Submit Instagram app for review

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How to submit Instagram app for review?

It’s an old news that all third party apps which were using Instagram API got shut down when Instagram restricted the use of its API and ask to submit the application for review. All those applications which were tremendous hit to see Instagram differently, suddenly stopped working. There was a lot of buzzing towards this decision but ultimately it turned out to be the good decision for user security and privacy.

Gramfeed, InstaMapia, Mixagram all of them had to submit the application for review to access the Instagram API and need to rename the application as Instagram placed full stop on using ‘Insta’, ‘IG’, ‘Instagram’ and ‘Gram’ keyword in the name.

To use Instagram API, one must need to have the account on Instagram. With username and password login to developer console.

1. Register your application to Instagram. Follow this link to register your application.

2.To use Instagram API, define the login permissions. Before moving forward follow the Permission Scopes to understand the different use-cases and associated scopes.

3.Click on “Register a New Client” as shown in the below screen.

4.To register a new client, fill out the all details. Like Application Name, Company name, Website URL, Privacy Policy link etc. and click on Register button.

5.You can create more than 1 Client ID from the same developer account which you can manage under ‘Manage Clients’.

6.Select the permissions tab and click on “Start a submission” button.

7.Choose the use case applicable to your app category.

8.When you select the use case according to your application the details will appear to fulfill.

  • API Use Case : In English explain how your application uses the Instagram API, how you application works under the Instagram approved use-cases and who will use your application.
  • Video Screencast URL :  Here submit the Video URL in which show the Instagram Login experience. How your application uses the Instagram API and all the functionalities of application.
  • Additional permission : If your application needs any other permission other than BASIC select the respective permission from drop down and  write down the use case about how your application uses that permission.

9.Submit your app for review.

Once you’ve applied successfully, go to the Permission tab to check the requested status of permission for your application.

Once it’s approved. You are all set to GO LIVE!!