How To Build an App Like Grab? Know Cost, Features, Services & Model!

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How To Build an App Like Grab? Know Cost, Features, Services & Model!

Summary: Taxi apps are the one commute ease that will always stay in trend. With the population increase, there is an even more increase in the ‘comfort commute.’ The ride hailing and taxi app market size is all set to grow by USD 515.49 billion in 2030. It shows a rapid increase of 11.34% from the 2022 to 2030 forecast period. Uber, Lyft, Gojek, Grab, etc., are some of the best online taxi services.

If you are someone about to set your eye on the logistics online world, then you do have a chance. Today, every fleet manager wants a clone app like Grab or Uber. So, in this blog, our experts have given you a gist of how to build a clone like Grab taxi app. Why to build an app like Grab? Because it is the best Asian taxi service in a lot of countries. It does stand with Uber, as it fits well with all the changing dynamics of the users and tech world. Let’s dive into the blog to know more about it!

Taxi App Like Grab: Introduction

Why Build Clone Like Grab Taxi Application?

To answer the question, you need to answer another one from our end.

What will you do if you are supposed to open a pizza shop? Of course, you will study Domino’s and Pizza Hut, right?! Both of them did have a different market to start with. And now, they have a completely different set of audiences to serve.

In the same way, Uber is renowned throughout the U.S.A. market, while Grab is known to serve the Asian market. From there, Grab became the second most popular service, right after Uber. So, you need to know how Grab has such exponential growth.

Grab’s journey started with vying with western taxi firms who had a strong hold on Asian territory. It did stand every test of time and emerged out to be a compelling name. Now,  Grab even stands among the western countries with Lyft, Uber, etc., behemoths.  

Key Insights of Grab Taxi App Development

  • The net worth of the Grab taxi app, i.e., the market cap, is $13.87 billion.
  • It imparts services to over 670 million people across Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asia.
  • Grab has many services, such as GrabCar, GrabHitch, GrabCouch, JustGrab, GrabPet, etc.
  • The Grab app’s business models include a commission model, in-app ads, delivery fees, payment processing fees, and strategic partnerships.
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Build an App Like Grab: The Business Model & Other Features

If you want to build an app like Grab, then you need to know every bit about Grab. Let’s start with its features! It will also help you to get a gist of how much does it cost to develop an app

What Are the Best Features of Grab taxi app?

Before you dive into the cost to develop a taxi app like Grab, it is essential to know what a taxi booking app consists of. One must have the these features to build a taxi app:-

  • Customer App: easy to book a ride.
  • Drivers App: accept and reject rides booked at ease.
  • Admin Panel: manage drivers and rides for riders.

Note: As per your feature needs, the cost to develop a taxi app may vary. The cost of an app depends highly on your choice of UI/UX, features, tech stacks, and other functionalities. Also, the scale of your online venture, small or big, will affect the final cost of your app. It is better to consult an expert web and mobile app development company like us. We understand your needs and give you a proper estimate of your app idea.

Best Features to Build an App Like Grab

Customer App
Driver App
Admin Panel
Signup/LoginSignup/LoginCreate admin panel
Pin the drop & pick locationCreate profileMulti level admin access
Track the driver in real timeTrack live with GPSDashboard
Ride price before bookingTrack paymentManage driver or rider
In-app paymentSet availabilityAnalytics and reports
Push notificationTrack paymentView transaction & history
Reviews and ratingsAccept/Decline requestAdd, edit, delete profile
Booking historyPush notificationManage payment accounts
Ride Log

Business Model of Grab Taxi Application Development

When you want to develop a ride sharing app like Grab, you have to know how will you earn with it. Of course, the formula is different for every firm, but still, you need to know the basics.

Commission based model: Grab’s primary source of revenue is transaction commissions. It charges 10-25% of the fare and thus is a form of indirect revenue online.

In-app ads: A business can purchase ad space in the Grab app. And thus, the app also reached a large user base.

Delivery fees: The app, like Uber, delivers food and other items and charges a percentage of each order.

  • Payment processing fees: Every transaction made via Grab is charged a fee.
  • Strategic partnerships: To offer financial services, Grab teams with banks, offers mobile data packages, etc.

Now, after a gist of features and business model of Grab, let’s dig into how to build Grab like app.

How to Build an App Like Grab?

#1 Partner with Right Firm

To build a great taxi app, you need to partner with an efficient taxi app development company. The experts will consult you as per your needs and create a custom app like Grab in your time frame. You need to work the path of tech stacks, features, functionalities, etc., with them to get it all right.

The tech world changes every second; you need an expert by your side to conquer every update to your online venture. Also, you need to deploy and maintain the online solution throughout its journey; this will also need a team. So, you need to find an IT firm that is able to match up to your idea’s technical thinking. 

#2 Choose the Right Team

When you approach a software development company, they have a pool of experienced brains. To choose the best resource, you need to understand your needs and analyze who is the right fit to work on the app.

If you are not from a technical background, it will be tough to interview. So, you need to do some research before you select a team. 

#3 Design a User Friendly App

Once you have selected a team, you need to focus on the app’s UI/UX. How will your app’s interface look? Will there be a theme? How will the graphics be? Will you use animated elements? And many other minute things like feature placement, content display, menu bar design, etc., have to be considered.

Design plays a very intricate role to lure the audience. It should go with your idea and needs to be easy to navigate. So, the IT firms make a wireframe that represents your gist. As a result, you are able to imagine how your app will look. And if at all you want any changes, then they are done just by some mere adjustments in the frame.

#4 Backend & Frontend Development

One is the brain, and the other is the heart. Both need to work together to create a seamless user experience online. The team you choose needs to be proficient in delivering the best design. Two teams build the back and front end of a taxi app like Grab. Thus, it is essential to bring both teams together.

#5 Test the App

Test the Grab like taxi app to win over the online space. Every functionality has to work at par. For that, you need a team of QA analysts who test the taxi app development with every updated change in it. To build a clone like grab taxi app, you need to maintain the solution with the help of testers. 

#6 Launch & Update

After a thorough test, you now have to launch your app in the market. Just to deploy is not enough, you have to maintain and update the taxi application with trends. Now, the cost of an app development does vary again on this factor. How much time do you want a team to be around after launch? How much will your project need an update? Thus, you will need to add the costs accordingly.

Let’s create a clone app like Grab for your logistics business!

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room! How much will it cost to build a taxi application like Grab. 

How Much Will it Cost to Build a Grab Taxi App?

Factors that Affect Cost to Build a Grab Taxi App

It all sums up to the cost to create an app like Uber or Grab like app. Today, we all want a one stop solution for everything. To do this, you need to pour in some extra Vitamin M.

  • App Design & Wireframe
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Platforms (iOS, Android, or Both)
  • Web App Development
  • App Testing
  • Launch & Maintenance

All these are the core steps that make a taxi app. If we give you a rough idea, then the cost to build a taxi app can come between $10,000 to $70,000. This is an approx. scale, it all depends on your personal needs and customizations. To give you even more precise idea, our expert taxi app developers have given you a cost range depending on the complexity of your app built.

ComplexityDescriptionCost to Build a Taxi App
BasicAn app with features to track, book, and transact payments.$5000 to $15,000
MediumIt has some add on features like reviews, fare estimates, notifications.$15,000 to $30,000
AdvancedIntuitive features like real time traffic tracker, multiple payment option, ride share, etc.$30,000 and above

The online world has a lot of room to explore and create new taxi app ideas. And with the growth in the commute, there is never going to be a downfall of this online logistics business.

Top Taxi Apps & Taxi App Development Ideas

When it comes to top taxi apps, you should look into them closely and incorporate their loopholes as your strength. Uber, Lyft, Bolt, GoJek, and Grab are the best on demand taxi app solutions in the market. They still exist because of their relevant moves. These businesses have transformed themselves beyond a taxi app. Now they are into food, grocery, delivery, etc., businesses too. Thus, with time you too need to excel with your taxi app ideas and do the best to obtain goodwill.

There are many on demand app development services, you need to pick the apt one for you. If you have set your eyes on taxi apps, then let us help you generate some app development ideas for you. 

Before we end the blog, let us run through one of our taxi app development solution. CABIT is an Uber like app which has been launched by our experienced team. The solution has all the intuitive features and functionality that help to book a ride and accept the orders easily for the parties working on it. The Uber clone is a white label taxi app which is easily custom made as per your needs.

white label taxi app

Build Clone Like Grab Taxi App With Us!

In 2024, the market revenue of taxi apps is said to reach US$ 165.60 billion. More than 300 million people around the globe use online taxi services for easy commute. Of course, you have a sure shot to get success with such an app idea. One just needs an experienced team like us to develop a taxi app. 

Bring your best app development ideas to us and we will consult you for free. Right from your ideation to market insights, features & functionality, every minute integration is done with great finesse. With over 13+ years of expertise, we believe our team gets the essence of every business right. We function as per your requirements! Invade the online world with the best tech heads like us and an ever updated online app idea.


What are the best features to include in my taxi app?

Try and integrate the easy and intuitive ones like below:-

  • Real time ride track
  • In-app messaging
  • Reviews and ratings
  • 24*7 support center
  • Secure payments
  • History of rides & orders

There are many more such features, but all of these depend on the actual need of your business. To provide a premium taxi application, you need to integrate the best set of functionality that too to a right audience.

How can I ensure passengers and drivers safety from my clone app like Grab?

With a cab booking app, safety is the most important factor. Provide mechanisms to ensure that only reliable and skilled drivers are allowed to provide a ride, such as background checks and verifications of drivers.

Passengers and drivers can both watch the road and report emergencies to the appropriate authority by using accurate tracking and traveling.

In the event of an emergency, drivers and passengers can both instantly touch the SOS button by using the app’s embedded feature.

In addition, you can raise concerns about safety and address them quickly to raise overall safety standards with the use of an in-app feedback system.

What tech should I consider to develop a high quality taxi app?

One has to use a perfect blend of tech stacks. GPS, cloud based infrastructure, AI & ML for database, etc. It is a must to give a user best experience and for that you need to integrate new trends and stacks. The online world has a lot to offer, go ahead and embrace the ones that are great for you. 

How To Build an App Like Grab?

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