17 Web Development Trends to Watch Out for 2024

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17 Web Development Trends to Watch Out for 2024


What are the driving forces of the accelerative web app development market? The constant increase in digital users, unbeatable fever of online shopping, eCommerce platforms, and more. As of October 2023, there are 5.3 billion internet users on a global level. To reach out to such a huge mass, one needs a great web app and a mobile app.

Now, when you plan to invest in an online venture, one is bound to go for web and mobile software. Both of them have an equal power to flourish among the targeted audience. And since it is the start of 2024, how can we not bring you new trend alerts of the app world?

Here is a round-up of all the web development trend in 2024. Engrave in the blog & make mental notes to blend them into your digital venture. Dive into the latest web trends in 2024.  


2023 gave us Gen AI, Flutter 3.13, Angular v17, etc. Now, this list is endless! But mark it closely, all these mentioned ones are an extra add-on to the web app world. It is like topping up a pizza with some extra cheese!

Oops! We did go another way, let’s continue on the path of web apps and the so call web app trend. 

Now, businesses are all after creating an extraordinary site to grab a user’s attention. And to get a great exposure, you have to be on point with the trend setters of the year. 

Our team of experts at WebMob Technologies will help you to create a robust web product. Here are some market trends and technologies to look for in web apps.

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17 Trends in Web Development 2024

17 Trends in Web Development 2024

Of course, the one who wants to invest in web apps must know these trends. They are all over the internet! But these are likely to shape the web world with their advances. So, here is a list of 17 web app trends.

#1 PWAs

We all are after native-like apps. What better way than to vouch on a progressive web app? PWAs are the best way to get along with clients. It works independently and as a native app for online users. 

The unique part of these apps is they are alone, i.e., there is no dependency on a browser. In other words, these are simple hybrid apps you can quickly get from the app stores. 

What are the pivotal changes brought in by PWAs?

  • Easy to install
  • It saves device storage
  • Quick and easy to maintain & update
  • Fast SDLC built up means a faster launch
  • Flexible across the platforms

The estimated traffic via mobile data is expected to grow around 3 between 2023-2029. Hence, it has been proven that there will be an even greater increase in the usage of apps. And with PWAs, one can completely initiate new & flexible changes to be ahead of others in the online world. 

Hire a PWA developer who is proficient in customizing your app needs. Deploy the app faster and more efficiently with the experts. The web app made with the help of these advances will cater to the best updates and native experience.

#2 AMP

Of course, it is a much-known concept brought in by Google and Twitter. It is very much similar in functionality to PWAs. The Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) is known for lightweight pages that load quickly on smart devices.

As users, we, too, prefer to avoid waiting for a site to load?! Are we? Certainly not. With AMP, the open-source web trend, a site relies on extensive caching for better performance. In less than 2 seconds, it makes a page visible to a user. 

Fact: 2,952,662 sites use AMP in the web app world. You need to gear up for the trend if you want a boost of easy loading pages for your website.

AMPs are optimized pages that, in contrast to full-scope online products, have a convenient, streamlined design and essential functions. In addition, the content on these pages can be read with ease on mobile devices.

What are the benefits of AMP?

  • Fast page loading across the mobile devices
  • Your data is managed and represented in a good way across the devices
  • There is no need for sitemaps
  • Low bounce rate, good ROI, & SERP ranking

With 5G internet making its way through, AMPs are going to be the best plugins for businesses. Create UI/UX with this trend and impart the best user experience to your target audience.

#3 Mobile First Development

We all have a grave habit of a single tap on mobile phones. It has become an integral part of our lives to work and organize things on our small screens. So what better trend to boost a web app than a ‘mobile first concept? 

For maximum traffic, it is essential to have a mobile-first web app. To become reliable in today’s age, you must see its benefits. Right from personalization to geo-location data use, every single thing is possible with this approach. With all the security measures in recent times, it is the most desired way to reach a mass in a short time.

Which benefits will you get with this latest web development trend?

  • It helps in mobile ads
  • It adds to your site’s credibility & brand recognition
  • Such a trend helps to optimize websites
  • Responsive sites made for all types & sizes of screens
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#4 SPA

Now that we have PWAs & AMP, why will we not discuss SPAs? It is the ruling web solution to date. Single page apps have a distinct way to load a site. As the name suggests, it loads the page first and then the content. An extensive use of AJAX & HTML5 helps SPA development to ace the online world. 

What are the perks of SPA?

  • It gives offline support
  • It is very easy to debug SPA
  • Quick and easy navigation
  • Fast page load & reduced bounce rate

They are the best way to engage users and increase profits in web tech. Thus, it is one of the best web development trend. 

#5 Build Apps with Javascript Ecosystem

Over the years, JS has been a driving force for web apps. Every evolution has made a great perk for the web world. Node, Vue, Express, etc., have been supportive and resilient forces for custom web app developers.  

98.8% of sites are made with the use of JS. Insane right?! The tech does work wonders for the users and the makers. It has it all; the server and client sides are handled well in advance by the advancement. 

Who does not wish for a fast, robust, and scalable site? JS presents one with the best tech stacks, libraries, frameworks, etc., to build SEO-friendly web apps. 

As per the record, React and Node are the best frameworks to develop web apps across the globe. No other innovation can come an inch close to what the JS empire has given to the web development trend space.

Why JS is the best in creating a web app?

  • It consists of toolkits to build complex and interactive web apps
  • Speeds up SDLC with reusable components
  • It has built-in HTML templates
  • JS is lightweight in nature and makes effortless web apps

#6 Micro Frontend

We all like code-related advances. Every expert encourages micro frontend architecture to build a manageable codebase. It adapts to new tech stacks, allows complex features, and is flexible in developing and designing a web app.

What are the core benefits of micro frontend?

  • One can create resilient apps
  • Automates code integration and deploys CI/CD pipelines
  • Scales up your overall frontend
  • Every team code is self contained

In short, the micro frontend is an incredibly convenient and manageable approach. It is usually a great tactic for startup apps. Also, it is a great way to build an MVP or prototype for an idea & check the success ratio. In the Gen AI world, micro front end is surely going to be a big thing.

#7 Cloud Computing

In the age of hybrid work models, cloud computing is the best. With its impeccable benefits of security, the firms integrate the tech for a dynamic workforce. It did boost the data navigation among industries. The latest web development trend is cost-effective tech approach.

How will it help the web apps excel in the online world?

  • It is flexible and scalable with its pay-as-you-go model
  • It helps firms save money
  • Effortless data storage across varied data centres with the help of AWS
  • A site user can easily access cloud data via the internet 
  • Speeds up the overall SDLC and brings the team on a single page
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#8 AI Chatbot

By 2032, the global chatbot market is all set to reach USD 32.4 billion at a CAGR of 21.6%. 

Why such an increase? We all want to know our users up and personal. Resolve their queries in real time. In short, engage users on our online ventures and shorten the checkout times. The chatbots have disrupted the 24*7 customer service market.

It is a must have intuitive feature for sites as you can consult a customer in time. And today, to be around them is a major plus point in the online world. Yet indeed, with Gen AI advances, we indeed have a long way to go with all the personalized user centric needs.

What are the perks of integrating chatbots?

  • It satisfies customers with prompt replies to their problems
  • Generates leads & converses on behalf of the business
  • Saves a lot of time & energy
  • Cuts down the overall consumer service cost
  • Helps to create effective plans and insights

The AI chatbot has been a boon for the healthcare, finance, and education industry. If you have a plan to build a web app in one of these, then integrate chatbots for better customer support.

#9 Personalized Content with AI/ML

Content is the king. And now, to connect as a constant with a user, one needs to curate personal content. 

It is like we are thinking of cakes, and we find suggestions for cakes all over the internet. Of course, it is the power of tech that you have to utilize in your app’s audience. Blend your content curation with an AI-driven data and get to your users in a minimal time.

Netflix and Spotify are the best examples of this web development trend. Also, the trend is prevalent among brands as people love to see what they are interested in. And the purchase decision is also made easy with such an effort. Thus, it is a win-win for both parties. 

What are the benefits of AI/ML-generated personal content?

  • You get to know your audience and make changes to the site as per the needs of the hour.
  • Enables A/B test
  • The audience gets interested as their interest lies in your recommendations, so you are getting more visits online.

#10 API-First Development

Consumers’ needs are satisfied by this trend. It helps an expert to work on other projects and push the code at the same time as visitors visit a site. Its reduces SDLC costs and speeds up delivery.

also enables new websites to function as content delivery channels. Browsers, smart kiosks, and automobiles can all access a CMS built using the tactic.

What are the notable perks of such API?

  • It is cost-effective
  • One can market quickly 
  • Enhances client experience

If you use such an API with a SaaS solution, then you will get a better and wider scope. It will also open new doors of B2B communication for you. 

#11 B2B SaaS Solution

Manage data efficiently with SaaS. It integrates with all kinds of sites and apps to help them talk to each other. It is feasible to create a B2B SaaS solution with third party APIs with your web app. The B2B SaaS links several SaaS systems for online success. You only need to hire developers with expertise to build SaaS software with great execution in the online world.

Why should you opt for B2B SaaS software?

  • It scales up web processes and operations.
  • Ensures strong clientele relations
  • It is efficient & transparent tech
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#12 Dark Mode UI

A dark theme site is the most popular web development software trend. It is very easy for a user to navigate within a venture. One can easily read and recognize content and elements in a darker UI/UX. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are already using the dark mode. 

81.9% of users use their smartphones in a dark mode. So you need to implement it in your business to be more relevant among the audience.

It has several advances like:-

  • Decreased blue light
  • Lowers eye strain
  • Makes UI content visible
  • It is a battery saver

The web trend can become a default setup in web and mobile apps. Many behemoths are using dark & light modes as a feature to give users a perk to use as per their wish.

#13 Voice Search

With the advent of Alexa, Siri, and others, voice search has become a great hype. It gives ease of navigation on a site. In today’s world of instances, it is the go-to thing for Gen Zs. 

As of 2026, the voice search market size will reach $27.16 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 16.8%. Also, it is the best tactic to rank on SERP as a good SEO practice. 

Expert advice: The moment you give users leisure to browse through your online venture, they will be your loyal followers. Add as many intuitive features as you can to engage users and survive the competition.

 Imagine you can order a pizza just by clicking on a microphone present on a site. Say it and order it; there are fewer chances of wrong orders, and it is a more fun way to take and receive orders. 

#14 Motion UI

User experience has to be kept intact with an ever-growing SDLC. And motion UI is indeed an integral part of it. It enhances the UI with proper motion elements. You have to create the best visual design to get along with your users. It is also one of the best ways to engage users in a website for a long time. 

What are the benefits of Motion UI?

  • It helps to look at the info in a fun way.
  • It speeds up prototyping
  • Motion UI gives good micro-interactions

#15 AR

AR is a game changer. It does blend the virtual world with the human world. The tech is one of the best boon given to the digital spectrum. If you integrate it with your web app, it will help you interact with users in the best ways possible. It allows us to personally put up some great elements throughout the site.

What are the perks of AR?

  • Blend in the potential of user interactions
  • Place the info in an organized way
  • Increase user’s overall shopping & management experience

The best examples of AR use are IKIEA, Lenskart, Nike, etc. All these big names have gained user engagement at its best in the AR tech world.

#16 Blockchain

FinTech companies and websites with payment gateway integrations heavily rely on it because of its excellent security, transparency, and traceability features. Because blockchain is a distributed ledger, it offers you complete control over your data and removes compliance costs.

Connectivity between peers will also grow. The way people interact with govt services, pay taxes, etc., will all undergo major shifts with the tech. 

Web 3.0 and blockchain tech have raised a lot of interest in innovation. As a result of their growing appeal, some Fortune brands—such as Facebook and Google—have started to use Web 3.0, Blockchain, and Metaverse.

Why to integrate Blockchain?

  • Enhanced security 
  • Increased efficacy
  • Facilitate a smart, intuitive system
  • Reduces the risk of fraud

The tech is the best choice for finance, eCommerce, insurance, and supply chain industry. 

#17 Serverless Architecture

Without servers, it is a great way to create and run web apps. Microsoft, Google, and Amazon best adapt it. Serverless boasts scalability and maintenance and gives a good market time for apps. It is an affordable and growing trend to build web apps.


All these web app development trend have a way to go in 2024. If you are adamant about investing in the web world, then go ahead with any of the settling trends. The market is up and running; you only need an experienced team in hand. A great team does wonders with its tech expertise. And a great app idea has the potential to grow along with integrating these trends. Get along the bandwagon with the best of the best tech stacks and brains at work.

We, being a 13+ year old web and mobile app firm, have witnessed a lot of digital advances. And have a well-versed knowledge of the trends in the online world. Consult us and get a free quote for your app idea.


What are the future trends of web apps?

Blockchain, AR, Motion UI, voice search, API-First, and many more are the advances that are up to shape the web app world. 

Which languages are used in web apps?

Web experts work with a variety of languages to manage the frontend and backend of websites, such as Golang, PHP, Python, Laravel, and JavaScript.

How can I integrate AI in web apps for 2024?

AI is a great way to have number of features, chatbots, data analysis, etc. It is the best way to know user recommendations. Thus, AI is an all time must have tech for the web apps. 

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