Followers+ for Instagram is application for iOS and Android devices. It gives insight about user’s instagram account and keeps him aware of his profile happenings with the help of statistical data.


Development of Followers+ was challenging mainly because of dynamically varying data. A general user may follow/unfollow, like/dislike a number of times without bothering the backend activities. That is where complication pops up while trying to keep track of smallest of the user activity and displaying it in real time ticker. Logic required for determining best follower, average number of likes etc was in itself mind boggling as it required simultaneous handling of multiple requests on zillion records of data!


“Try Followers+ now and know who are your best/worst follower, who isn’t following you back, average likes per photo, whom do you like the most and many other stats.”



Requirements of project were simple with complicated live implementation. Our approach in this project was to jog down every single requirement and develop a robust structure. We ensured that queries on huge database must not affect smooth execution of tasks. Followers+ was released in March 2014 with features such as custom layout, social networking signup, nearby posts and many others.


Consequences of Followers+ are sky bursting that is evident from below statistics, captured in just over an year :


Total installs – 10,770,493 Daily installs

                             25k Monthly Active users

                         2.8M Crash Free users

                                        99.7% Daily active users – 171k

Data collected on: October 7, 2015

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