What’s New in Laravel 11? Upgraded Features and Updates

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What’s New in Laravel 11? Upgraded Features and Updates

Summary: Laravel has always been a game changer for the web app world. It leaves a great deal of updates for an expert to choose from and makes SDLCs easy. If you want to use Laravel, then go with the latest version. Get your hands on Laravel 11 and get a scalable and maintainable app.

And, yes never undervalue the varied upgrades of the PHP framework. These advances will surely boost up your current app status. And make a more modern laravel app for your business. Dive into the blog and know what Laravel 11 has to offer you. Get to know the features and updates of the new version at its best from our team of laravel developers!

Introduction: Laravel 11

And yet again, the TRADITION continues!! Laravel, the ace of the web app world, has again brought a new version. Laravel 11 will force you to speak these three words:-

Simple, productive, and easy to use.

Being a hardcore follower of the Semantic version, Laravel upgrades once a year in its first quarters. That said, it is not mandatory to shift to the update with the current Laravel app. 

March 12, 2024, the day brought in the news of Laravel 11. Every LTS release, like Laravel 6, gives an expert an apt time to upgrade the existing code. And thus, presents one with ample time to make a shift. 

On the other hand, Laravel 10 is about to complete its bug fixes period by Aug 6, 2024. Below is the table that shows security fixes upto Feb 4, 2025.

Laravel 11

Now, let’s explore what is new in Laravel 11, how it performs, And more. Here is a list of the updated features and other updates.

Laravel 11: Latest Features and Updates

Be with the Flow or become the Flow- Which one is the famous PHP framework? Yes! It is the ‘Flow’ for web app world. 

As usual Laravel 11 has brought us with many more good advances. Let’s get into its benefits one by one. Empower the web app space with the best Laravel app version.

No need for PHP 8.1

With 8.2 and 8.3 on the run, 8.1 is no longer a need and has become a much older PHP version. Laravel 11 puts an official end to the use of 8.1. Indeed the laravel community has not put a mandate for the experts to shift their apps to the newer versions. But, it is not advised now to use 8.1.

It is a classic example to be with the changing online world. Being in the app industry for over 13+ years, our team loves to create laravel projects. Every year with such updates, our laravel developers increase their productivity at their best. Laravel has way to go and so our tech heads too are upgrading themselves with time.

Consult our experts & get an apt SDLC upgrade for your Laravel project!

Slim app structure

One avoids boilerplate code in Laravel 11. It encourages faster, leaner, and cleaner skeleton of SDLC. Here is the most simple workflow update by the Laravel v11.

  • Eliminate boilerplate: Unwanted files are removed from Laravel 11. An app better performs with easy to navigate folders. Thus, it has eliminated:-
  • app/ Console
  • app/Exception
  • app/HTTP/Middleware
  • Bootstrap config: Routes, middleware, and exception are now config. in the bootstrap/app.php file. Thus, it becomes a centralized approach for experts to get app elements.
  • Organized workflow: The whole SDLC is well managed by these via modern practices. It maintains codebase effectively with all the other facility.

Use of SQLite

The new Laravel v11 uses SQLite for the database. SQlite stores and drives the session, cache, and queue well. Also, the Laravel installer creates an SQLite file and runs the initial data migration for a user. Thus, one does not need extra software to migrate the database.

New Artisan command

These help to give an expert an instant boost up in SDLC. Laravel 11 has come up with many new tools to help process various code elements. It is indeed an easy way to get a good code and organize a clean code for experts.

Custom health check

named/up are the new route of Laravel 11 to check SDLC and monitor it at every stage. Here are some of the ways:-

Health checks: It sends a GET request to the /up route to verify the overall app functionality. Thus, it is easy to manage your app at every stage of the lifecycle.

Custom monitor: With /up route, one triggers DiagnosingHealth event. And thus, helps to monitor detailed health checks in the app. It allows to check database, queue process, etc.

Integrate with other monitoring tools: External tools that help to monitor the app activity are very easily integrated. An automated health check is done instantly with Kubernetes and more such advances.

Adjust rate limit

Laravel does provide the facility to limit the rate. It brought in a new upgrade in Laravel 11 in the form of per second rate limit. Till the past, all versions it was limited to per minute.

New dumpable

The dd and dump methods have been replaced by other pull request. Thus, a new dumpable trait is formed in Laravel 11. The trait makes it simple for package authors and Laravel users to employ the debug tactics within their classes. And thus, such advances are also considered for Laravel 11.x. An expert can easily bring the best to the tech world when modified well with Laravel.

Expert advice: All these advances are bound to make Laravel SDLC efficient. As a software development firm, we have instilled these advances in our laravel development services. You just have to opt for a team like us who evolve with time. We have all the expertise to take your project forward with tech stacks.

Casts method

Laravel 11 replaces $casts property. Now, the PHP advances gives more flexibility and control over model interactions. Here’s how it benefits the SDLC:-

Now, there are many other updates in Laravel 11, check it out in a gist over here:-

  • Cashier Stripe has been updated to 15.0 and thus drops a 14.0.
  • Spark Stripe 5.0 is the new update dependency into the composer.json file.
  • There are certain route changes: php artisan install:api and php artisan install:broadcasting are the major updates in API routes.
Are you still unclear about Laravel11

Now, let’s get quickly into Laravel v10 VS Laravel v11.

Laravel 10 VS Laravel 11: The Difference

  • Setup

Laravel 10 was a game changer in the setup. But, it did have some issues with the boilerplate code. Whereas, with Laravel 11, it has overcome the initial complex setup issues. And thus, has eliminated the boilerplate issues.

  • PHP upgrades

Laravel 10 works fine with PHP 8.1v. But with Laravel 11, the PHP version is upgraded to 8.2 as time passes. The new one works great in Laravel 11. 

  • Simpler app debug

Laravel 10 is used to debug an app, but it consumes a lot of time. Whilst, Laravel 11 has improved every error detect issue. Thus, helps one to get along in time with their SDLCs.

  • Data handle in Eloquent ORM

Model casting handles data in Laravel 10 which made it more adaptable. Laravel 11 has a whole new way to handle, retrieve, and store data efficiently. 

As every update does bring a lot of question of when to update? why to update to Laravel 11? Here our team has some of the reasons you should intigrate the new laravel 11 in your business. Read it through!

Why Should You Integrate Laravel 11?

  • Performance update: Laravel 11 has great things to offer. Improved cache, fast routing, and good speed, makes the tech invention suitable. 
  • Improves expert’s expertise: It handles errors well and also has extensive documents. One can build their SDLCs in time and in a faster way. 
  • Backward compatible: Laravel 11 gives an upgrade to the backward compatible advances. Thus, it has brought in more minimal efforts for the experts.
  • New features: The new invention has a lot of new features and other advances to give the web app world. It is indeed the best in business.

Thus, if you want to follow web app trends 2024, then what better than Laravel v11? Upgrade your online space with the new tech stack and see a boost in your presence. 

Note: Anyone who wants a robust, scalable, and fast Laravel app needs to upgrade to the new Laravel v11. It is not that you will not succeed with Laravel 10; it is just a secure way to move ahead with the trends of web apps in 2024.

Let’s Integrate Laravel 11!

We are at the verge of constant growth & innovation. With the ever increase in app usage, there has been a parallel rise in new ideas. But, to succeed, you need to be with the new trends and inventions. 

What better way to do it than with an ever growing tech stack? Yes, Laravel 11 has the best hype and immense success. Try it out on your project and see how it works for you. Our team of efficient experts is here to assist you and get you the best SDLC built. Consult us and get a free quote.


Which is the best version of Laravel?

Of course, Laravel 11 is the best tech stack to vouch for. It has all that an expert needs to have a robust web app online. With the change in need, it has evolved with some great features and updates.

What is the difference between Laravel 10 and Laravel 11?

Laravel 11 is better in every way than Laravel 10. It gives one slim structure, rate limit, queue test, etc. Thus, it helps an expert to get a scalable web app in 2024.

Is Laravel powerful? 

Laravel is the best PHP powerhose. It brings in a lot of great innovations. And presents a user with secure features and tools for SDLC. An online venture is bound to grow with such stacks.

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