Engagement Models

An Engagement Model defines the software development strategy which in-turn relates to cost, time and efforts spent over any project. We offer variety of flexible models and their combinations so as to serve our clientele needs across the globe.
Models we majorly use are -


Fixed Price Model – Simple, straight forward, clear and precise model, typically used with static, unfluctuating and time bound requirements. Cost, time and efforts are determined at first place as requestor has precise understanding of his requirements and the final product.


Time and Material Model – Flexible and adaptive model useful when requirements are complex and evolve over the period of time. Budget in such development models depend not only upon the features but also on time and manpower employed. Final product predictability shapes up on a regular basis.


Dedicated Development Model – Highly efficient and focused development of a single project by a small, dedicated team of resources, starting from project instantiation till maintenance and support. This model is mainly suited when extremely high quality is demanded in limited time. Cost is based upon intensity of resources being employed.


Offshore Development Model – Economical model with development team setup at low cost development center. This model is generally used for developing, testing, and deploying software offshore with the benefit of having a core, dedicated team and infrastructure. This model is most appropriate when talents are locally available and requirements are well defined.

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