Kindle fire applications

Kindle fire operating system is basically an OS developed by Amazon for its wide range of smartphones and tablets which are termed as “kindle fire”. With the help of Android open source platform by sharing many of its APIs and kernels, fire OS can run most of the android applications with the little amount of modification or even without any modification. Thus using an existing android app as kindle fire app is there in client’s mind as well as in developer’s mind.


Amazon app store is now available in more than 200 countries with more than 240,000 offers 70% of app revenue to developer and keeps rest 30% for enhancement of accessibility. The app store offers one cool feature called “Test Drive” which will allow users to try an application in their browser and it will launch one virtual copy of android into the amazon cloud.


Our Services:
  •  Customized kindle fire app.
  •  Conversion of android to kindle fire.
  •  Conversion of iphone apps to kindle fire
  •  Enterprise app development
  •  Marketing app development
  •  Hiring of kindle fire app developer


We have experienced team of developers providing superb quality applications as per client requirements. We do easy conversion of kindle fire apps from android as well as ios.

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