry
  • Easy digital transformation: Retailers and e-retailers are highly dependent on quality software solutions for sustainable growth in the market. eCommerce app development has changed the concept of shopping and thus, one has to plan highly flexible software at a low cost. DevOps in retail provides a business, free-hand to make changes as and when required. From setting a robust infrastructure to integrating new features and functionalities, everything is done in a timely manner. The continual development cycle allows continuous workflow, imparting qualitative online experience.
  • Integration of features: With the increasing demand of customers, the retailers have to provide users with intuitive functionality. For that, the DevOps practice allows timely implementation of features like free delivery, notification alerts, UI/UX for cart design, and many other minute details. All these changes help in engaging the audience and making a loyal following online.  
  • High quality and speedy market deployment: Adopting new technologies at a higher pace meets the increasing demand of Gen Z. The eCommerce developers use DevOps to create a better SaaS experience. This eliminates the requirement for users to download software upgrades. The tactic allows an individual to automatically send modifications to the production house without the need for personal intervention.
  • Better customer experience: The agility of DevOps, fixes bugs by continuous monitoring and testing on a frequent basis. No other method, for example, can completely eliminate errors that occur during product development. The DevOps methodology aids in the continuous monitoring and testing of the total product deployment release at the appropriate and faster time.

As a result, DevOps bridges the gap between the working platforms of developers and operational teams. Nonetheless, it aids retail organizations in meeting customer requests and has a significant impact on the company’s ability to influence customer satisfaction.

All-in-all DevOps trends help the retail industry flourish digitally by identifying transformation objectives, upgraded technologies, driving operations using data, resulting in an intuitive online experience.

Now, let’s have a look at how DevOps fits in the hospitality industry. The benefits of DevOps have turned the tables for hotel, tourism, restaurant, and bar businesses. With the millennials pacing towards new lifestyle trends, the hospitality genre is moving fast towards online ventures.

From customer management to maintaining a guest list, bookings, etc. are easily looked after. With the help of DevOps methodologies, a hospitality business can get assured engagement and a smooth in-app functioning experience for their staff and loyal customers.

How DevOps Services and Solution Fits in the Hospitality Industry?

DevOps Services in hospitality industry
  • DevOps cost optimization: Switching to DevOps helps in performing an overall audit of the existing IT infrastructure. The result of such an inspection leads to designing a new system, structural changes, all in a cost-effective manner. Let’s say, the existing system is only able to book limited guests at a time. With DevOps architecture, one can easily alter the hospitality app development or hotel software in real-time. Such changes reduce the development expense, both in computing resources and human effort to deliver value to the customers. 
  • Eliminates feedback loopholes easily: The customers want the service or product they use to respond to their preferences and expectations. If there is a need for a feature, it has to be developed in a short time span. Nowadays, consumers are easily lured by other digital services. So, to keep the engagement and automation with equal intensity, the advantages of DevOps are unmatchable. The time it takes to develop new features is considerably reduced when all of the routine components of the software development process are automated. Feedback loops become considerably shorter when any developer can run a DevOps command to start up the build server, a testing server, staging server, and roll the update into production via a micro patch, an in-app update on reboot, or a rolling update across the platform.  
  • Improves company loyalty: When using DevOps, a system error is not seen as someone’s fault, but as a sign that the system needs to be improved and that the team has an opportunity to learn and grow professionally. As a result, team members are more confident and satisfied with their work, which leads to increased loyalty and dedication to the organization.

There are many renowned hospitality and travel companies using DevOps practices and tools to improve their entrepreneurial services. Pan Australian-tourism platform, e-Travel (Greek startup), Amadeus, uses the DevOps services for better engagement and enhancement of their business online. 

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What does DevOps Offer Retail & Hospitality Businesses?

DevOps Offer Retail & Hospitality Businesses

Consider experienced DevOps software development services to make your solution process faster, more efficient, and less prone to errors. Over the last few years, the technology world has seen some commendable improvements when it comes to flexibility, cost, convenience, and sales benefits. 

Tools and Practices used by our DevOps Engineers at WebMobTech

DevOps Engineers

The crux of our DevOps services is easy coordination between the software development team and operational team. Such an arrangement seamlessly helps in monitoring, maintaining, and timely managing the application development. Our developers help in resource optimization, load reassigning, qualitative coding, and deployment. With robust deployment procedures and better online productivity, WebMob Technologies proficiently replaces incomplete coding & testing in time.  

On a concluding note

Finally, implementing DevOps entails embracing a new culture in which there are no gaps between internal teams and everyone is focused on achieving a single goal of success! Do you want to give DevOps a shot at your startup or enterprise? Make contact with WebMobTech! 

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