Voice Crew



‘Voice Crew’ website acts as a market place for the customers who wish to advertise their voice (voice actors) and for the buyers who are in search of appropriate voices. Various different categories of voice samples, based on attributes such as gender, age, accent, genre etc can be showcased through website. Buyers can listen to voices, select the one best suited for their task, appoint the actor and get the work done in just few hours!



There are people who are blessed with mellifluous voice but have no idea that it can prove as a financial asset too!! Also there are people who know the worth of their voice but are ignorant of the platform to showcase it!! There is another set of people who are constantly searching for that one unique and mesmerizing voice which can prove as a lucky draw for their business. So our major challenge was to develop a website with the perspective of the voice actors and the buyers such that maximum business can be generated and both the parties successfully get what they actually want.



WebMob Technologies figured out an effective and efficient solution for the above challenge by creating ‘Voice Crew’ website. Website is simple to find, learn and use, with elegant interfaces having smooth transitions. It has been designed and developed keeping in mind that the users set will majorly include non-IT people. Easy design with pictorial representation as and when required, along with robust functionalities for audio clips upload; financial transactions; user account management make it ideal for both voice actors and buyers.

An Admin Panel has also been designed to perform various backend-processing tasks. It provides special privileges to admin where he can approve/reject user and his data, monitor payroll related activities, customize automated emails, review weekly and monthly reports, analyze dashboard for incoming/outgoing traffic, keep an eye on buyer-actor communication. This centralized control over all the activities protects website from any accidental damage or mishaps.



The results of this website have been wonderful!! It is evident from the feedback given by people who use it on a regular basis. User base includes business giants such as Pepsi, NBC, Applebee’s, Harley-Davidson and many more. It is becoming increasingly popular among voice actors and their buyers. Constant appreciation from customers through emails, calls, testimonials play a big role in the success of ‘Voice Crew’.

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