A Loan Mortgage Solution

Loan Pro is a mortgage solution that helps to manage all the loans of customers in the system.

What this is all about?

Loan Pro is a customised solution with latest standards and technology for a loan mortgage company replacing the Byte Pro Software.


The web solution was to be made from the existing excel templates provided by client. Decoding the formulas from the multiple sheets, and getting it done right for all future data entry was the major challenge in Loan Pro.


Studying the requirement we made sure that the designs were simple and matched the enterprise standards. After the designs fell into its place the analysis of the sheets were taken into consideration where all the different sheet references, excel formulas were studied and decoded to make sure the understanding of the business logic is correct and matches the SAAS tool development. Excel formulas and the raw formula’s calculation comparison and manual example testing were carried out inorder to get perfect solution planning.


With the fine detailing and planning we could get the solution designed right with the perfect user experience and the calculation. The statistics of 200+ loan mortgage entries in 1 week with all the calculations done right in the system was an award in itself.

Web Features

A detailed loan application form where all the details are captured from the user. After capturing all the details system automatically calculates the results and based on that it also gives the Risk Summary for Borrower.

This is the place where all the supporting summary lies. All the details, documents and separate calculations for the specific loan can be carried and stored here.

A section which gives access to all the stored documents and also has the ability for the document imaging to show preview for all the documents.

An easy way to download all the documents for a loan at once.


Document Imaging
Multiple User Editing
Documents Template
Funding Worksheet