Bounty Board

About This Project


Bounty Board is an application with the gamification concept built for the users to enroll their task with some bounties. As user complete tasks in different categories they are awarded with the coins and experience points which leads them to different level of achievement.

  • Complex gamification logic that binds bounties, exp points, achievements and levels.
  • Custom bottom navigation, search and custom filter for the users to search and navigate.
  • User can upload the photos and add comment on the task.
  • User can choose best match among the applications received for his task.
  • Ability to cancel and report the inappropriate task.
  • Ability to purchase the store items either by stripe or by the bounty coins earned within the app.
  • Inventory management of the items purchased and also have ability to restock the same.
  • Algorithms to activate the purchased items for the task and multiple task.
  • The custom map with the ability to filter the tasks according to the category.
  • Push notification to keep user up-to-date and notification center to see if they missed any of it.
  • Facebook integration for the user to login and sign up within the application.


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