5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Developing a Mobile App


11 Apr 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Developing a Mobile App


Want to do something different than others? Want to make sure that you’re one step ahead from your competitors? Want to take your business online with mobile application? You’re at the right place! Shoot these questions before developing a Mobile App.

1. Android or iOS mobile application? OR say BOTH?

  • Know how the revenue for your business is going to generate.
  • Are you developing a Retail App? Or planning to make money from in-app purchase? Or the app itself will be paid app?
  • Apart from this if you’ve a great idea, it can be tempting to shoot out of the mind and build an app for every device that exists!!

2. Is there a market demand for your product?

  • Know your target audience and make some detailed analysis on your product before build up.
  • Because you’ve to figure out that either you’re entering the untouched market or there is already competition for you. The functionality of your app will totally depend on this.
  • Get industrial information resources. Solve the competition close up. And you’re set with your idea. Period.

3. For whom you’re building for? – Know your target Audience.

  • Get the clear picture of who is going to be interested in your app because the more you know about customers, easier it is to decide the functionalities of mobile app.

“Because, A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you SHOW IT TO THEM.” – Steve Jobs

4. Know how you’ll make your app similarly different?

  • Got an idea of product which will force the user to download your app? Or some service that you think hasn’t been offered yet? Present that differently.
  • Find out the need for implementing functionalities like chat rooms, google maps, payment gateway, social media integration in you app. And make your app similarly different from others.

5.Want to chose quality over budget?

  • Offer your users an quality app that functions properly and fulfill all the need for which you’re taking your business online. Happy Customers, More Profit. (Continuous ROI)

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