Data Confidentiality:

We consider data confidentiality and security as crucial factors during development and ensure that adequate measures are performed for the same. We believe in keeping crystalline transaction of information with our clients.

Client NDA :

As part of our professional approach we believe in standardising the procedures. Signing a Nondisclosure Agreement with clients ensures enrichment of the client relations and generates productive outputs.

Developer NDA:

Any developer working with us is required to sign an NDA as part of his joining formalities. By doing so, we safeguard any internal information from accidental external damages.

Contract specification:

We create structured contract for each project/client, depending upon engagement model. It includes project budget, timeline, resources (human and other resources) needed for that project. It assures the business security and trust for both the ends.

Other Security Measures :-
  • The workstations and servers are protected by hardware and software firewalls.
  • Automatic updation of security softwares at all levels.
  • Daily workstations machines and servers scanning for any unfamiliar or unidentified activity.
  • 24*7 CCTV cameras for safety and security purpose of workplace.
  • Authorised and authenticated access to any communication medium.
  • Electronic card and biometric security system to get access into office premises to restrict unwanted access.
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