How much experience do you have as a website/app design company?
WebMob Technologies, established in 2010, comprises of bunch of fairly experienced people. In such a short span of time, we have developed 150+ projects covering maximum possible dimensions of development scope. For details please visit our ‘Portfolio’.
What types of businesses/companies does your company have experience working with?
Companies in our clientele range from startups to enterprise level giants belonging to various different businesses. Some of our clients belong to Education sectors, some others are established players of IT industry, Real estate, Financial and E-commerce sectors. Some clients are social servants, non profit organizations while some are the part of food and beverage industry. This list is continuously expanding with more and more people joining us.
What kind of works does your website company perform?
We perform all kinds of work related to custom build end to end web/mobile app solutions. Our services focus majorly on E-Commerce Solutions, CMS Development, iOS/Android app Development, Cloud Development and development on Open Source Technologies.
Why should we hire WebMob Technologies?
We provide our customers with highly efficient services at fairly affordable cost. Our non stringent attitude for Engagement Models provides our clients increased flexibility. Our expertise and experience leads our clients to improvise their business processes and customer services, better utilise their resources and generate marginally high revenues.
What security measures do you take?
We consider data confidentiality and security as crucial factors during development and ensure that adequate measures are performed for the same. Our security approach includes Client NDA, Developer NDA, Contract Signing. For detailed understanding on this, please visit ‘Confidentiality’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ pages on our website.
Do you offer a fixed price quote or work on hourly basis?
We offer variety of flexible models and their combinations so as to serve our clientele needs across the globe. For details please visit ‘Engagement Model’ section of our website.
Do you provide any kind of support after project completion?
Yes. We provide support and maintenance after project completion as per agreed upon terms.
Web Development
How long does it take to build a website?
It depends upon various factors such as data/content complexity, features, 3rd party dependency, engagement model chosen etc. Development time varies from 30-40 days for a simple static website to around a complete year for complicated and frequently changing website.
How much does a website cost?
Just like time, cost is also a dependent value. It depends on all the above factors including time itself.
How do I get started?
For any project of yours, contact us at hello@webmobtech.com directly with your requirements. We’ll suggest you best way to fulfill your needs.
What will you need from me to design my website?
All your needs and requirements in detail, your inputs on regular basis during development, your support as and when required and payment of course!
I already have a website, but I want a new design. Can you help?
Yes, surely.
Once my website is live, what I have to do to maintain it?
We’ll be providing support to website for a period of time. Any change after that time period will be considered a new request. Also the annual domain name and hosting renewal charges are to be incurred by customer.
Can you SEO my website?
Yes, definitely. We optimize your website through online and offline SEOs so as to rank it higher for almost all popular searches. Though it is not default part of development but is done separately on chargeable basis upon request.
App Development
Is there a standard cost to build an app?
We provide tailored products and highly customized plans that best fit to almost any kind of the budget. Contact us to talk with our representatives and get a free quote fitting your exact needs.
Do you assure app approval on the app store?
Yes, we do. Prior to development we perform feasibility study to ensure app design and development is as per guidelines. If any issue is raised by Google/Apple we resolve them.
Will you build me a native mobile app or hybrid app?
We offer both types of application development. We’ll analyse your requirements and on the basis of it decide which option to go with.
How long will it take to deliver my Mobile App?
As with websites, app development timeline and milestones can be determined upon thoroughly analysing your requirements.
What does your Mobile App project lifecycle look like?
Mobile app development starts with carrying out detailed analysis of your requirements followed by wireframes designing and database designing. Upon approval to design, implementation starts which is tested thoroughly on regular basis before deployment. We provide post deployment support and maintenance.
What kind of apps do you build and what technologies do you use?
Area and scope of our app development is quite wide. We design and create applications with Custom Push Notifications, Augmented Reality, Beacon based apps, Catered segments and many more.
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